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Hip Wax listings

Welcome to Hip Wax TM -- the best source of top original records. In the words of an old Mace catalog: "Extravagant Music for the Parsimonious."

New arrivals ad infinitum -- the best records we can offer from the epicenter of the world's vinyl production and consumption (plus other top records from all over the world). One of the best-kept secrets in record collecting is yours to explore. Look, write, own, enjoy.

Hip Wax is committed to traditional record shopping by mail order, not auctions. Dedicated record collectors will find better records here without the hassle -- the way buying records should be. We welcome records in trade.

Items for sale are original 12" 33rpm LP records except as listed otherwise. Search key words (idiom, artist, label, song, etc.) per page in your browser. Click the Hip Wax logo to return here (home page).


Condition grades are assigned in jacket/disc format, e.g. "N/N" (highest possible). Disc grade reflects both play and appearance--according to the standards of top collectors, DJs, and traditional resellers. If you have any doubts, inquire. Jacket specifics (rub wear, splits, writing, etc. for grade "E+" and below) provided upon request.

Used LPs have been handled and cleaned with utmost care and always include both inner sleeves (usually original) & protective plastic outer sleeves. Generally, everything graded "E" or higher is clean, what others call "mint." Items that are "E-" or below show wear but usually play very well. Specific flaws may be mentioned in the description.

Grading is

sealed = unopened/unplayed/mint: factory-sealed in shrink
N = new/as new/near-mint: no apparent wear or signs of use
E = excellent: minor cosmetic flaw (light surface marks only)
V = very good: some marks/flaws/light wear/minor noise
as is = fair/poor yet worthwhile at the price (for rarities only)
+ = better than (there is no "N+"; "N" is highest for opened LPs)
- = slightly worse than (and we do mean slightly)
shrink = jacket still in shrink wrap (may be partial or torn)
gatefold = jacket that opens; may be trifold Unipak or other
promo = advance copy for radio DJs/pre-release 1st press
deep groove = concentric label notch (1st press/heavy vinyl)
reissue = re-release; otherwise original, usually 1st press
cutout = hole or cut jacket (indicates former overstock)
S = stereo (otherwise mono; some never were released in stereo)
ES = electronic stereo created from mono recordings


We answer every relevant inquiry/order; if we don't reply the same day, we're away temporarily and will reply as soon as possible.

How to order: Please e-mail (order@hipwax.com) to order or inquire; just copy and paste (or retype) Hip Wax titles into your message. Yes, we know all about the items we sell! Please wait for our emailed reply to confirm before sending payment.

Safety: This is standard mail-order (protected by consumer law). Online ordering, our expertise, and foolproof mailing make it as affordable and reliable as buying in person. True, you don't get to see and hear everything first, but neither do you have to sift through junk. We can help with choosing and comparing specific titles as well as total cost. And more.

Please don't: Please do not make payment payable to Hip Wax; use only the name & address provided in response to your emailed order. (We cannot list it here because of spam.) Also, please send no other correspondence by standard mail. To save you and us needless expense and bother, please use email only for all discussion. Thanks for your cooperation.

Other items: Reasonable offers and inquiries about related vinyl are always welcome. The Hyp Records guide indicates the scope of our interests.

Payment -- in U.S. dollars

Payment is your responsibility, record shipment ours. Delivery to our postal box has always been 100% reliable. For absolute peace of mind (for larger amounts from overseas), use registered airmail.

Checks: Personal checks are safe, effective, and convenient. Some overseas banks can arrange to have a US bank (usually Citibank in New York) issue and send a check in US dollars. Travellers checks also work.

Money orders: Available for a nominal fee (from banks, post office, independent sources), they are a good choice for overseas customers and US customers who do not use checks.

Cash: U.S. currency is fast, convenient, and available worldwide. Sending it by mail works (the same as mailing records).

Wire transfer: For larger amounts ($100+), Western Union provides total safety. Toll-free numbers give locations and fees. Please let us know in advance if using Western Union (or MoneyGram).

Credit/debit: We have no way of taking card payments (nor electronic bank transfers).

PayPal: We are not eBay/PayPal "members" and discourage participation in all such membership organizations.

Shipping & Handling

Packaging: Our packaging prohibits internal movement (the only way to fly). We use only the sturdiest custom, high-test, true corrugated LP mailers (not the common, cheesy ones with perforated edges).

Shipping & handling includes labor, postage, special record box, padding, tape, labelling, & customs forms as neccessary. We do subsidize s/h costs in order to encourage orders of more than one item (hint!).

USPS (U.S. Postal Service) Domestic Mail:

45s...$5 or gratis* (First Class) -- any quantity!
LPs...$10 or less* (Priority) -- any quantity!
LPs...$10 (Parcel Post or Media) -- option for larger orders

USPS Airmail to Canada:

flat rate $15 or gratis* any format or quantity!

USPS Airmail (elsewhere, overseas):

45s...$15 flat rate (First Class International) or gratis*
1 LP...$20 (First Class International)*
2 LPs...$25 (First Class International)*
3 LPs...$30 (First Class International)*
4 LPs...$35 (First Class International)*
5 LPs...$40 (First Class International)*
6-9 LPs (over 5 LPs/4 lbs)....$50. (Priority International)*

Above, treat any CDs/DVDs as 45s. Treat all 78s/10" LPs as LPs.

*S/h rates are the maxiumum we will charge. We often offer to mail gratis or at reduced rates. Best bets for free or reduced mailing: buy more than one item at a time, spend at least $40 ($20 if 45s), trade with us, choose items of which we have more than one. Please let us know where we'll be mailing (state the general destination) when inquiring/placing the order. State any cost-related preferences (such as Parcel Post or Media rather than Priority). Mailing typically happens day after receipt of payment.

That's it -- from here it's just seeing what's available and asking about any for sale. Please see also our record guide, which provides helpful information and unique context about desirable records, many of which remain unknown elsewhere!

HYP RECORDS Hyp Records Guide -- Don't miss it!
It's free and very helpful.

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