Webley Edwards & Hawaii Calls

Only statehood has done more for Hawaiian music over the decades than Webley Edwards and his evergreen "Hawaii Calls" radio broadcast and television program.

In 1935 Edwards began producing the "Hawaii Calls," which continues to be broadcast every Saturday afternoon to radio stations worldwide. Recording usually took place on the beach at Waikiki; the surf even can be heard on some albums. A much later development, the television program presented lush views of the new state of Hawaii in the early stages of high tourism and development. Between the two, Edwards has lured more people to Hawaii than anyone else. He also had the good sense to collect and archive even the rarest, most obscure, and even often homemade recordings and musical transcriptions from the very beginning of the show. These were items given to him in order to form a vast repertoire for the performers; they also helped establish Hawaiian music with copyrighted permanence.

Almost every major star of the Hawaiian music scene appeared on "Hawaii Calls" in one capacity or another. In many cases the sons and daughters of previous "Hawaii Calls" stars participated. Major names include Pua Almeida, Alfred Apaka, Mahi Beamer, Ben Kalama, Ed Kenney, Ray Kinney, Arthur Lyman, Charles Kaipo Miller, Nina Kealiwahamana, and Kahaunaniomaunakeakkauiokalewa Kahalewai, or Haunani for short. Most of the Hawaii Calls albums credit Al Kealoha Perry, Edwards' staff musician and orchestra leader.

Hawaii Calls LPs

4Hawaii Calls (10"); Capitol H-470
4Hawaii Calls; Capitol T-470
4Hawaii Calls at Twilight; Capitol DT-582
3Favorite Instrumentals of the Islands; Capitol T-715
6Waikiki!; Capitol T-772
3Hawaiian Shores: Favorite Instrumentals of the Islands Vol.2; Capitol T-904
6Hula Island Favorites; Capitol T-987
6Fire Goddess; Capitol ST-1033
Na Mele O Hawaii; Capitol ST-1092
4Hawaiian Strings: Favorite Instrumentals of the Islands Vol.3; Capitol ST-1152
5Various: Webley Edwards Presents Island Paradise; Capitol STAO-1229
4Hawaii Calls Greatest Hits; Capitol ST-1339
5Exotic Instrumentals: Favorite Instrumentals of the Islands Vol.4; Capitol ST-1409
5The Stars of Hawaii Calls; Capitol ST-1627
5Webley Edwards Presents: The Hawaii Calls Show--Recorded Live on the Beach at Waikiki; Capitol T-1699; (illustrated inner leaves; Al Kealoha Perry, Pua Almeida, Danny K. Stewart, Sol Kamahele, Haunani, Nina, Lani, etc.)
7Hawaiian Christmas Songs; Capitol ST-1781 (abridged as A Merry Hawaiian Christmas; SM-1781; w/Haunani..)
4Romantic Instrumentals of the Islands: Favorite Instrumentals of the Islands Vol.5; Capitol ST-1987
5Waikiki After Dark; Capitol ST-2315
4Hawaii Today; Capitol ST-2449
The Hawaii Calls "Deluxe Set" 3-LP box; Capitol STCL-2182 (compilation)
6Blue Skies of Hawaii; Capitol ST-2782 (w/Ed Kenney)
5Hawaii--The Island of Dreams; Pickwick SPC-3062 (compilation/reissue)
7The Young Hawaiians; Capitol ST-262 (Jeff Apaka, Varoa Tiki, Mate'Ng, Alex McAngus, Boyce Rodrigues, Barney Isaacs..)
6Hawai'i's Greatest Hits; Hula HS-401; 1975 (w/Pua Almeida, Haunani, Ben Kalama, Danny K. Stewart, Alfred Apaka..; prod. Webley Edwards; dir. Al Kealoha Perry)
6Hawaii Calls 1975; Lehua SL-7018; 1975 (produced by Charles "Bud" Dant; with Pua Almeida, Hui Ohana, Nina Kealiwahamana, Penny Silva, Charles K.L. Davis, Melveen, etc.)

Partly Hawaii Calls LPs

7Various: The Islands; Hula HS-555; 1976 (surveys shows by Don Ho, Danny Kaleikini, Kahauanu Lake Trio, Hawaii Calls; sounds of canoe ride & bamboo organ)

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