Liner Notes of the Gods

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1. Sorcery! -- Sabu Martinez
"the sex life of a cosmic corn popper"

2. Mambo for Cats -- Various Artists
"throw away those inhibitions"

3. BA MA Hit Parade -- King Eric
[pathos of insecure club owners]

4. Original Quiet Village -- Les Baxter
[be-all & end-all, tongue-in-cheek]

5. Surrender! -- The Outriggers
[also Golden Hits of Hawaii]

6. Polynesian Paradise -- Phil Moore
"It is not the tribe that is lost."

7. Exotic Music for Wives and Lovers -- Alexis
"Inside every woman...lurks a panther."

8. Grand Moghul Suite -- Korla Pandit
"rapturous, ravishing madness of love"

9. Space Escapade -- Les Baxter
"only an echo of the chill we feel?"

10. Dancing with Ros -- Edmundo Ros
"I see you got one of those big purses..."

11. How to Blow Your Mind... -- Unfolding
"You are now freaking out. Enjoy it."

12. The Corillions -- Marlin Wallace
"The reds have been stealing my music..."

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