Beatnik Questionnaire



Do you live like there is no tomorrow?

Are you a Beatnik?

Do you attend poetry readings?

In subterranean caves?

When did you attend your last poetry reading?

Who was reciting?

Name the poems recited:

Did you dig them?

Do you write your own poetry?

Cool verse?

Gone words?

Do you also recite?

In public?

Before a crazy mob?

What kind of a room do you live in:

__ Pad
__ Cell
__ Bakery
__ Cubicle
__ Joint
__ Weird box
__ Dug-out
__ Round room
__ Flop house
__ Two-by-two
__ Pucker Palace
__ Dive

Where do you live:

__ Vitamin Village
__ Beatsville
__ Be-bop Town
__ Squaresville
__ Beatnik Bore
__ Sunnyville
__ Poetryville
__ Down under
__ Crazyville
__ Way out

Have you ever been in trouble?

Were you caught by the fuzz?

Do you drive a hot rod?

Gas rod?

Foot pedaler?


Do you blast your jets easily?

Do you always lose your temper?

Are you gone?

Real gone?

Gone to where?

May I join you?

Do you dig the arts?

What's your talent?

Do you practice?

Are you out of this world?

Flying on cloud nine?

Are you a cool cad?

The complete end?

All gone?

Do you make with the clothes cover?

Do you always wear those crazy quilts?

Are you cooler than a cool Jackson?

Are you always the coolest?

General Qnestions: (All to be answered. Be at least semi-honest.)

Do you believe we live in a cruel world?

Are you doing your best to change it?

Are you a snagged stag?

Are you free for dating?

Have you had your solo flight?

Are you waiting for me?

Do you consider me a:

__ Daddy-o
__ Cookie
__ Almond
__ Doll
__ Cool ghoul
__ Banana
__ Square
__ Snatcher
__ Beakel
__ Kookie
__ Pill pusher
__ Bone eater
__ Cube
__ Coin hoarder
__ Drag
__ Cat
__ Squirrel
__ Dead head

Are you loaded?

Do you have many skins?

Portrait bills?

Do you pay for your dates?

Are you a cheap creep?

Do you beat the drums?

Are you hep?

Do you use the chords?

Are you the utmost?

The utmost of what?

On a date do you act like a:

__ Stiff
__ Kill joy
__ Body digger
__ Way out
__ Bug
__ Poet
__ Angel
__ Real George
__ Tight head
__ Baby
__ Party pooper
__ Ick

Are you a chick?


Plucked chicken?

Cooked chicken?

Have you ever had a date deep-six you?

Do you know why he ditched you?

Which brand coffin nail do you smoke?

Do you mooch them or buy them?

How many coffin nails do you hammer each day?

Do you inhale?

How do you travel:

__ Hot rod
__ Satellite
__ Monkey wagon
__ Shoe leather express
__ Sardine crusher
__ Wagon train

Do you chug the sweet juice?

Are you a freeloader?

Which drinks do you like the best:

__ Moo juice
__ Rooster juice
__ Purple passions
__ Nerve juice
__ Mickey runs
__ Soft brews

How many drinks does it take to get you juiced?

Are you prehistoric?


Under 21?

Are you a cool dresser?

Do you wear the regular rags and vines?

Which clothes do you normally wear:

__ Glad threads
__ White float boats
__ Long johns
__ Bright beads
__ Crazy quilts
__ Pullovers
__ Lily whites
__ Sandals
__ Neck tails
__ Head warmers
__ Straw duds
__ Flaps
__ Finger coats
__ Ivy weeds
__ Warmers

Do you like to live it up?

Do you go in for jazzing?

At the end of a date do you expect to:

__ Lump lips
__ Stare blankly
__ Flip your lid
__ Shake hands
__ Flee to the crib
__ Cut the breeze
__ Whisper poetry
__ Beat it
__ Be like Columbus

Do you have a large galaxy of friends?

Do they all wear goatees?

Do you tune me in?

Can we broadcast?

Are we on the same frequency?

Do you think I'm a goop?

Why do you feel that way?

Do you ever think I'm the ginchiest?

Am I really "r e a l crazy?"

When on a date do you always go to the powderbox to plant the platterpuss?

Do you wear shades or can you see without them?

Do they fog up in a storm?

Do I send you?

When we are together are you stimulated to a high pitch of excitement?

Do you mind if I fall by to see you?

Must I use the talkie first?

Would you like to go to a really wild beat party?

For the two of us?

Do you know how to prune?

Can you prune for over a minute?

Are you looking far a present from me?

Such as a tourniquet on your finger?

Are you:

__ Mad
__ Fighting the weather
__ Dippy
__ Off your rocker
__ Crazy
__ Droopy
__ Tilted
__ Hunky
__ Paint happy
__ Way out
__ Jerky
__ Hooked

Are you going steady?

Who chained you?

Can you break loose?

Can we get together for an evening of poetry?


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