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Pop guitar starts and nearly ends with Roy Smeck. Disciples and peers ranged from Arthur Godfrey and Cliff Edwards (Ukulele Ike) to Billy Mure, while Les Paul somehow got credit for several Smeck milestones. Roy Smeck did everything from the serious to the gimmicky, including playing guitars with teeth and behind back, long before anyone else. And he did it with style, class, and humility, night after night on the Vaudeville circuit and all day in practice. He helped make the steel guitar equally at home on Gene Autry records as Hawaiian. Roy Smeck, with the unlikely name and no rock-star looks, remains the original guitar hero. Bandleader and steel-guitar hero Alvino Rey found a second career in playing slide guitar, notably for Esquivel.

Buying: Generally the LP are instrumental covers of pop and rock hits. It is very hard to single out specific albums, only odd tracks.

[Pop] Guitar LPs

7The Astronauts: Surfin' with the Astronauts; RCA Victor LSP-2760; 1963 (guitar/surf)
7The Astronauts: Competition Coupe; RCA Victor LSP-2858; 1964 (guitar/hot rod)
9George Barnes: Country Jazz; Colortone C33-4915
7George Barnes: Guitars Galore; Mercury Perfect Presence Sound PPS-6020
7Vinnie Bell: The Soundtronic Guitar of Vincent Bell; Independent 8012
7Vinnie Bell: Pop Goes the Electric Sitar; Decca DL-74938 (pop sitar)
6Vinnie Bell: Good Morning Starshine; Decca DL-75138 (some pop sitar & Moog)
6Vinnie Bell: Airport Love Theme; Decca DL-75212; 1970 (some pop sitar & Moog)
6Johnny Bowie: Compositions de ("Anti Guerre"); Voxigrave VX-ST-7221 (French, partly classical; notable space jacket)
8Jimmy Bryant: Bryant's Back in Town; Imperial LP-12310/LP-9310
6Billy Boyd: Twangy Guitars; Crown CST-196 (R&B/blues with guitar)
7Sandy Bull: Fantasias for Guitar & Banjo; Vanguard VRS-9119 (w/Billy Higgins)
->Jerry Byrd (steel guitar) -- see Steel Guitar
Al Caiola: [10" LP on RCA Victor]
Al Caiola: Guitar, Guitars, Guitars; United Artists UAS-6077; 1959
6Al Caiola: Greasy Kid Stuff; United Artists UAS-6287
6Al Caiola: The Best of; United Artists UAS-6310; 1963
6Al Caiola: Tuff Guitar; United Artists UAS-6389
4Al Caiola: Guitar for Lovers; United Artists UAS-6403
5Al Caiola: Solid Gold Guitar Goes Hawaiian; United Artists UAS-6418
8Al Caiola: Sounds for Spies & Private Eyes; United Artists UAS-6435
6Al Caiola: Tuff Guitar Tijuana Style; United Artists UAS-6473
4Al Caiola: Romantico; United Artists UAS-6527
7Al Caiola: All Strung Out; United Artists UAS-6553; 1966
6Al Caiola: The Return of the Seven; United Artists UAS-6560; 1967 (themes/Western/spy)
6Al Caiola: Let the Sunshine In; United Artists UAS-6712 (partly electric sitar)
7Al Caiola: Blockbuster Movie/TV Themes; United Artists/Two Worlds TW-9102 (Theme from the "Magnificent 7 Ride" '73; United Artists/Avalanche AV-LA058-F; 1973)
7The Challengers: Vanilla Funk; GNP Crescendo GNPS-2056 (guitar/country funk)
8Charlie Cline: Country Dobro; Adelphi AD-2001; 1974 (guitar/country funk-rock "Memphis Dobro"; hip, funky, breakbeat)
6Jerry Cole: A Go Go Guitars; Crown CS-539
8Jerry Cole: Psychedelic Guitars; Custom CS-1078 (uncredited)
6The Cotton Pickers: Country Guitar; Philips PHS-600-025 (bluegrass/guitar/banjo/country/whistling "Country Wildwood Flower")
7Bo Diddley: Surfin' with Bo Diddley; Checker LP-2987; 1963 (surf/twist/guitar; 4 by BD include the killer "Surf, Sink, or Swim"; 8 are by uncredited Billy Lee Riley & the Megatons)
7Duane Eddy: Have Twangy Guitar--Will Travel; Jamie JLP-3000 (Lee Hazlewood)
8Duane Eddy & the Rebels: Especially for You; Jamie JLP-70-3006 (Lee Hazlewood; guitar/crime "Peter Gunn"/bongo bop "Lover")
Duane Eddy: $1,000,000 Worth of Twang, Vol. 1; Jamie
7Duane Eddy: $1,000,000 Worth of Twang, Vol. 2; Jamie JLP-70-3021
6Duane Eddy: Twistin' & Twangin'; RCA Victor LSP-2525; 1962
8Duane Eddy: Dance with the Guitar Man; RCA Victor LSP-2648; 1962
7Duane Eddy: Water Skiing; RCA Victor LSP-2918; 1964
8Duane Eddy: Twangsville; RCA Victor LSP-3432; 1965 (guitar/Western/crime)
8Cliff Edwards: Ukulele Ike Sings Again; Disneyland WDL-3003; 1956 (Ukukele Ike; compilation; reissued as Ukulele Ike Happens Again; Vista BV-4043; 1968)
7Cliff Edwards: "Ukukele Ike"; Glendale GL-6011; 1978 (Ukukele Ike; compilation)
8Cliff Edwards & his Hot Combination: Vintage Vocal Series Cliff Edwards--Vol. 1; Fountain/Retrieval FV-203; 1978/1925-6 (Ukukele Ike; compilation)
7Cliff Edwards: The Vintage Recordings of Cliff Edwards (Ukukele Ike); Take Two TT-205; 1979/1928-44 (Ukukele Ike; compilation)
8Ukukele Ike/Cliff Edwards: The Hottest Man in Town; 1981/1924-42 (Ukukele Ike; compilation)
7Cliff Edwards (Ukukele Ike): Fascinatin' Rhythm; Totem 1045; 1985/1924-42 (Ukukele Ike; compilation)
6Bill Faith (w/Frank Hunter): A Guitar to Remember; Chancellor CHLS-5007 (rare Philadelphia LP)
7The Fireballs: Here are the Fireballs; Warwick W-2042 (guitar/Latin rock)
7The Fireballs: Vaquéro; Top Rank RS-643 (guitar/Latin rock; one side duplicates one side of Warwick)
8The Fireballs: Sensational Jimmy Gilmer & the Fireballs; Crown CLP-5387 (guitar/Latin rock/psyche-blues "Good Soul"/surf "Let It All Out")
8The Fireballs: Torquay; Dot DLP-25512/3512 (guitar/Latin rock)
7[Jimmy Gilmer &] the Fireballs: Sugar Shack; Dot DLP-25545/3545 (guitar)
7The Fireballs featuring Jimmy Gilmer: Bottle of Wine; Atlantic/Atco SD-33-239; 1968 ('60s psyche/electric sitar "Groovy Motions")
7The Fireballs: Come On React!; Atlantic/Atco SD-33-275; 1969 ('60s psyche/New Orlean "Get Out of My Life Woman"/mod "Little Bitty Bucket")
6Jim Helms: Twelve String Guitar; Crown CST-377
9Dean Hightower: Guitar Twangy--with a Beat; ABC-Paramount ABCS-312 (heavy contributions by George Barnes)
8Tommy Hill's Nashville String Band: The Swingin' Sound of Modern Country Music with Percussion; Starday SLP-210 (guitar/banjo/steel-Pete Drake)
8Homer & the Barnstormers: Bluegrass Banjos on Fire; Alshire/Somerset SF-19500 (worth it just for the Ballad of Jed Clampett)
7Dean Hutchinson & Mickey McGivern: Dobro Mountain Music; Arc 590 (Toronto)
8The Impacs: Impact by the Impacs; King 886 (50s rockabilly/guitar/dance rock)
6Johnny & the Hurricanes; Warwick W-2007 (50s rock/guitar instrumentals)
5Bill Justis: Alley Cat/Green Onions; Mercury/Smash SRS-67021 (good only for "Green Onions," which is organ)
8Joe Maphis: Fire on the Strings; Columbia CL-1005 (w/some steel guitar)
8Joe Maphis: King of the Strings; Starday SLP-316 (guitar/trucker/rockabilly)
Joe Maphis: Golden Gospel Guitar; Starday SLP-322
6Joe Maphis: Country Guitar Goes to the Jimmy Dean Show; Starday SLP-373; 1966
6Joe Maphis: Gospel Guitar; Sacred LPS-4014
8Joe & Rose Lee Maphis: Mr. & Mrs. Country Music; Starday SLP-286
7Joe Maphis & Rose Lee with the Blue Ridge Mountain Boys; Capitol T-1778 (bluegrass/dobro)
7Jack Marshall: The Marshall Swings; Capitol ST-1351 (guitar/Hammond treatments of Western songs)
6Leon McAuliffe & his Swingin' Western Band: The Dancin'est Band Around; Capitol ST-2016
[Buddy Merrill]
7The Midgets: Rhythm & Motion with the Midgets; Plaza PL-3306; 1963 (Montreal instrumental group)
6Billy Mure: Hawaiian Percussion; Strand SLS-1010
5Billy Mure & the Islanders: Pink Hawaii; Strand SLS-1070 (reissues 7 cuts from SLS-1010 and adds 3 new exotica cuts)
7Billy Mure's Supersonic Guitars: Fireworks; RCA Victor LSP-1694; 1958
7Billy Mure's Supersonic Guitars: Supersonics in Flight; RCA Victor LSP-1869; 1959
7Billy Mure: Supersonic Guitars; MGM SE-3780
6Billy Mure's Supersonic Guitars: Teen Bossa Nova; MGM SE-4131
5Billy Mure & the Aztec Guitars: Maria Elena & Other Great Songs; MGM SE-4189
7Billy Mure & his Combo: Tough Strings--Great Guitar Hits; Kapp KS-3253; 1961
6Billy Mure: Songs of Hank Williams; Everest SDBR-1072/LPBR-5072
5Tony Mottola Joins the Guitar Underground; Project 3 PR-5035-SD; 1969
6The Nashville Guitars; Monument SLP-18058/MLP-8058 (Jerry Byrd, Harold Bradley, Pete Wade/Drake..)
6Nick Nastos & his Fireballers: Guitars on Fire; Strand SLS-1097 (guitar/steel)
6Sydney Nesbitt: Let Me Teach You to Play the Ukulele; Music Minus One MMO 150; 1961 (ukulele/instructional; w/booklet)
7Herbie Remington: Steel Guitar Holiday; United Artists UAS-6167
6The Revengers: Batman & Other Super Men; MGM/Metro MS-565 (guitar instrumentals, mainly spy themes)
6Alvino Rey: A Drowsy Old Riff; Golden Era 15002 (compilation of 1940s material)
6Alvino Rey: The Uncollected (Vols. 1-3); Hindsight
7Alvino Rey: Swingin' Fling; Capitol ST-1085
7Alvino Rey: Ping Pong; Capitol ST-1262
4Alvino Rey: That Lonely Feeling; Capitol ST-1395
3Alvino Rey w/Ralph Carmichael Orchestra: Refreshing Melodies; Sacred LPS-76002; 1966
6Alvino Rey: Dance with Me--The Big Band Sound of Alvino Rey; Alysa R-1000; 1980
6The Routers: The Routers Play 1963's Great Instrumental Hits; Warner Bros. WS-1524 (guitar/surf/space/twist; Marketts/"wrecking crew" studio group)
8The Rumblers: Boss!; Dot DLP-25509/3509 (fits well with surf/hot rod)
6Dave Sellers: Christmas Guitars; Starday-King/Gusto/Power Pak LP-PO-503
7Conjunto Sempre Alerta: Feito para voce; Sempre Alerta SA-2001; 1968 (Brasil/guitar rock)
6Roy Smeck: Difting & Dreaming 10"; Coral 56013
6Roy Smeck & his Paradise Islanders: Memory Lane 10"; Decca DL-5458; copyright 1953
6Roy Smeck & his Paradise Islanders: Songs of the Range [in Dreamy Hawaiian Style] 10"; Decca DL-5473; copyright 1953
6Roy Smeck & his Serenaders: Memories of You; Decca DL-8674 (mono only)
5Roy Smeck & his Paradise Serenaders: South Seas Serenade; ABC-Paramount ABC-119
6Roy Smeck & his Paradise Serenaders: Melodies with Memories; ABC-Paramount ABC-174
5Roy Smeck & his Paradise Serenaders: Hi-Fi Paradise; ABC-Paramount ABCS-234
8Roy Smeck: The Magic Ukulele of Roy Smeck; ABC-Paramount ABCS-279
7Roy Smeck & his Dixie Syncopators: The Happy Banjo; ABC-Paramount ABCS-309
8Roy Smeck "The Wizard of the Strings" & his All Star Serenaders: Stringing Along; ABC-Paramount ABCS-412
7Roy Smeck: I Love to Hear a Banjo; ABC-Paramount ABCS-484
7Roy Smeck & his Paradise Serenaders: Hawaiian Guitar Hits; Kapp KS-1491 (steel guitar)
7Roy Smeck & his Magic Uke; Kapp KS-3453 (ukulele)
9Roy Smeck Plays the Hawaiian Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele, and Guitar; Yazoo 1052; 1976/1926-49 (w/jacket art by R. Crumb)
7Roy Smeck: Wizard of the Strings; Blue Goose BG-2027; 1980/1979
8Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith & his Crackerjacks: Mister Guitar; Starday SLP-173
8Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith: Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith Goes to Town with his Crackerjacks; Starday SLP-216
7Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith: Down Home with Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith; Starday SLP-266 (not guitar but country humor/novelty)
6Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith: The Guitars of Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith; Starday SLP-415
5Arthur (Guitar) Smith & Voices; ABC-Paramount ABCS-441 (remakes "Guitar Boogie")
8Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith: Jumpin' Guitar; Relaxed Rabbit RR-425; 1985/1945
8Smith & Son (Arthur Smith & Clay Smith): Guitars Galore; CBS/Monument KZ-33429; 1975 (with Paul Collier)
6Johnny Smith: The Guitar World of Johnny Smith; Roost SLP-2254 (jazz/pop)
8Frank Sorrell [& his 4 Guitars]: The Magic Sounds of Frank Sorrell; Coral CRL-757324 (steel guitar & other guitar)
The Spotnicks in London (first LP)
7The Spotnicks in Paris/Dansons avec Les Spotnicks; Karusell KALPS-1014
7"Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited" (Maeschi & Diblitz): The Spacesound Effect; 2000 (guitar/surf/space-electronic "Section 5")
7Axel Stordahl & Orchestra: Guitars Around the World; Decca DL-74337 (with Joe Maphis, Howard Roberts, Laurindo Almeida, Fred Tavares, Allan Reuss)
9Takeshi Terauchi: Nippon Guitars; Ace/Big Beat WIKD-297; 2011/1966-74 (Japan/guitar/surf/space rock; compilation of Takeshi Terauchi & the Bunnys/Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans on Japanese King)
9Takeshi Terauchi: [title unknown]; Japanese King SKA-96; 1974 (Japan/guitar/surf/exotic rock)
6The Transients featuring Billy Strange: The Funky Twelve String [Guitar]; Horizon WPLP-1633; 1963
8The Ventures: Walk Don't Run; Liberty/Dolton BST-8003/BLP-2003 (and like so for mono numbers)
8The Ventures; Liberty/Dolton BST-8004
7The Ventures: Another Smash; Liberty/Dolton BST-8006
6The Ventures: The Colorful Ventures; Liberty/Dolton BST-8008/BLP-2008
8The Ventures: Twist With the Ventures; Liberty/Dolton BST-8010 (reissued under another title)
7The Ventures Twist Party Vol. 2; Liberty/Dolton BST-8014 (reissued under another title)
7The Ventures: Mashed Potatoes & Gravy; Liberty/Dolton BST-8016 (reissued as "Beach Party")
7The Ventures: Going to the Ventures Dance Party; Liberty/Dolton BST-8017
6The Ventures Play Telstar & the Lonely Bull; Liberty/Dolton LST-8019
7The Ventures: Surfing; Liberty/Dolton LST-8022
5The Ventures Play Country Classics; Liberty LST-8023 (I Walk the Line)
5The Ventures: Let's Go; Liberty LST-8024
8The Ventures in Space; Liberty LST-8027
5The Ventures: The Fabulous Ventures; Liberty LST-8029
6The Ventures: Walk, Don't Run Vol.2; Liberty LST-8031
6The Ventures Knock Me Out; Liberty LST-8033
5The Ventures on Stage; Liberty LST-8035
6The Ventures A Go-Go; Liberty LST-8037
6The Ventures Christmas Album; Liberty LST-8038
6The Ventures: Where the Action Is; Liberty LST-8040
8The Ventures: Batman Theme; Liberty LST-8042
6The Ventures: Go with the Ventures; Liberty LST-8045
6The Ventures: Wild Things; Liberty LST-8047
6The Ventures: Guitar Freakout; Liberty LST-8050
7The Ventures: Super Psychedelics; Liberty LST-8052
6The Ventures: Golden Greats by; Liberty LST-8053 (compilation)
5The Ventures: 1,00,000.00 Weekend; Liberty LST-8054; 1967
7The Ventures: Hawaii Five-O; Liberty LST-8061
4The Ventures: Swamp Rock; Liberty LST-8062 (arr. w/Mike Melvoin)
6The Ventures: Rock & Roll Forever; United Artists UAS-5649; 1972
8The Ventures: Only Hits; United Artists UA-LA147-G2; 1973 (2-LP; guitar/funk/Afro-Beat)
The Ventures: New Testament; United Artists UAS-6796
4The Ventures: NASA's 25th Anniversary Commemorative Album; Allegiance ST-72873; 1984 (guitar/space/disco; J.J. Perrey's "Skylab")
8Various: 20 Great Guitar Instrumentals; Cascade DROP-1006 (compilation; Link Wray, Meteors, etc.; partly hot rod)
8Various: Country Guitar; Starday/Nashville NLP-2021 (compilation: Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith, Tommy Hill..)
8Various: Fire On the Strings--16 Country Instrumentals; Starday SLP-221 (Bill Harrell, The Country Gentlemen, Bill Clifton & his Dixie Mountain Boys, Ken Clark, Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs, The Stoneman Family, Stringbean & his Banjo, Buzz Busby, Jim & Jesse McReynolds, Bashful Borther Oswald, The Crook Brothers, Allen Shelton, The Kentucky Traveleers, The New River Boys, The Stanley Brothers & the Clinch Mountain Boys)
9Various: Super Picker Special; CMK 6227; 1978 (bluegrass/guitar/banjo/dobro; Joe Maphis, Benny Martin, Arthur Smith, Josh Graves, Osborne Brothers, Lester Flatts, Nashcille Grass, Eddie Adcock, Don Reno, Pinnacle Boys, Stonemans)

Partly Guitar LPs

7The Back-Wash Rhythm Band: The Golden Breed ST; Capitol ST-2886 (surf/guitar/bongo rock; "In the Curl"; Jerry Styner, Mike Curb, Harley Hatcher, Mike Clifford)
7Do'a: Light Upon Light; Philo PH-1056; 1977 (primordial New Age/occult/sitar/flute/guitar/mbira..)
7Do'a: Ornament of Hope; Philo PH-9000; 1979 (primordial New Age/occult/sitar/flute/guitar/mbira..)
7The Bernard Ebbinghouse Orchestra: The Big Band Sound/Orchestral Sounds/Rhythmic Moods/In a Quiet Mood; Bosworth Backgrounds BLP-147; 1976 ("Sounds Cool"; production/mod)
7The Bernard Ebbinghouse Orchestra: The '77 Sound/The Paolo Zavallone Group: Musical Cocktail (No. 3); Bosworth Backgrounds BLP-149; 1977 (production; e-piano/Moog funk/Moog/space-electronic/mod soul/guitar)
7Dominic Frontiere: Hammersmith Is Out ST; EMI/Capitol SW-861; 1972 (funky rock/guitar "Cookout Society"/torch/organ; U.K.)
6Jan & Dean with the Soul Surfers; L-J 101
6Hap Palmer: Modernt Tunes for Rhythm & Instruments; Educational Activities, Inc./Activity Records AR-523; 1969 (kid funk/guitar/exotica)
9The Revels: Intoxica!--The Best of the Revels; Sundazed LP_5010; 1994/1959-62 (surf/guitar/exotic rock/Latin rock)
8Lyle Ritz: How About Uke?; Verve MGV-2087 (jazz ukulele; not at all funky but rare/old in a nearly singular idiom; Don Shelton flute, Gene Estes drums, Red Mitchell bass)
8Lyle Ritz & his Jazz Ukulele: 50th State Jazz; Verve MG-V-8333
6Red Simpson Sings a Bakersfield Dozen; Capitol ST-2829 ("Ukulele Bailey")
7Mel Taylor & the Magics In Action!; Warner Bros. WS-1624 (drums/bongo rock/guitar "No Exit"/spy/mod/mod Latin)
6Bobby Vee Meets the Ventures; Liberty LST-7289
8Johnny Williams: Not With My Wife You Don't ST; Warner Bros. WS-1668 (mod/mod-organ-breakbeat "Trumpet Discotheque"/mod jazz "Main Title (Big Beautiful Ball"/wordless chorus "Hey Julietta"/guitar "Hungarian Jungle Music")
8Link Wray & the Wraymen; CBS/Epic LN-3661; 1960/1959-60 (Murray Hill P-18927/X35881)
9Link Wray & the Wraymen: Link Wray [Early Recordings]; Chiswick CH-6; ?/1963-4
8Link Wray: Yesterday/Todau; Record Factory LP-1929
7Various: Hot Rod Drag Races; Almor AS-109/A-109 (hot rod/Latin rock/bongos/mod soul twist/guitar; Dick Dale, Surfaris, Fireballs)
7Various: Listen to the Banned; ASV Living Era AJA-5030; 1984/1927-33 (naughty and banned songs including Cliff Edwards/Ukukele Ike: "I'm a Bear in a Lady's Boudoir" & "I'm Going to Give it to Mary with Love")
8Various: Rock & Roll/Space-Fantasy; CBS Records EZ Cue "Golden Minutes" CSM-930 (production; space-electronic/organ/mod/guitar; partly Pat Prilly)
4Various: The Trini Lopez Show ST; Reprise RS-6361 (The Ventures, Trini Lopez, Nancy Ames)
6Various: Soul Oldies--Volume 1; United Artists/UnArt S-21022/M-20022; 1967; (Marv Johnson: You Got What it Takes; Lee Andrews: Try the Impossible; Tune Rockers: Green Mosquito; Garnet Mimms: A Quiet Place; Ray Barretto: Do You Dig It; Anthony & the Imperials: Goin' Out of My Head; Garnet Mimms: For Your Precious Love; The Exciters: Tell Him; The Busters: Bust Out; Anthony & the Imperials: I'm On The Outside (Looking In))
8Down and Wired 4; PTR PTR0462; 2014 (funk/psyche/soul-jazz guitar/rock guitar/soul-jazz organ; German compilation)
8Various: Surf Beat; Underground ULP-T-50003; 1983 (surf/hot rod/guitar)
7Various: TV Record Hop; RCA Victor LPM-1803; 1958 (comp from KCRA of CA includes the Equadors' Sputnik Dance, Billy Mure's Rocking Guitars, Ronnie & the Rockin' Kings, Leroy Kirkland's Hi Flyers, Ellie Gaye, The Twins--Jim & John; Crater Gater, Rock 'n' Roll Sal, Yellow Dog Blues, The Stroll..)
7Various: Unforgettable Country Instrumentals; Starday SLP-277 (mainly steel & dobro w/some guitar & fiddle)

[Pop/Rock] Guitar 45s

8The Adventurers: Trail Blazer/Rip Van Winkle; Capitol 4292
7The Contrails: Someone/Mummy Walk (Walking Death); Diamond D-213
9Roy Ether: President's Walk/Slave Girl; Mercury 71518x45
8The Fenways: I Move Around/A-Go-Go; CO&CE B-241 (Pittsburgh)
8The Gongettes: Gong, Gong--I'm Blue/Trouble; Original Sound OS-21; 1962 (B-side instrumental)
7Johnny & the Hurricanes: Down Yonder/Sheba; Big Top 45-3036 (instrumental; picture sleeve)
8Rose Lee & Joe Maphis: Country Girl Courtship/Pickin' & Guitin'; Mosrite M-310
8Leon McAuliff (sic): Night Life/Ace in the Hole; Cimarron C-4045 (country vocal with twangy guitar, not steel)
7The Motivations: The Slow Fizz/The Squeeze; DynoVoice 216 (Herb Bernstein/Bob Crewe)
6Billy Mure: Ambush/Theme for the Lonely (Where Are You Love); Paris 45-545
7Ohta-San: Sushi/Litte Tree; Warner Bros. 5412 (ukulele)
9Alan Pierce & the Tonekings: The Growl/Swampwater; Challenge 45-654-101
7Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith & his Cracker-Jacks: [If You Love Me] Make Me Know It/Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue; MGM K11324
8The T-K-O's w/Hank Jacobs at the Organ: The Charge/Can You Dig It; Ten Star T-105 (boss organ/guitar/bongo-rock
7Pancho Villa: As Is/Bobby's Guitar; Arliss 1010
8[Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith &] The Virtues: Guitar Boogie Shuffle/Guitar in Orbit; Hunt H-324
7Travis Wammack: Fire Fly/Scratchy; ARA 45-204
7Travis Wammack: Distortion Part 1/I Ain't Lyin'; ARA 45-209
6The Wild-Cats: Gazachstahagen/Billy's Cha-Cha; United Artists UA-154 (w/Billy Mure; Latin Rock/guitar)

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