Hunting & Game Calling

Along with LP aids and guides to all manner of equestrianism (from riding to gambling on races), there are the albums devoted to the "sportsman's" pursuit of game. These range from famous hunters giving advice, tips, and tales of glory to actual game-calling singles of "distress cries of a jack rabbit" and the like. One would journey to the field and play the calls on portable players. One popular rig, the "Call of the Wild" portable record player, came with a 25' horn to placed in a tree (and took 9 "D" batteries to run).

Taking pleasure in pursuing animals is not necessary for enjoyment of these records. The animal sounds ("Authentic Sounds of Tigers Mating!") provide ample interest, as do the weird, wonderful, if dated examples of "words of wisdom" from the hunting superstars of yesteryear. Finally, as with other commercial records, you have vintage advertisements and product endorsements of note. The 45s typically have interesting type and cute logos/drawings of wildlife (whose own sounds are destined to lure them to their doom).

Buying: So little is available in normal record channels that it really is an "any and all" special interest. Some of the 45s are better than others, and the LPs generally are well worthwhile.

Hunting [Instruction] & Game Calling LPs

7Fred Bear [America's No. 1 Bowhunter tells his]: Secrets of Hunting; Bear Archery 863B-2000; 1968
8Dana Brown: Jungle Nights & Man-Eaters; Dana Brown TS-XM105; 1967 ("The True Story of a Man Eating Tiger--'The Crying Tiger'--of Western Nepal")
7Bill Nation: The Best of Bill Nation's Duck Calling, 1931-1968; [Bill Nation] HLP-1000 (same on both sides)
7Johnny Stewart: Secrets of Successful Varmint Calling; Johnny Stewart Wildlife Calls GC-501; 1967/1966 (Waco, Texas)
8David Ommanney/Winchester-Western: Proved on Safari! (jacket: "Sounds of Safari!"); Winchester-Western N-PS-2527; 1964/1963 (interview w/hunter David Ommanney & music/sounds of Africa)

Hunting 7" (45s/Compact 33s)

7The American Sportsman: The Leopard Hunt Parts 1 & 2 EP; (hunting 7"/33; spoken w/natural sounds rec. in Kenya w/John Saxon & pro. hunters Bill Ryan & John Dugmore)
8Bobby Wooten: Goin' Deer Huntin'/Deer Huntin' Widow; Starday 784 (songs)

Game Calling 7" (45s/Compact 33s)

[Atco] Actual Recording of Live Crows: Riot Call/Feeding Call; Atco C-100 (Atco being Animal Trap Company of America, not the Atlantic/Atco!; made for use w/Call of the Wild record player; Pennsylvania)
[Crow Talk] Edward Mehok: Calls for All Wild Crows--Standard Calls/Calls for All Wild Crows--Hunting Calls; Crow Talk CT-804 (Indiana)
8[Electronic Game Calls] Squirrel Call/Squirrel Call Instructions; Electronic Game Calls 106 (B-side spoken)
7[Herter's] G.L. Herter: Predator Calling Parts 1 & 2; Herter's, Inc. (fox, coyote, bob cat, lynx, wolf, wolverine, eagle, large hawk; "Tenacious for Quality"; Waseca, Minnesota)
6[Herter's] Russell Hofmeister & Roy Miller, World's Greatest Duck & Goose Callers: Duck & Goose Calling Parts 1 & 2; Herter's, Inc. (announced by Rex Kastner, rec. by Ewald Schacht; Minnesota)
8[Lee Calls] Ben Rogers Lee: Turkey Calling Instructions by Ben Rogers Lee, featuring Twin-Hen Call Parts 1 & 2; Lee Calls, Inc. NR-10161 (spoken; Alabama)
7[Lewis Record Co.] Clayton Bramble: Genuine Wild Geese Calling Parts 1 & 2; Lewis Record Co. LR-11 (spoken; Cambridge, Maryland)
8[M.L. Lynch Co.] World Champion Turkey Caller & Manufacturer: Wild Turkey Calls No. 1/Wild Turkey Calls No. 2 --78 rpm acetate-- (w/spoken instruction; on hand-written Audiodisc recording blank; Alabama)
7[M.L. Lynch Co.] World's Champion Bird & Animal Caller: Wild Turkey Calling No. 1: Turkey Hen Calls/Wild Turkey Calling No. 2: Turkey Gobbler Calling; Lynch TPS-200; Mississippi)
8Mallardtone Game Calls: Basic Instructions on How to Use a Duck Call/Demonstration on Open Water Calling, Timber Calling, & Group Calling; Mallardtone Game Calls 78464-7; (Illinois; spoken instruction w/calls)
8[Philip S. Olt] Duck Calling for Mallards & All Ducks of the Puddler Class Parts 1 & 2; Philip S. Olt, Manufacturer of Hard Rubber, Game & Bird Calls D-100; (Illinois; spoken instruction w/calls)
[Johnny Stewart] Actual Distress Cries of a Jack Rabbit (Half Grown) (High Pitch Voice); Johnny Stewart Game Calls GC-101 (Texas)
[Johnny Stewart] Turkey Call: Ordinary Turkey Yelps All Season Call; Johnny Stewart Game Calls GC-114 (Texas)
[Johnny Stewart] Wildlife Calling Sounds; Johnny Stewart Wildlife Calls GC-501; 1965 (Texas)
[Wightman Electronics] Predator Game Call: Professional Mouth Calls/Young Bird Cries; WE (Wightman Electronics, Inc.) FB-5 (made for use w/Call of the Wild record player; Maryland)
[Wightman Electronics] Actual Live Crow Recording Parts 1 & 2; WE C-102 (made for use w/Call of the Wild record player; Maryland)
[Wightman Electronics] Actual Live Crow Recording: Fighting Crows/Distress Call; WE WC-3 (made for use w/Call of the Wild record player; Maryland)
8[Wightman Electronics] Instructions for Predator Game Calling Parts 1 & 2; WE WI-5 (made for use w/Call of the Wild record player; Maryland)
[Wightman Electronics] Young Wild Turkeys Feeding; WE (Wightman Electronics, Inc.) T-300 (made for use w/Call of the Wild record player; Maryland)

More Hunting & Game Gear

George Leonard Herter: Complete Professional Duck and Goose Calline Manual; Herter's, Inc. (Waseca, Minnesota; also product catalog)

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