Dave Pike

Dave Pike is a class act, unafraid to try any style, at least for an album, and usually succeeding wildly at it. His earliest LPs and session work are classics and mostly hard to find. Then as he "freaked out" in the late 1960s and early 1970s, he laid down some monster cuts of psychedelic soul jazz, James Brown covers, funky-sitar beats, and more that still enjoy new favor in the nightclubs of the subsequent century. There are not that many soul-jazz and funk vibraphonists of great note, but Dave Pike is the first name in hip vibe records.

Born in 1938 Detroit, he first played piano and drums, even joining the Detroit Junior Symphony Orchestra at age eleven. Having moved to Los Angeles, Pike in 1954 discovered the vibraphone at a drum shop. This became his chief instrument, seconded by the marimba, which he played early on with Mexican bands and later on his albums. He played rock and Latin in his early days, and later this experience lent his music great versatility as well as popular appeal. Playing always with great earnestness, humor, and even earthiness, he can be heard chanting along with the tunes on several LPs.

Pike began to gig with such jazz stars as Elmo Hope, Buddy DeFranco, and Paul Bley by 1956. By 1958 Pike had moved to San Francisco to be closer to New York musicians, and in 1960 he made the move to New York. Siz years of stints with globetrotting Herbie Mann exposed him to some of the world's farther-flung music. In 1966 he moved to Germany, where the newly formed Dave Pike Set quickly became the leading jazz act. Pike's usually thematic albums are recognized as seminal jazz and soul-jazz classics, and at least one cut has reached immortal status among disc jockeys.

Buying: Always snap up Dave Pike LPs.

Dave Pike LPs

8It's Time for Dave Pike; Riverside RLP-360; 1961
8Dave Pike & his Orchestra: Manhattan Latin--The Sensuous Rhythms of Spanish Harlem; Decca DL-74568; 1960 (Latin jazz)
8Pike's Peak; Columbia/Epic LA-16025; 1961 (w/Bill Evans; CBS Portraits 7464-44392; 1989)
8Bossa Nova Carnival; Prestige/New Jazz NJ-8281; 1962 (Joao Donato composer; w/Clark Terry, Kenny Burrell)
7Limbo Carnival; Prestige/New Jazz NJ-8284; 1962 (w/Ray Barretto, Ahmed Abdul-Malik)
6Dave Pike Plays the Music from Oliver; Prestige/Moodsville MVST-36; 1963
8Jazz for the Jet Set; Atlantic SD-1457; 1966
8The Dave Pike Set: Got the Feelin'; Relax; 1969 (Disques Wagram WGR-001)
8The Dave Pike Set: Noisy Silence--Gentle Noise; MPS 15215-ST; 1969
8The Dave Pike Set: Four Reasons; MPS 15253; 1969
7The Dave Pike Set: Live at the Philharmonic; MPS 15257; 1970/1969
8The Doors of Perception; Atlantic/Vortex 2007; 1970
8The Dave Pike Set: Album; MPS 15309; 1971
8Dave Pike Set: Infra-Red; MPS 20739; 1972
8Dave Pike Set: Riff for Rent; MPS MC-25112; 1972 (2-LP reissue of Live at the Philharmonic & Four Reasons)
8Dave Pike Set: Four Reasons/Album; MPS 0088.038 (2-LP reissue)
7New Dave Pike Set: Salomao; MPS MB-21541; 1973
The Dave Pike Set: Dave Pike Masterpieces; MPS 531.848-2 (2-LP compilation)
6Times Out of Mind; Muse MR-5092
6On a Gentle Note; Muse MR-5168; 1978
Let the Minstrels Play On; Muse; 1978
To Let You Know I Care; Muse MR-5186
Line-Up; Muse MR-5246
Moon Bird; Muse MR-5261; 1983/1981
7Peligroso; Ubiquity/Cubop CBLP-032; 2000

Partly Dave Pike LPs

The Jazz Couriers; Whippet WLP-700; 1956
6Paul Bley: Solemn Meditation; GNP/Crescendo GNP-31; 1958
Herbie Mann: Brazil Blues; United Artists 14009; 1962/1961
Herbie Mann: Family of Mann; Atlantic SD-1371; 1961
Herbie Mann: Return to the Village Gate; Atlantic SD-1407; 1963
Herbie Mann: Live at Newport; Atlantic SD-1413; 1963
5Herbie Mann: My Kinda Groove; Atlantic SD-1433; 1964
Herbie Mann: Our Man Flute; Atlantic SD-1464; 1964
Herbie Mann: The Beat Goes On; Atlantic SD-1483; 1964
Herbie Mann: Smell of the Crowd, Roar of the Paint; Atlantic SD-1437; 1965
Herbie Mann: Standing Ovation at Newport; Atlantic SD-1445; 1965
Herbie Mann: Monday Night at the Village Gate; Atlantic SD-1462; 1965
Herbie Mann Today; Atlantic SD-1454; 1965
7Jonny Teupen: Harpadelic; MPS; 1969
Kenny Clarke Francy Boland Big Band: All Smiles; MPS/BASF 29686; 1972

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