Selected sites that beckon like a good pork sausage.

Have a gulp of Natty Boh (pouring at left) as you peruse the menu of other virtual fare.*


All-Music Guide
Reviews of old records, biographies, and partial discographies. Some by yours truly.

Space-Age Pop Standards
Liberally explores the pop standards, the masters who made them, and all sorts of other info in a showcase for hypertext.

Free-form [rock] station WFMU (FM) serves the New York City area and Internet. Its semi-annual Record Fair is legend.


Links are to relevant, non-redundant sites only. Sites of a more general nature, such as those representing most of the types of music we like, are likely to be listed here, instead of or in addition to linkage in context.

We may drop any link for any reason; usually the reason is failure to stay in contact over the years. If you would like your site to be linked or relinked, please ask without expectation, especially if you're pushing a commodity or otherwise totally don't get it.

Natty Boh: The curiously one-eyed Mr. Boh, pictured here in 1950s and earlier versions, is the official symbol of National Bohemian beer and unofficial mascot of Maryland. National Bohemian cans (no longer sold) featured the endearing slogan, "Maryland -- the Land of Pleasant Living" A novelty tune recorded by Charles "Bud" Dant, "Mr. Boh Mambo," probably refers to something else.

Sausages: Yes, we scanned and then consumed the perfectly good links pictured above. It's a dog-eat-dog virtual world.

"Man, I'm so hip...I won't even eat a square meal!"

-- The Wildman from Wildsville

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