Playlist, WFMU Listener Hour, Feb. 12, 2000

[excerpt]; Will Jima; Revelations 666

"James Brown"; school kids; Ghetto Reality

Ignition; Fantasy in Orbit; Electrosoniks (Tom Dissevelt/Kid Baltran)

Leave the Driving to Us; Wozard of Iz; Mort Garson/Jacques Wilson

Uptight; Media Music #9 (Contemporary Life Styles)

Spiders; Bruce Haack; Electronic Record for Children

Slinky; John Murtaugh; Blues Current

Apes' Shuffle; Jeff Wayne Space Shuttle; Wonderland

I Feel the Earth Move; Space Experience; John Keating

Machines; Lothar & the Hand People

Slalom Beat; Klaus Wunderlich; Sound Explosion (voiceover)

The Swinger; Ann-Margret; The Swinger & Other Songs...

Old MacDonald Had a Girl; Mel Henke; Dynamic Adventures in Sound

You Bug Me Bad; Wanda Jackson; single from LP compilation

Cheatah Do; uncredited; Tarzan/Man from UNCLE/Our Man Flint

Belly Dancer; Eddie "the Sheik" Kochak; Ya Salaam...

Waikiki at Midnight; Jack de Mello 3-LP box tribute to Kui Lee

Kaziranga Beat; Ananda Shankar; A Musical Discovery of India (voiceover)

Tell Her She's Lovely; El Chicano; El Chicano

Let Love Find You; Pucho & his Latin Soul Brothers; Heat

Come Live with Me; Dorothy Ashby; Afro-Harping (voiceover)

Can't Buy Me Love (en Espaņol); uncredited; Exitos del Rock

All are LP and almost all from 1960 to 1970; many listed at Hyp Records (FYI). Most have been and will be available through various dealers at WFMU Record Fairs. Playlist is not a special endorsement, just a reflection of a moment in radio and a mood as the backpack got filled. For this listener, however, a milestone and a dream come true.

Thanks WFMU!

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