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Africa: Original LPs

Wali & his Afro-Caravan
The Word: Afro-beat, Afro-rock, Afro-pop, Afro-jazz classics and odd, rare treasures, such as the earliest Afro-drum LPs, and some African field recordings.

Not the latest new issues/reissues but select good stuff that people [should] have been collecting for years. Guy Warren has his own subpage below.

Most other pages have items that could be listed here (Afro-jazz, Afro-Latin, exotica, etc.). Even the pop and Moog pages! Not to mention percussion everywhere, such as Ti Ro Ro on the Haitian page. So look around after you're done scanning this one.

Further below: African 45s & trade wants

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Images: accurately represent items but are not always the exact copy listed/purchased

Discount: ALWAYS try to buy more than one item at a time

Afrique: Soul Makossa; Roulette/Mainstream/Red Lion 394; 1973; sealed (w/Roulette distribution sticker) S $40 -- funk/Afro-Beat/guitar/percussion; classic session (credited as "Chubokos" on 45) w/jazz-funk heavyweights Charles Kynard, Paul Humphrey, David T. Walker, Ray Pounds, Chino Valdes, King Errisson..; perhaps better for the rare-groove/jazz-funk DJ than the strict collector of African music, but it does feature the Manu DiBango hit and more that make it good (it's considered the only really notable Afrique LP); Soul Makossa, Kissing My Love, Sleepwalk, Let Me Do My Thing, Slow Motion, Hot Mud, House of Rising Funk, Dueling Guitars, Hot Doggin', Get It

[Jean Devres'] Afro Percussion Ensemble: Soul of a People; Trolley Car TC-5015; N/N shrink S $20 -- African; beautiful, rare version of ubiquitous public-domain set credited elsewhere to Chief Bey, Soubri Moulin, Kaino, Cawanda, the actor Sabu (once again: NO, people, the Clarion LP is NOT a Sabu Martinez album in any way shape or form), Chief Walataghi, etc.; so, while it's not a unique new recording, it does a great job of seeming like one, and it's clean and features pretty artwork on a rare, tiny, probably short-lived NYC label (A&R Joe Cain, surprisingly!)

Ginger Baker (with Fela Kuti & Guy Warren): Stratavarious; Atlantic/Atco SD-7013; 1972; cutout E/E+ S $25 -- Afro-Beat/percussion; three Afro-Beat giants together!!!; great record affordably priced (it's still the only original Fela LP you can still find at entry-level price, but don't expect that to last forever, particularly once Ginger Baker and Guy Warren fans figure out that they need it too); Ariwo, Tiwa (It's Our Own), Something Nice, Juju, Blood Brothers, Coda

Big Black: Lion Walk; Uni 73033; promo E/N S $50 (or cutout E/N shrink S $50, specify) (or E/E- S $40, specify) -- African jazz/mod soul-jazz; unbelievable! his best by far, where you get everything from the great side-long Afro-jazz of the title cut to briefer uptempo hip stuff to, well, the kind of soul jazz you hoped for from his other LPs but didn't quite get; comparable to the legendary Wali & his Afro-Caravan LP

The African BeatArt Blakey & the Afro-Drum Ensemble: The African Beat; NY-Blue Note BLP-4097; 1962; N-/N- $125 (or 1-sided deep groove N/V+ shrink $90) (or E/E- $60, specify) -- African jazz; unique for both Blue Note & this group, it's a mighty tour-de-force everyone should have (along w/Orgy in Rhythm & other titles featuring Blakey w/Sabu); all-star players (Solomon Ilori, Chief Bey, Montego Joe, Garvin Masseaux, James Folami, Robert Crowder, Curtis Fuller, Yusef Lateef, Ahmed Abdul-Malik), varied percussion, & other instruments/ideas; essential for the Guy Warren fan, as "Love, the Mystery of" is covered (Blakey saw Warren headline at NYC's African Room); inevitably a little noise in 1 or 2 of the quieter intro passages (always w/this title, even on late pressings) --flute & a prayer by Solomon Ilori-- otherwise LOUD & AWESOME!!!; mild water stain on the $60 copy

Chaino: Jungle Mating Rhythms; Verve V-2014; blue deep groove/1st E/E+ $90 (or flat black/2nd E-/E- $50, specify) -- Afro-exotic percussion; rare!; Kirby Allen's exotiploitative sinsation, Chaino nevertheless was a terrific artist/performer who made half a dozen truly far-out records, forever underrated; Jungle Mating Call, Voodoo Love, Voodoo Trinidad, Lost Canyon, Love Chant of the Mau Mau, Seduction of the Virgin, Watussi, Rico Tico de Dongo, Mad Bongos, Voodoo Chant, Ora Ora A, Jungle Crazy Maze Bongo

Chaino: Night of the Spectre (Eyes of the Spectre); Tampa TP-4; deep groove E-/V+ $40 (or deep groove V+/V $25, specify) -- African drums/exotic percussion; "You never in your life heard anything like it"; awesome LP, one of his rarest; Chaino was Kirby Allen's exotiploitative sinsation but also a terrific artist/performer, forever underrated; fantastic but fictitious liner notes about Chaino's origins; Whistling Bongos, Soo-Din-Ese, Bongo Samba, Toomba-Lero, Soo-Mak, Don't You Do It, Boo-Bam, Voodoo Bamboos, Calypso Trinidad, Seis Ocho, Afro-Cuban, Jungle Maze Bongo; hall-of-fame jacket has a few flaws but remains very powerful & super-spooky; sadly, the first track on each side is damaged (heat damage), but otherwise it's terrific: awesome top sound -- a great deal at the low price

Chaino: Jungle Rhythms; Score SLP-4027; deep groove E+/E+ $100 (or V-/E- $40, specify) -- Afro-drum; one of his rarest, featuring truly remarkable jacket art, the classic fake liner story about Chaino being the rescued sole survivor from a lost tribe in Africa (producer Kirby Allen had a great talent for classic Hollywood hype, even using these very Chaino LPs to seduce starlets!); and of course, the music is absolutely sensational, even by vintage Afro-drum standards--ALL Chaino is STUFF YOU NEED!!!; Bongo Maze, Simba, Devil Dance, Spirit of the Witch Doctor, Talking Drums, Holiday in Trinidad, Jungle Maze..; better copy's jacket has bottom seam split & "Charlie" penned on the back; lesser copy has wear/noise & a big press bump that sounds

Chaino & his African Percussion Safari: Jungle Echoes; Omega OSL-7; dark red vinyl, yellow back/first jacket E/E- $50 -- Afro-drum insanity (vintage Hollywood exploitation but FANTASTIC & INTENSE!!!), top/unique/sensational drummer; Chaino's most exciting LP!; absolutely essential; top production includes the spectacular "Matusi Warrior" jacket!; extremely deep bass like a modern funk LP (great for sub-woofers); Jungle Chase, Torture of the Mau Mau, Co-Gona Voodoo, Feast Dance, Limbo, Jungle Drum Variation, Cum-Ba-See, Spear Dance, Safari Jungle Maze

Chaino: Chaino-Africana; Dot DLP-25240; 1959; E/E S $75 -- "Spellbinding primitive rhythms by Chaino, percussion genius of Africa"; his rarest stereo LP if not his rarest altogether (not counting alternate versions of some of the others); it's a sonic tour-de-force and everything the Chaino fan could desire; Breathing Bongos, Swamp Girl, Walking Bongos, African Jazz, Congo Serenade, Bi-La, Poko Cha Cha, Slave Girl, Bongo Beat, Slave Train, Afro Cha Cha, Bongo Stick Boogie

[Chaino &] John Evans: Exotic Percussion & Brilliant Brass; Premier/Directional Sound DS-5006; 1961; gatefold deep groove N-/N- S $60 (or gatefold deep groove E+/E- S $30, specify) (or gatefold deep groove E-/V+ S $25, specify) -- exotica/Latin/Latin jazz; "including members of Francis Bay Orchestra"; Nat Hentoff notes that the incredible Chaino leads a 4-man percussion section using 20 instruments; this is the released version of the fabled, unreleased Omega LP, The Exotic Sounds of Chaino: Temptation, where plucky West Coast Latin jazz (sorta) meets exotica, with bird calls and such; we suspect it was shelved for being exotica (augmented Latin/percussion) rather than a comfy fit with the Afro-drum style otherwise expected of Chaino, but it's still great stuff; Bad & Beautiful, Temptation, Es Es El Amor, Mambo Inn, An Occasional Man, Cuban Caper, Quiet Village, Caravan, Return to Paradise, Mambo Italiano, Lisbon Antigua, Cool Mambo

Malaku Daku: Love Drums from the Ghetto; Chaka Unlimited CU-20001; E-/E- S $100 -- Afro-Beat/African/percussion; one of the heaviest, most fascinating Philadelphia private-press/local productions in the Afro-funk-drum-hip vein (from Virtue Studios)--you'll be hard-pressed to find it elsewhere; percussion w/chants and how!; great jacket, front & back; we're still scratching our heads at how we're able to find it now and then, since Philly record people are all on the ball these days; The Bump Bang U Bang, Mulogo, A Pygmy Happening, Gettin' Down in the Hut, Ife Bobowa, Village Life in the Ghetto, Spirits of the Watoto, My Land My Woman, Shango

Denis-Roosevelt Expedition: The Belgian Congo Records of the Denis-Roosevelt Expedition; Commodore DL-30,005; E-/E+ $30 -- African; "Stirring Rhythms & Unusual Melodic Tunes as Played & Sung by the People of the Great Equatorial Forest"; rare old NY label; music recorded on location 1935-36; good, hip; good liner notes; Royal Watusi Drums, Circumcision Rituals, Batwa Pigmy Dances, Xylophone a Lubero, Bahutu Chant & Dances, Choral Songs of the Babira, Choral Songs of the Manbetu

Manu DiBango: Makossa Man; Atlantic SD-7276; 1974/1973; cutout N/N shrink S $30 (or promo cutout E+/N- S $30, specify) (or stock cutout E+/N- S $30, specify) (or stock cutout E-/E- S $20, specify) -- Afro-Beat; super funky all the way, its his best LP released in the US (a year after the recording in France)--THE Manu DiBango LP all DJs should get first (the few others that are about this great are far rarer/more expensive); all smokin', funky, Fela-compatible cuts: Weya (reprises Soul Makossa from the first Atlantic LP, which is strictly pedestrian compared to his subsequent, major '70s Afro-funk stuff, and it starts right here!), Pepe Soup (not on the UK version of this LP!!!), Tom Tom, Mwasa Makossa, Moni, Essimo, Lakisane, Senga (new version!)

Frank Hatchett: Ethnic Fever--Afro-Cuban Jazz; Statler SLP-1199; 1973; V+/V+ $30 -- Afro drums for the dance class by one of the most sought-after talents on the label; marks & wear with some heard but not too bad by any means; top seam split 2/3; Al's 4/4, Joe's Adaptation, 6/8 Isolations, Samba 1 and 2, Mar-Joe, 4/4, Rickey's Riff, Martha's Mood, Ethnic Fever, Zambula, Soul-Africana, Rhumbasa

Solomon Ilori & his Afro-Drum Ensemble: African High Life; Liberty/Blue Note BST-84136; E+/N- S $100 -- African jazz; with Chief Bey, Montego Joe, Abdul-Malik; rare, especially in top shape!

[The Drums of] Cyril Jackson: Afro-Stereo; Counterpoint CPST-5561; 1958; E+/E- S $30 -- African/Haitian-voodoo/Shango/Afro-Latin/drums; great West Indies recording of interest even more for the sacred-drum/cult aspect than the fantastic African drumming, in early hi-fi stereo; extensive liner notes by Henrietta Brackman, good variety, and top quality/interest with each element (Afro, Latin, Shango..); Mambo Ricci, Guaguanco, Tempena de Mim, Didrenouo, Shango, Banda, Road March, Rumba Abierta, Meringue, Conga, Jungla

Thurston Knudson: The Rhythm of Tropic Drums 10"; Tempo TT-2212; red vinyl E-/E- $50 -- African/drum; "Thurston Knudson's newest --and by far his greatest-- recordings!"; highly unusual 10" LP on quirky Hollywood label anticipates Chaino and all other African drumming records by several years (Knudson was the leading exponent and authority on African drums until Guy Warren, Olatunji, and others made their mark); Gae Jangoro (Afro-Brasilian samba-macumba), Joruba Quimbombe (Afro-Brasilian samba-batucada), Ju-Ju (East African Spirit Call), Te Ura I Te Rai (The Red of the Sky), Motoraa Rahi (Tahitian War Dance)--Tahitian, from his association with Augie Goupil, N'Goma Ruanda (The Rhythm of the Beating Heart)

Thurston Knudson: Primitive Percussion [African Jungle Drums]; Reprise R9-6001; 1961; white-label promo deep groove E/E- S $60 (or mono R-6001 deep groove E/E $40, specify) -- African/drums; Knudson was the first to bring African drums to a wide audience in the late 1940s and all his records are highly prized, essential, early masterpieces of African drums and Afro-inspired pop and jazz; everyone such as Art Blakey who experimented with African percussion early would have been greatly influenced by Knudson; as far as we know, this rarity is his last recording and his only 12" LP! (stereo very rare!); assisted here by West Coast percussionists Milt Holland, Roy Harte (owner of Drum City in Hollywood), Winston Muldrow (on bata), Adinortey Puplampu, and Hugh Allison; a giant log used in four cuts was borrowed from the famous Don the Beachcomber restaurant in Hollywood (where many tiki drinks were invented); War Drums of the Egyptian Sudan, Jungle Telegraph, Cameroun Fantasy, Hausa Song of the Sentinel, Tunisian Courting Dance, Malinke Flute Bell & Drum, Watusi Wedding Dance, Exorcism of Demons, Uganda Spirit-Placation, Swahili Boat Song, Kikuyu Goat-Herd's Siest, Zulu Welcome

Thurston Knudson, Augie Goupil, & their Jungle Rhythmists: Tahitian Rhythms & Jungle Drums; Decca DL-8216; c.1956/1949; 1st/black/deep groove N-/N $60 (or 2nd/black N-/N- $50, specify) (or 2nd/black E+/E- $30, specify) (or 3rd/spectral E+/E- $25, specify) -- African/drums/Tahitian; GREAT!; reissues 12 of 14 cuts from two rare, groundbreaking albums (released as 78 sets, then 10" LPs) in spectacular hi-hi; "Knudson/Goupil & their Jungle Rhythmists: Jungle Drums" is the very first African-drum album! (Chaino fans will love it); the superb "Augie Goupil & his Royal Tahitians: Tahitian Rhythms" (also with Knudson) is extremely rare and equally the first Tahitian record of note, by a '30s-'40s film actor/singer exponent of Tahitian music; terrific jacket art and notes --updated from the earlier issues-- top off an all-over great production; everyone interested in African (and Tahitian) percussion needs it, and this is the way to get it (clean hi-fi sound!); O Tahiti, Tupaha, Paoa, Tiare Tahiti, Taata Hu'a, My Miri, Conga Kongo, Te Moana, Orare Orare, Marara, Rhumba Uganda, Samba Tembo

Letta: Free Soul; Capitol ST-2929; cutout E-/V+ S $15 -- African/vocal; arr./cond. H.B. Barnum; prod. David Axelrod; Capitol's answer to Miriam Makeba gets Axelrod's hip, funky, early-'70s-era treatment

Miriam Makeba: The Many Voices of; Kapp KS-3274; 1962 N-/E+ S $20 -- African/vocal; her 2nd LP, far rarer and much better than her RCA and Reprise LPs; Kilimanjaro, Naula (witch doctor's song), Carnival (from Black Orpheus), Night Must Fall, Love Tastes Like Strawberrie, Can't Cross Over..

Miriam Makeba: Makeba Sings!; RCA Victor LSP-3321; 1965; deep groove Dynagroove E+/E+ S $15 -- African/vocal; arranged and conducted by Hugh Masekela; good one!; Cameroon, Woza, Little Bird, Chove-Chuva, Same Moon, Kilimanjaro, Khawuyani-Khanyange, Wind Song, Khuluma, Let's Pretend, Beau Chevalier, Maduna

Yaa-Lengi Ngemi: Africa; Makossa International M-2355; 1981; E+/N- S $15 -- African; guitar-led quartet (roughly in the style of Sunny Ade) does no more and no less than "Afrika Parts 1 & 2" on each side, like a long single

Arch Oboler's African Adventure--Songs, Ceremonial Music, & Tribal Dances of Equitorial Africa 10"; Decca DL-7007; 1950; 1st E/E $50 -- African; wild jacket art distinguishes this wonderful old Decca set of exciting field recordings

Olatunji: Afro Percussion--Zungo!; Columbia CS-8434; 1961; black 6-eye E+/N S $40 (or same but E-/E S $30, specify) -- one of his best, in the original die-cut jacket w/3-D "flicker sticker" of hands playing conga (also found on the legendary Michel Magne Tropical Fantasy LP); these early pressings have high gain (loudness, liveliness, excitement); w/Montego Joe, Yusef Lateef, Clark Terry, Ray Barretto..; Masque Dance, Zungo, Ajua, Esum Buku Wa-Ya, Gelewenwe, Jolly Mensah, Philistine

Olatunji & his Drums of Passion: High Life!--The New Dance Sensation; Columbia CL-1996; 1963; N-/N $30 -- one of his best!; long all-star list highlights his most extraordinary (& scarce/sought-after) Columbia LP; recommended for jazz fans & those who like the highlife style; Clark Terry, Snookie Young, Bob Brookmeyer, Seldon Powell, Jerome Richardson, Dave Pike, Montego Joe, Chief Bey, Ray Barretto, Willie Rodriguez..; [Everybody Loves] Saturday Night Limbo, Lady Kennedy, Ojo Davis, Ashafa, Someday, Totofioko..

Olatunji: Soul Makossa; Paramount PAS-6061; 1973; E/N S $35 (or cutout E/N- S $30, specify) -- Afro-Beat; Michael Babatunde Olatunji's great comeback LP of five very strong cuts shows he'd been listening to Fela and Manu DiBango, and this is one of the hippest things on ABC/Paramount (see funk page for others); the title tune is one of the best versions ever, and the rest of the album offers much, much more, including the groovy jacket; with Joe Henderson, Eddie Bert, and Marvin Stamm on horns; Soul Makossa, Takuta, Masai, Dominira, O-Wa

Prince Onago & Princess Muana & Native Drummers of the Belgian Congo: The Drums of Africa; 20th Century Fox FOX-3000; deep groove N-/N- $40 (or E+/E+ $30, specify) (or E+/V+ $20, specify) -- African/drum/exotica; one of the wildest in this coveted series of hall-of-fame jacket art; also it's the better of the two wonderful LPs by this duo (pictured on jacket back); great stuff, very well presented!; Ciluba-Kukuabas, Congo Woman, Fire Feet, Tagati (Bewitched), African Love Ballad, Pepper Black, Spear Dance, Hot Red Jungle Pepper, Kalenga (Watusi Drum), Congo Syncopation, Flirtation Song, Watusi Royal Drums

Osibisa: Superfly T.N.T. ST; Buddah BDS-5136-ST; 1973; gatefold; cutout E-/E- S $20 -- Afro-Beat/Afro-rock/funky soundtrack; good, hard-driving, funky African music sets it apart from other "blaxploitation" STs; Osibisa made several other records that did well abroad, but in the US they're considered middling Afro-rock (poor man's Lafayette) except for this, their good record--all of it!!; jacket shows 37 color stills and photos of Osibisa live; the movie's pretty good, too, with screenplay by Alex Haley; T.N.T., Superfly Man, Prophets, The Vicarage, Oye Mama, Kelele, Brotherhood, Come Closer (If You're a Man), Kelele, La Ila I La La

Don Ralke: The Savage & the Sensuous--Bongos; Warner Bros. W-1398; 1960; deep groove/1st E/N- $40 (or white-label promo E-/E+ $35, specify) (or V+/E $25, specify) -- exotica/Afro-Cuban/percussion; smokin', rare, heroic, fantastic LP of hard-hitting originals (wild Afro-percussion on a voodoo theme); far more Afro-exotic than bongo-y although there some tracks are terrific bongos features; jammed with percussion superstars Carlos Vidal, Modesto Duran, Earl Palmer, Frank Guerrero, Oswaldo DeOlivera, and Milt Holland; sure, there's the hokey packaging (welcome to Hollywood) with all its sensationalism, but, as with the Chaino LPs, it really is sophisticated tunes, arranging, and swinging playing!; can't recommend it enough, as with most Don Ralke (he did the Kookie album, after all); Head Hunter, Saoco, Ju-Ju Man, Mystery of Yambuya, Voodoo Priestess, Face Beside the Fire, Poison Dart, Black Panther, Zulu Magic, Moon Goddess, Ritual of the Cobra, Sacrifice of the Maidens, Safradesia, Mombasa

The Primitive Sounds of Tak Shindo: Mganga!; Edison International CL-5000; 1958; E-/V+ $60 (or rare STEREO SDL-100 in "mono" jacket V+/V+ S $50, specify) -- African-themed exotica; all-original debut LP by the great Tak Shindo and Earle Hagen (who later wrote great exotica for "I Spy"); with groovy liner notes; while well worth it as a great record always in high demand, few can resist the hall-of-fame "witch doctor" jacket; Mombasa Love Song, Safari to Kenya, Nyoba Festival, Slave Chains of Mtumwa, Bantu Spear Dance, Rains of Okavango, Huts of Kichwamba, Manga (Ritual), Mwanza Market Place, N'Ga--The Maiden, Watusi Drum Dance, Port of Trinkitat

Carl Stevens: African Sounds; Mercury Perfect Presence Sound PPS-6030; 1965; gatefold; 1st/gold-label/deep groove N-/N S $40 -- African/exotic rock/exotica/mod twist; one of the few, essential, early-stereo-era hi-fi (audiophile series) treatments of African themes with an exotica bent; highlights include a zippy mod-twist original ("King Kong"), exotica "Call of the Jungle," and the fierce exotic-rock masterpiece for which YOU NEED THIS: "The Jungle Roars (Tiana-Tche)"; Baby Elephant Walk, Africkaan Beat, Wimoweh (The Lion Sleeps Tonight), Botha-Bothe, Jolly Kika, Call of the Jungle, Skokiaan, African Waltz, Wa-Chi-Bam-Ba (Valley of 1000 Hills), King Kong, Tsetse Fly, Tiana Tche (The Jungle Roars)

Hugh Tracey: Music of Africa Series No. 3: Drums of East Africa 10"; Decca/London LB-827; rec. 1952; E/E $30 -- African/percussion; fantastic, early series (great for sampling), all with spoken introductions (before each cut) by Tracey, the UK's answer to Alan Lomax; last cut is terrific mbira (thumb piano)

Hugh Tracey: Music of Africa Series No. 8: Music of the Uganda Protectorate 10"; Decca/London LB-832; rec. 1952; E/E $30 -- African/percussion; fantastic, early series (great for sampling), all with spoken introductions (before each cut) by Tracey, the UK's answer to Alan Lomax

Wali & the Afro-Caravan: Home Lost & Found (The Natural Sound); Solid State SS-18065; 1970; gatefold V+/E- S $75 -- Afro-soul-jazz/spiritual soul jazz/conga/flute; "It's Afro-Underground"; deeply hip, funky one-off by hip Texans (if you know about it, you know you need it!), easily the highlight of Solid State, which picked it up for national distribution after a tiny local run on hopelessly obscure Sonobeat (the SS version is preferable, however); Afro-Blue & half a dozen terrific originals, all quite long & fascinating with tremendous conga throughout (sounds nearly as high-impact as Candido's "Beautiful"); absolutely unique, very moving, deeply hip, & loved by all who hear it; great jacket too, tho water-damaged in the lesser copy; Afro Blue, Arcane Message, Hail the King, Guaguanco Stroll, Mystique, Zulu for Hugh, Journey to Mecca

Guy Warren subpage

Various: Music of the African Zulus; Capitol of the World T-10114; E/V+ $30 -- African pop/jazz rec. in Johannesburg; super rare (one of the rarest/best in the series), gorgeous jacket photo, great liners/photos, fascinating music ranging from High Life to Afro-pop w/US influences; stars The Globe Trotters, Little Kid Lex, Lefu Mokoena, Elias & his Jazz Flutes, Country Jazz Band, Goli Sisters, The Sharpetown Swingsters, Jackson Ngobeni, The Melotone Brothers, Suzie & Grace; priced low for wear & noise (bothersome only on 1 or 2 tracks)

Africa/Afro-Beat: Original 45s/EPs

Mighty Tom Cats: Soul Makossa/Tom Cat Reggay; Paul Winley 1103; V $10/potential freebie -- Afro-Beat/reggae-jazz; classic, great faithful cover of Soul Makossa, made during the year that the tune was embargoed in France--US groups galore made covers until the original Manu DiBango hit could be imported (and the delay cost him dearly in this country); top sound with just slight noise (below broadcast quality but fine for most purposes)

Carl Stevens: Baby Elephant Walk/The Call of the Jungle; Mercury 71996; 1965; white-label promo V+ $15 -- African/exotica/mod twist; rare single from the great African Sounds LP--both sides great!; wear but plays great and makes a fine addition to or sampler for the LP

Wanted in Trade:
Kirby Allan Group: Percussion for Primitive Lovers, Maze MAZ-B-331
Kirby Allan Group: Percussion for Playboys Volume One, Maze MAZ-B-385
Kirby Allan Group: Percussion for Playboys Volume Two, Maze MAZ-B-387
Chaino 45s (inquire)
Kenny Graham & his Afro-Cubists: Caribbean Suite (& other records; UK/Europe)
Thurston Knudson: Dark Drums; Tempo
Hugh Tracey: Music of Africa Series No. 1 10"; Decca (or London)
Guy Warren -- see Guy Warren subpage for wants

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