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Exotic: European LPs

French, Italian, German, Etc.

The Word: This page is for records in actual European idioms (European genre/content) rather than the many other European LPs listed elsewhere at Hip which are of European origin but in general/American idioms (such as rock, jazz, etc.). This is just for the stuff that's fully European. Really, so far it's just the Renato Carosone page with a couple of strays tacked on for good measure, but you never know. And yes, we do have plenty of Juliette Greco -- it's all listed with beatniks until we give her her own page.

For info on other European records, please see our guide.

Links: are to artists bio/discog pages in the Hyp Records guide: HYP RECORDS

Images: accurately represent items but are not always the exact copy listed/purchased

Discount: ALWAYS try to buy more than one item at a time

The Botho Lucas Choir: From Germany with Love; Capitol of the World T-10453; sealed cutout $15 -- pop vocal in English and German; "The Best of WFMU" (video) shows them in some pretty sick mod-'60s "Valley of the Dolls" type action (you'll want the pills); they did quite well in both TV commercials and in appearances on TV variety shows; dig 'em straight or as high camp--they're pretty boffo for what WFMU calls "Krautschlock" (sorry, Germans), and to that we just say: be glad it isn't Heino!

Renato Carosone, his Piano & Quartetto: Honeymoon in Rome; Capitol T-10031; N-/E $25 (or N-/E- $20, specify) (or E/E- $15, specify) -- Italian; first US release of the great star of Italy's wonderful, crazy LPs, all of which are mandatory (think anthemic Italian by Pee Wee Herman with the talent of Ross Bagdasarian/David Seville doing early Louie Prima punctuated by nods to the Chipmunks); Scapricciatiello, Te Voglio Bene, Stu Fungo Cinese!, La Donna Riccia, Pianofortissimo, Ciribiribin, La Panse, E La Barca Torno Sola, N'Accorde in Fa, Anema e Core, Tre Numeri Al Lotto, Maruzzella

Renato Carosone & his Sextet: Blue Italian Skies; Capitol T-10147; E+/V+ $20 -- Italian; another of the Italian superstar's crazy great LPs, all of which are mandatory, if hard to find (particularly in top shape like this); Armen's Theme (R. Bagdasarian & the Chipmunks were big influences), Guaglione, Piccolissima Serenata, Lazzarella, I Tre Cumpari, 'A Sunnambula..

Renato Carosone & his Sextet: Carosone Caravan; Columbia Adventures in Sound WL-148; E+/N- $65 (or E/N- $50, specify) -- Italian/rock/whistling/bagpipes; Italy's greatest star imported for the US AFTER the Capitol LPs & BETTER!!!; second only to Sabu's Sorcery in the extraordinary Adventures in Sound series, this extravaganza marks the nadir for Italy's zany, Chipmunks-influenced superstar (all of his work is mandatory & this is the best, also the only LP on Columbia rather than Capitol); 'O Mafiuso, Tre guagliune e 'nu mandulino, Nene' e Pepe', Buon di, Atene, I pescatori di perle, Cow-Boy, Giacca rossa, Palla e pallino, Bernadine, Baby Rock (great rock! "every girl is cute & tempting, dancing the baby rock"), Rusticanella; fantastic!!!

Renato Carosone e il suo Quartetto EP; Pathe EA-171 (French pressing) N-/E $25 -- Italian; unique jacket photo (of Carosone at the piano) and four great tunes in the original import form (and please note this is a 7" 45 rpm record, not an LP); Piccolissima Serenata, Armen's Theme, 'A Sunnambula, Lazzerella

Juliette Greco .... beatnik-crime-spy

Michel Polnareff: French Rock-Blues; Kapp/Four Corners FCL-4240; E/N $50 -- French '60s rock-folk-pop; people have paid crazy money for odd foreign pressings of this, and some will tell you it's "freakbeat" and has fuzztone and more of that depressing eBay jive; well, this is why we love it: "Beatnik" (rock vocal) is anthemic, and you'll definitely want to blast it with this clean thick mono disc rather than the thinner stereo (or some cheesy non-US pressing); snap it up!

Nino Rota: Juliet of the Spirits ST; Mainstream S/6062; 1st press E+/N- S $30 -- Italian; the master of Fellini film soundtracks turns in another creative wonder; scarce and valuable in clean stereo, as this is; Juliet's Theme, Dance of the Frog, The Master of Love, Behold the Devils, Garden of Fate, Shining Faces..

Nino Rota & Armando Trovajoli: Boccaccio '70 ST; RCA Victor International FSO-5; 1962; Living Stereo deep groove E+/E+ S $30 -- Italian; rare!; most would say it's worthwhile just for the jacket's provocative stills of three of the luscious stars: Sophia Loren, Anita Ekberg, and Romy Schneider (each and one other have a vignette or "act" in this 4-part movie); the film's about different ideas of "modern love" which really just means progressive marital relationships, divorce, etc.; it's good!

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