Pete Terrace

Pedro Gutierrez (Pete Terrace) excelled at vibes, Latin, and Latin jazz despite his Anglicized name, which may have been a disadvantage. His talent was such that he recorded several albums for Tico, although he may be best known for a budget-label boogaloo session. His father was a disc jockey in New York and Miami, his brother Ray an accomplished drummer. After drumming in the Commercial High School and U.S. Army bands, Latin Pete attended Julliard. Following graduation in 1952, he switched to vibes and got his start with Noro Morales, Tito Puente, Pupi Campo, Buddy Rich, and Josephine Baker prior to joining Joe Loco.

George Goldner, A&R head of Tico (and later head of Cotique) saw enough potential to commit to a series of albums for the Pete Terrace Quintet. Terrace started his own New York City label, Mio International (Latin records and a few others, such as Hawaiian), after which he practiced medicine in Puerto Rico.

The first Pete Terrace albums on Fantasy feature Joe Loco band members and arrangements. The Tico albums are very rewarding, and the later boogaloo albums all have their moments. The two albums on Colpix are good, although Terrace does not play vibes on either.

Buying: Some Pete Terrace albums look mushy but have upbeat mambos and guarachas. All except possibly the Strand LP are worthwhile.

Pete Terrace LPs

7Going Loco: Pete Terrace Plays Joe Loco Arrangements; Fantasy F-3203; 1954 (The Pete Terrace Quintet Plays Joe Loco Arrangements; Fantasy F-3234; 1955)
7Pete Terrace Quintet: Invitation to the Mambo; Fantasy F-3215; 1955
7Cha Cha Cha in New York; Tico SLP-1036; 1957
7A Night in Mambo Jazzland; Tico SLP-1023; 1959 (1st press has jacket w/liners w/photos; partly arr. by Charlie Palmieri)
7Mambo-Jazz; Tico SLP-1028; 1956 (retitled The Nearness of You, same #)
6What a Night for the Cha Cha Cha; Tico SLP-1040; 1957 (= The Latin Boys "under the direction of Peter Gutierrez": Ask Me to Cha Cha Cha, same #)
7Pete with a Latin Beat; Tico SLP-1050; 1958
7My One & Only Love; Tico SLP-1057; 1959
6Cole Porter in Latin America; Tico SLP-1063; 1960 (Forum SF-9041)
7Baila Pachanga; Tico SLP-1082; 1962
7Dance Percussion Around the World Cha Cha Cha; Strand SLS-1032; 1962 (Latin/Latin jazz)
6Sabrosa y Caliente (Hot & Spicy); Colpix SCP-430; 1962
6Viejos pero Buenos (Oldies but Goodies); Colpix SCP-432; 1963
7El Nuevo Pete Terrace; Scepter S-539; 1965
7King of the Boogaloo; A/S SASR-1010; 1967 (live; Alshire/Somerset SF-31400; yellow-label version has different jacket back, with boogaloo instructions)
7P.T.; Mio International MCS-1004 (Latin jazz/Latin soul)
7Latin Soul; Mio International MCS-1008; 1967 (7 cuts from King of the Boogaloo --not "Bang Bang"-- & 3 studio instrumentals)

Partly Pete Terrace LPs

6The Latin All Stars: Cha Cha Cha; Roper RRLP1009 (Latin/Latin soul "Mi Carretta"; with Pete Terrace)
Joe Loco [Mambos 10" LPs on Tico]
8Ray Terrace: Baila, Baila (Dance, Dance); J/G-Jubilee JGM-7000 (w/Manny Roman; Pete Terrace arrangements)
6Various: Basic Cha Cha Cha; Tico LP-1032
6Various: Cha Cha Cha Carnival; Tico/Forum SF-9051 (Tico/Forum Circle FCS-9096)
8Fizzy Soul Coctail Vol. 2; Cheeky Monkey CMRLP-002 (w/Pete Terrace's "Shotgun Boogaloo"--rare European single track)
6Various: Tico Selector (Tico Gallery); Tico TS-1

Pete Terrace 45s

7Pete Terrace & his Quintet--The King of Latin Jazz: Soon/Watch Your Step; Tico 45-352 (vibes)
7The Latin Boys: La Mucura/Chocolate Cha Cha Cha (El Bodeguero; Tico 400 (A-side not on Tico LP 1040)
8"Latin Pete" Terrace: Umo/El Jamaiquino; Colpix [Torchlite Series] TL-121 (smoking A-side, at least, is not on either Colpix LP)
8Shot Gun/?; Pie ?ZN-25440; 1967 (on Various: Fizzy Soul Cocktail Vol. 2; Cheeky Money CMRLP002; part of the live set but not on the Alshire or Mio LPs)

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