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Christian [Puppet] LPs

The Word: The world's most prolific evangelistic puppet act...oh my! No, we don't have any Little Marcy dolls, handpuppets, or films. Just these glorious records! And more puppets! And a smattering of really cool other Christian-rock and/or religion-inspired interesting records.

Not recommended for pagan child rearing (except SubGenius). But if you can handle these, we won't make it hard for you to get them. Big box o' puppet sounds? Start with Marcy and then load up on some even weirder oddballs. The world ends tomorrow and you may die! So choose salvation the puppet-record way --yes, these records will save your soul-- or triple your money back!

Special Discount: free mailing and more offered for larger orders. Having collected them all ourselves, we are especially eager to close out Little Marcy records entirely, so if you want them all, let us know and save the most possible--up to 50%! Take all if you can, take most if you dare, but at least take some!

Links: are to subpages or artists bio/discog pages in the Hyp Records guide: HYP RECORDS

Images: accurately represent items but are not always the exact copy listed/purchased

Discount: ALWAYS try to buy more than one item at a time

Geraldine & Ricky: Trees Talk Too!; World WLP-1011; blue label E-/N- S $50 -- puppet; live comedy; easily the greatest of all puppet records, and rare, yet priced no higher than a typical good record; listening to this is an event, an experience; we dare say if you're going to have just ONE puppet record in your collection, this is the one!!!

Kid's Bible Club Stories & Songs; Sword S-1408; E-/V+ $15 -- puppet; rare evangelical greasy kids stuff from Waco, Texas perhaps most famous as an old radio show "with Uncle Earl and the Kid's Bible Club" (which this LP revives or extends); 16 tracks, all more or less as you find on Little Marcy LPs; so, if school textbooks also come from Texas, why didn't anyone ever correct "Kid's" to spell it "Kids'" (?!?!)

Little Marcy: Happy Day Express--Sing with Marcy; Corner Stone MT-111-LP; V/V $15 -- puppet/religion/kids; her 1st LP!; original label!; "Big" Marcy speaks to Little Marcy!; if you're going to collect Little Marcy records, you simply must set your sights on the orginal four albums; they're very hard to get!

Little Marcy: Let the Sunshine In--Sing with Marcy; Corner Stone MT-112-LP; E+/V+ $20 -- puppet/religion/kids; this record took us longer to find than all the other Marcy records!; not only rare, it really has its virtues, but we'll let you discover them; snap it up and more from this page to get a volume discount

Little Marcy: Christmas with Marcy--Sing with Marcy; Corner Stone MT-113-LP; V+/V- $15 -- her best LP!

Little Marcy: Marcy Sings Hymns; Corner Stone MT-114-LP; E-/E+ $25 -- last of the 4 original Corner Stone LPs; 16 songs; water-stained jacket edge but otherwise top copy; it is extremely difficult to get the original four Little Marcy records in top shape, which this is apart from the jacket flaw (which you can see in the image provided just above the church and under "hymns")

Little Marcy: Marcy Favorites: 20 Songs from her Best-Selling Albums; Cornerstone MT-115; N/N shrink S $25 (or N-/E+ S $20, specify) -- compilation from four of her rarest, earliest, and perhaps best LPs; worth it just for the two Christmas songs (from her fantastic first Christmas LP); even if you have all the original four Marcy albums, you'll want this for its top condition and liner notes/photos; and if you don't have them all yet, this will do handsomely until you do!; C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S, I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day..

Little Marcy: Sings to Children; Zondervan ZLP-664; deep groove E+/V+ $20 (or Singcord E+/E+ $20, specify) -- our favorite LM jacket (for the priceless photo of goofy kids from another age, particularly the kid with the buck teeth & bow tie); also features ad for the Marcy doll(!!!) and has the classic Little Marcy smash hit, "When Mr. Satan Knocks at My Heart's Door"

Little Marcy: Favorite Songs & Choruses by Marcy; Singcord/Zondervan ZLP-710; E/E+ $20 (or Sunshine Mountain sealed $25, specify) -- notable for "Count Your Blessings" which features multi-tracking (overdubs)

Little Marcy: Sing with Marcy; Zondervan/Singcord ZLP-657; 1st press, deep groove E/as is $15 -- well known, it's an important one!

Little Marcy: Songs for You by Marcy; Zondervan ZLP-723; deep groove E/E- $20 (or Singcord N/E- $20, specify) -- straightforward title and the jacket art harks back to the Cornerstone days; you need it!

Little Marcy Sings Sunday School Songs; Word K-701; N/V $15 -- awww, here she is out in the forest with the wee little animals; while not the legendary romp in the woods with Smokey the Bear, it is at least in the ballpark, or regular park, or hokey woodland setting

Little Marcy: Marcy Sings [Jesus Loves Me & 14 Other Children's Songs; Word K-704; N/E+ shrink $25 (or E-/E $20, specify) -- one of her best-known, best-selling LPs in...(drumroll)...top shape!!!; His Name is Wonderful, Open Up Your Heart, This Little Light Of Mine, Men in History, My Sins Are Gone, He Belongs to Me, He Owns the Cattle on a Thousand Hills, Jesus Loves Me, Sailing Home, Stop and Let Me Tell You, The Bible Tells Me So, Wonderful Guest, The Little Lost Sheep, A Few Things to Remember

Little Marcy: Christmas is On Its Way with Little Marcy; Word K-706; 1973; E-/E $25 -- her two Christmas LPs are among the rarest and most desirable, and of course very hard to get in top shape, so here's your chance!

Little Marcy: Sing and Be Happy with Little Marcy; Word K-722; E-/E+ $20 -- why be silent and miserable without Little Marcy?

Little Marcy & the Bible Story Book Volume One; Word K-733; E-/E+ S $20 -- the final Marcy records are pretty slick productions, much more "on message" in terms of learnin' kids the Bible, but nicely done

The Lively Ones; Word WST-8518-LP; 1970; E+/E- S $20 -- Christian rock/breakbeats; beneath the "very Monkees" jacket is one very appealing folkish hippie-era group (one very capable female singer and three dudes named David) from Baylor U.--no relation to the surf group or other groups by the same name; it appears Larry Norman is responsible for penning some of the tunes, and it shows in the hipper ones (LSD and other references)--all in all it's as if "The Now Generation" stopped doing covers and became a really top original group; We've Something to Give You; Why Oh Why, Nothing Really Changes, Walking Backwards Down the Stairs, Our Hearts Need Love, Before I Knew Him, Love is Something You Do, Walking Backwards Down the Stairs, Walking Backwards Down the Stairs, Punching Holes in the Darkness, Moses, We Are One, Walking Backwards Down the Stairs, Steeples, Follow That Star

Wendell P. Loveless: Children's Missionary Adventure Stories; Singcord/Zondervan ZLP-638; E+/E- $20 -- Christian/spoken/children/exotic; "missionary" records are seriously rare just as a subset of Christian records, all of which escape normal record distribution for the most part; an appealing one as this almost never appears outside of a thrift store on a good day--in certain regions, anyway; come for the jacket's pouncing lion image, stay for the five stories, which are definitely unusual for records, if hardly lions of literature; David Livingstone & the Savages, David Livingstone & the Lion, Brave Princess & the Fire Goddess (missionized version of the Hawaiian legend of Pele), John Paton & the Cannibals, Missionary Adventures in Burma (Adoniram Judson)

Fred Lowery (gospel whistling) ... see Whistling

Buryl Red & Grace Hawthorne: It's Cool in the Furnace; Word WST-8580; 1973/1972; no book N/E- S $25 -- religion/part-spoken; "a children's musical about Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego"; w/Harold Bradley, Charlie McCoy; one of the hipper things on the label; pops in 1st few seconds of Side 2, otherwise perfect; Shadrach, Jerusalem Town, It Pays to Remember, Tra-La, Show Us the Dream, The King's Decree, Know When to Say No, It's Cool in the Furnace, Let the People Praise

Jimmie Ruth & "Rusty": Stories & Songs for Children Featuring Jimmie Ruth & "Rusty"; Diadem DLP-282; V/E $20 (specify) -- puppet/religion/kids with organ accompaniment; hilarious, difficult to find, harder still to get in decent shape; David & Goliath (story), Only a Boy Named David, If the Lord Makes You a Plumber, Gideon (story), We've Got a Great Big Wonderful God, Jesus Loves Me, When He Cometh, Adam & Eve (story), Into My Heart

Jimmie Ruth & "Rusty": Stories & Songs for Children Featuring Jimmie Ruth & "Rusty"; Melody Mark 810624 (reissues Diadem DLP-282) E+/N- $30 (specify) -- puppet/religion/kids with organ accompaniment; hilarious, difficult to find, harder still to get in decent shape; Melody Mark jacket stickered "stereo" but it's a mono recording; David & Goliath (story), Only a Boy Named David, If the Lord Makes You a Plumber, Gideon (story), We've Got a Great Big Wonderful God, Jesus Loves Me, When He Cometh, Adam & Eve (story), Into My Heart

Merrill Womach: Happy Again; New Life NL-74-1-10; gatefold sealed S $20 -- religion/vocal/jacket; famous for "incredibly strange" film-still photos of his burned face before and after reconstructive surgery (a movie was made!), but also has some fervent music that in places is funky rock (waka guitar!); the singing and narrative also is pretty out there, somewhat like Heino on an upbeat religious kick; not rare but you won't find it unopened like this!

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