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Hunter: Original LPs

The Word: Talk about niche record-making. The 45s often came with a field player that could be used in the woods, with a loudspeaker set up in a tree to blast the calls. On LP you tend to get more in the way of instruction, and in some cases the LP is neither calls nor instruction but instead a field recording of hunters at work (or celebrating after a successful day). There are many, many of these records (some on 78) that cover every bird and animal imaginable, at least all that anyone would legally set out after.

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Fred Bear [America's No. 1 Bowhunter tells his]: Secrets of Hunting; Bear Archery 863B-2000; 1968; N/E shrink $20 (or E+/E- $15, specify) -- hunter/instructional; okay, his name is Fred Bear--and he leads the field in killing his own kind!!!; no, wait...well, anyway, not only is it an essential entry in the micro-idiom of hunter-instructional LPs, it's even in the tinier nano-niche of bowhunting instructional LPs (oh, WOW!); yes, as you may have heard: real men pull strings to put food on the table; and admit it, you're just dying to to show it off and giggle over the name...Fred Bear, tee hee (take THAT, Ted "the nooge" Nugent!); cheap pressing, so expect some noise (priced accordingly)

Johnny Stewart: Secrets of Successful Varmint Calling; Johnny Stewart Wildlife Calls GC-501; 1967/1966 (Waco, Texas); E-/V+ $90 -- hunter instructional/spoken w/sounds; yep, it's one of the rarest & most fantastic items in the proverbial Jacket Art Hall of Fame; it's also one of the very greatest LP titles (literally), not to mention one of only a tiny handful of hunter-instructional LPs (none of which you can expect to find); great liner notes by Stewart plus 3 more photos of dopey animals lured by successful (correct techniques only, please!) varmint calls, which "provides the outdoorsman with many exciting hours of off-season pleasure. The thrill...can be enjoyed year-round, day or night."

Hunter: Original 45s

[Herter's] Russell Hofmeister & Roy Miller, World's Greatest Duck & Goose Callers: Duck & Goose Calling Parts 1 & 2; Herter's, Inc. E- $15 -- hunter/instructional/calls -- announced by Rex Kastner, rec. by Ewald Schacht; Waseca, Minnesota

[Philip S. Olt] Duck Calling for Mallards & All Ducks of the Puddler Class Parts 1 & 2; Philip S. Olt, Manufacturer of Hard Rubber, Game & Bird Calls D-100; E- $15 -- hunter/calls(Illinois; spoken instruction w/calls) -- good one!

[Wightman Electronics] Instructions for Predator Game Calling Parts 1 & 2; WE WI-5; V+ $15 -- hunter/instructional; made for use w/Call of the Wild record player; Maryland; some wear and noise but listenable (all spoken anyway) and well worth it--after all, we're huntin' the big varmints here!

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