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Truck Driver: Original LPs

The Word: Can corn-fed, "Hee Haw" music be hip? Does a wild pope poop in the woods? Why, there's nothing quite so hip as old Starday-King records (James Brown's first major label, after all). It's only contemporary country (blech!) that's stuck in the trough of Squaresville. Old truck-driver songs are among the least-known and least-appreciated gems of true Americana, as no less a "sagebrush swinger" than Jello Biafra tells us. Comedy, sentiment, pathos, drivin' beats, seat covers, hard livin', pill poppin', law breakin' -- you name it, buster! Trucker songs have it all, unfiltered, and how. Here you'll find the very best of the lot, so to speak.

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Kay Adams: Wheels & Tears; Capitol/Tower T-5033 (mono, not as shown); E/N $40 -- trucker/country; rare!; "Little Pink Mack," "That'll Be the Day," "Six Days A'Waiting" (answer to "Six Days on the Road"), & "Big Mac" are the four "holy grails" for truck-song fans, as they're particularly prized as best of the female-vocal variety, and the rest is top-notch country; sure, it's on the major label Capitol, yet it's very tough to find (and so worth it, now that you have found it); Little Pink Mack, Six Days Awaiting, The Reason We're Together, Walk the Floor, Big Mac, That'll Be the Day, Second Fiddle, Big Big Day Tomorrow, Old Fashioned Cry, The Worst is Yet to Come

Kay Adams: Make Mine Country; Capitol/Tower T-5069; cutout N/N $40 -- trucker/country; has the terrific "Six Days A'Waiting" (answer to "Six Days on the Road" from the lady left at home's perspective)--one of the biggest holy grails of the idiom and a real prize for the collector

Country Road: Big Rig Hits; Pickwick JS-6185; 1976; E-/E S $15 -- trucker/CB; scarce and fascinating LP from the CB era gives decent covers of smash hits "Convoy" and (even better!) Cledus Maggard's "The White Knight" plus a CB glossary and other juicy covers: Phantom 309, Old Home Filler-Up An' Keep On-A-Truckin' Cafe, Me & Ole C.B., Wolf Creek Pass, Movin' On, Roll On Big Mama, A Tombstone Every Mile

Dick Curless: A Tombstone Every Mile; Capitol/Tower T-505; 1966; E+/E $20 -- trucker; you'll instantly become a fan of the prolific and well-loved Maine superstar of country and trucker music with this early classic!; A Tombstone Every Mile, Streets of Laredo, King of the Road, Uncle Tom, China Nights, Cupid's Arrow, Six Times a Day (The Trains Came Down), Teardrops in My Heart, Down By the Old River, Nine Pound Hammer, Sunny Side of the Mountain, Heart Talk

Dick Curless: Hard Hard Traveling Man; Capitol ST-552; 1970; sealed cutout S $20 (or E-/E S $15, specify) -- trucker; one of the two or so best trucker LPs by a true master, from Maine no less, with great touches such as whistling and banjo; there isn't a bad song on it, and the several that are the best, well, they really make it, plus you can't beat the first-rate production in Nashville--ESSENTIAL!!!; Big Wheel Cannonball, Six Days On the Road, Winter's Comin' On Again, Drag 'em Off the Interstate Sock it to 'em J.P. Blues, Long Lonesome Highway, Hard Hard Traveling Man, I Miss a Lot of Trains, Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad, Tombstone Every Mile, Truck Stop

Dick Curless: Live at the Wheeling Truck Drivers Jamboree; Capitol ST-11119; 1973/1972 (live); E/E+ S $20 -- trucker; one of the two or so best trucker LPs by a true master, from Maine no less; live with Harold Bradley, Jerry Smith, and others at the Wheeling, West Virginia jamboree, which Curless produced and which featured also Dave Dudley, Red Simpson, and Red Sovine; anyway, it's in top sound, very hard to find, and features some new tunes (and new versions) you will like: Chick Inspector, Truck Stop, I've Come Awful Close, The Lonesome Road, 15 Gears and 14 Wheels, Big Wheel Cannonball, Sixty Minute Man, Evil Hearted Me, I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town, Singing a Country Song

Dave Dudley: Truck Drivin' Son of Gun; Mercury MG-21028; 1965; 1st E-/N- S $20 -- trucker; a stone killer, with a full dozen terrific, new/original trucker songs (essential for all trucker-record collectors); the best is "[My Baby's Just] Two Six Packs Away" (one of the best-ever trucker tunes, about drinking and driving, and as close as you get to a sequel to 1963's smash hit "Six Days on the Road"); but the whole thing is terrific, and it's a full album of trucker stuff, as opposed to the one or two you get with all his later albums

Dave Dudley's Greatest Hits; Mercury SR-61046; N/N shrink S $15 (or N-/N- S $15, specify) -- trucker/country; uncut, stereo!!!; we love it for the uptempo mover and shaker "[My Baby's Just] Two Six Packs Away" (one of the best-ever trucker tunes, about drinking and driving, and as close as you get to a sequel to 1963's smash hit "Six Days on the Road"), Six Days on the Road, I Got Lost, Mad, If I Had One, Cowboy Boots, Big Ole House, Last Day in the Mines..

Dave Dudley: My Kind of Love; Mercury SR-61113; 1967; sealed S $15 -- country; no trucker stuff (songs about love and life, not all ballads apparently) on this one but an unopened stereo original is too hard to resist; My Kind of Love, Temporarily, How Does It Feel, Making Plans, Stirring Up the Embers, I Lived for a While, I Won't Go Down that Road, I Taught Her Everything She Knows, Subject to Change, My Way of Life

Rod Hart: Breakeroo!; Plantation PLP-500; 1976; N/N shrink S $20 (or E+/N S $20, specify) (or E+/N S $15, specify) -- truck; one of the best truck LPs ever, and a strandout especially of the hip later CB era; the smash hit "CB Savage" is a fantastic, hilarious put-on by a flamingly gay trucker (with surprise twist at the end), and as essential as that is, it's far from the only great track; we like also the extensive liner notes complete with groovy '70s cartoon illustrations; some hip, funky(!) stuff: RECOMMENDED; cheap because it sold well, which means you get top shape at entry-level price; CB Savage, Big Fanny, The Knight of the Road, The Old Town Drunk, Gary Grasshopper & Tillie Tadpole, It's My Dog, Dog-Gone It Dog, Hooked on Honky Tonks, Truck Driving Son-of-a-Gun, We Tried, Charlie's Moonshine Bar & Grill, Asphalt Cowboy

Jim & Jesse: Diesel On My Tail; Epic LN-24314; cutout N/N shrink $30 (or E/V+ $15, speciffy) -- trucker; fantastic record (just look at the titles, and know that this is a great act that can sing anything), a major asset to any truck-record collection (and just as good as country); priced low for some wear but it's not bad; Diesel On My Tail, Sam's Place, Ballad of Thunder Road, Six Days on the Road, Lovin' Machine, Hot Rod Race, Truck Drivin' Man, Girl on the Billboard, Give Me Forty Acres, Tijuana Taxi

Lonesome Valley Singers: Truck Driving Songs; Diplomat DS-2620; E-/E S $15 -- trucker; 10 mercifully fresh songs (mainly uptempo originals); excellent studio group [you may already know from their hot-rod LP] has a terrific Dave Dudley soundalike and all the requisite chops on guitar, steel, etc.; priced low for being on a budget label, it's nevertheless one of the best little pleasures in the trucker idiom; Big Wheels A-Hummin', One Million Miles, Runnin' Rig, What a Heck of a Way to Go, Fast Moving Machine, It's the Highway for Me, Curve Tanker, Lonely Road, Up & Down the Road Again, Sneaky Radar

Cledus Maggard & the Citizen's Band: The White Knight; Mercury SRM-1-1072; 1976; N-/N S $20 (or cutout E/E- S $15, specify) -- trucker/CB/novelty/humor; Jay Huguely's awesomely hilarious cash-in on the C.W. McCall phenomenon is not as well known as it should be these days, and apart from the smash-hit single (White Night) it's pretty hard to find, but you will love it!; the whole thing is consistently great, uptempo, crazy-zany-wackadoodle, and pushes the CB craze started by "Convoy" to the ultimate limits, like only Rod Hart's "CB Savage" does otherwise; RECOMMENDED!!!; Kentucky Moonrunner, Mercy Day, Dad I Gotta Go, CB Rock, The White Night (his big hit), Jaw Jackin', Who We Got on that End? (You're the Only Friend I Got), Cledus's CB Lingo Dictionary, CB '76

Cledus Maggard: Two More Sides; Mercury SRM-1-1112; 1976; V/E S $15 -- trucker/CB/novelty/humor; those with the first of these two rare albums will be dying for the three more trucker/CB cuts here, and some of the other howlers will be even more of a payoff, such as the one about sex-ed!; redneck humor may be back, but it ain't a patch on what were; Bring Back the Miniskirt, What Are They Teachin' My Boy Floyd?, I Can't Remember a Time Without You, Bear Blue, Little Nags, The Torn Flag, Poppin' Um, The Banana Bowl, Martian Modulation, One Small Pearl, Virgil & the $300.00 Vacation

C.W. McCall: Wolf Creek Pass; MGM M3G-4989; 1975; N/N- shrink S $20 -- trucker; highly desirable for the DEEPEST, DARKEST, HIPPEST, BADDEST truck-driver song ever: "Night Rider," which is a sinister, deep-voiced, scary horror narrative about drugs backed with deep bass and funky drums; yes, it's the modern "rare groove" among truck-driver songs!; rest of the album is McCall at his best, including two hit singles (the title track and "...Cafe") that predate "Convoy"; snap it up!; Wolf Creek Pass, Night Rider, Classified, Old Thirty, I've Trucked All Over this Land, Four Wheel Drive, Rocky Mountain September, Old Home Filler-Up an' Keep On A-Truckin' Cafe, Sloan, Glenwood Canyon

C.W. McCall: Wilderness; Polydor PD-1-6069; 1976; gatefold; E+/N S $15 -- trucker/CB; as with all his LPs, it's terrific!; all good, with greatest hits/standouts galore: Wilderness, Jackson Hole, Riverside Slide (hip, sinister song about snow plows at night), Crispy Critters (another "Convoy"-like number, but better, about hippies!!!), Roy (w/mouth harp!), There Won't Be No Country Music--There Won't Be No Rock 'N Roll, Telluride Breakdown (instrumental), Four Wheel Cowboy, Silver Iodide Blues, Columbine, Arora Borealis

C.W. McCall: Rubber Duck; Polydor PD-1-6094; 1976; cutout E/N- S $15 -- trucker/CB; far from a one-hit wonder, the passing lane's greatest rapper does it again: Round the World with the Rubber Duck, Audobon, Super Slab Showdown, Windshield Wipers in the Rain, Sing Silent Night, Ratchetjaw, Nishnabotna, Two-Way Lovin', Camp Bird Mine, Niobrara

Nashville Country Singers: Truck Driving Songs; Mountain Dew 7035; cutout E+/E+ S $15 -- trucker; the mini-skirted lot lizards on the jacket probably aren't your typical Nashville gals (much less professional studio singers) but the record is better than most budget-label cash-in stuff, no doubt because it's made by Nashville ringers; King of the Road, Monday Monday, Six Days on the Road, 16 Tons, Girl on the Billboard, Detour, Truck Driving Son of a Gun, Nashville Tenn., Kansas City, Dungaree Doll

Reno & Smiley: Another Day With; King 816; black label N/E+ $15 -- bluegrass, not trucker, although Reno & Smiley are included on trucker compilations; it's on the King flavor of the label, and it sure is a Starday classic

Red Simpson: Roll, Truck, Roll; Capitol T-2468; 1966; promo N/N shrink $20 -- trucker; a classic, featuring several of his best: Truck Drivin' Man, Roll Truck Roll, Nitro Express, Give Me Forty Acres, Happy Go Lucky Truck Driver, Highway Man, Motivatin' Man, Truck Driver's Blues, Big Mack, My Baby's Waitin', Six Days on the Road, Runaway Truck

Red Simpson: Truck Drivin' Fool; Capitol ST-2691; 1967; cutout E/N- S $20 (or mono T-2691 promo N/N shrink $20, specify) -- trucker; one of the classics of full, true, all trucker albums, it's essential and great (as you'd expect from Red Simpson); Diesel Smoke--Dangerous Curves, Sleeper--Five-by-Two, Black Smoke a Blowiní Over 18 Wheels (Thatís Home Sweet Home), Truck Daddy, Take Me Home, Jackknife, A Tombstone Every Mile, Born to Be a Trucker, Iíll Be Goiní Home to Momma, Piggyback Blues, Old Sam, Truck Driviní Fool

Red Simpson: I'm a Truck; Capitol ST-881 (or SM-881); 1972; N/N shrink S $15 -- trucker; great new title track plus his very best trucker hits; can't beat the price/shape/value; Nitro Express, Old Sam, Runaway Truck, Black Smoke Blowin' Over 18 Wheels, Roll Truck Roll, Big Mack, I'm a Truck, Where Love Used to Be, Motivatin' Man, Take Me Home

Red Sovine: Teddy Bear; Starday/Gusto SD-968X; 1976/1975; N/N shrink S $15 -- trucker; great one (won Gold Recording Award); light on the trucking (just 2 or 3 cuts) but VERY heavy on the hanky-wetting stories (particularly Teddy Bear & Daddy), whew!; a classic

The Willis Brothers: Road Stop--Juke Box Hits; Capitol/Starday SLP-353 (T-90585); N-/N- $25 -- trucker/country; it's a Capitol repress but that's good; it gives you all the superior mono sound and a better jacket than you'd get with the pricier original even in top shape, so grab it up!

The Willis Brothers: Hey Mister Truck Driver!; Capitol/Starday SLP-428; V+/E- S $15 -- trucker/country; Moonlight Ride in a Diesel, White Lines & Roadside Signs, Too Many Stops, Motorcycle Bill, The Old Sleeper Cab, I'm Quitting While I'm Still Alive, Diesel Drivin' Donut Dunkin' Dan, The Only Shoulder (A Trucker Can Cry On), Truck Driver Blues, Highway Patrol, Pinball Anonymous, Alcohol & #2 Diesel

Uncredited: Everything You Need to Know to Operate a C.B. Radio; Gateway GSLP-4500; 1976; E/E S? $15 -- truck/CB/spoken/instruction; narrated guide to CB talk and rules with a terrific glossary and other info in the liners; "Hear actual CB conversations...Learn: Emergency call, Radio check, CB language, Laws and customs, CB on-air courtesy"

Uncredited: How to CB [500 CB Terms for Quick On-the-Road Reference]; Doodah/Pickwick CBLP-001; 1976; sealed with extensive brochure S $20 (or no brochure N/N- shrink S $15, specify) -- truck/CB/spoken/instruction; "the new record that makes it easy to learn the new slanguage of CB"; often hilarious narrated guide to CB talk, gear, rules, etiquette, etc., plus glossary that takes up the whole back door of the jacket; e.g.: a volkswagen bug is a pregnant roller-skate

Various: All Ears--10 New & Original Songs with a CB Theme; Realistic 50-6002; V/N- S $15 -- truck/CB/country funk; "'All Ears' is contemporary folk music for the 'now' generation"; produced to sell Radio Shack CB radios, it's in fact a wonderful 10-track Nashville music LP on a truck/CB theme, from the Chipmunks-meet-Mel Blanc opener to the breakbeat country-funk of other cuts: Shirley & Squirrely: Hey Shirley (This is Squirrely), Randy Goodrum: Honey Bee, Bob Gelotte: Come On Come On CB Baby (funk!), Ed Bernet: Everybody's Somebody [in our CB World], The Night I Talked to the Lord, Johnny Hemphill: Hey Good Buddy (Where's My Baby), The Handles Hall of Fame, Mac Wiseman: Listenin' CB Blues, Curtis Young: Ain't Ever Gonna Be Lonely Again, Oscar Ray: L.J.'s CB Radio (live spoken/comedy)

Various: Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves [& Other Truck Driver Favorites]; Starday SLP-250; E-/E- $15 -- trucker; a classic anthology with a groovy jacket; Red Sovine: Six Days on the Road, King of the Open Road; Benny Martin: Radar Blues, Big Footed Dan; Hylo Brown: Truck Drivin' Man, Look at That Rain; Tom O'Neal: Blue Endless Highway, Sleeper Cab Blues; Bobby Sykes: Diesel Smoke--Dangerous Curves, Long Lonesome Road; Lonnie Irving: Gooseball Down, The Willis Brothers: Truck Drivers Queen, Ken Clark: Truck Driving Joe; Merle Kilgore: Pinball Machine

Various: Heavy Haulers; Starday/Gusto/Power Pak PO-290; 1975; E+/E+ S $15 -- trucker; great, scarce comp of Starday classics w/some later surprises; cartoon jacket is another rare treat; GiddyUp-Go, Big Casey, Endless Black Ribbon, Long Lonesome Road, Truck Driving Buddy, That's Truck Driving, Gears, Give Me 40 Acres, 18 Wheels, The Last Mile

Various: Keep On Truckin'; Capitol Special Markets/Realistic SL-8121; 1979; E+/E S $20 -- trucker; good compilation mixing the well-known with the more obscure; C.W. McCall: Wolf Creek Pass, Dave Dudley: Six Days on the Road (1974 version), Fred Hart: New York Joe & Red Neck Tennessee, Del Reeves: Looking at the World through a Windshield, Dick Curless: Drag 'em Off the Interstate Sock It to 'Em J.P. Blues, Dave Dudley: Me & Ole C.B., Red Simpson: Diesel Smoke--Dangerous Curves, Diana Williams: Teddy Bear's Last Ride, Brush Arbor: The Trucker & the U.F.O., Glen Campbell: Truck Drivin' Man

Various: Let's Hit the Road!!; Starday SLP-306; yellow/mono N/N- shrink $20 -- truck; "By Popular Demand! More Truck Driver Favorites to Keep the Big Rigs Rolling"; nothing beats an original Starday of 12 fantastic tracks, particularly when so many come from obscure 45s or LPs you probably wouldn't have as a trucker collector; Willis Brothers: Give Me 40 Acres, Truck Drivers Blues, Truck Stop Cutie; Bob Wills/Tommy Duncan: Bubbles in My Beer; Lonnie Irving: Trucker's Vitous; Frankie Miller: Truck Driving Buddy; Hank Locklin: Pinball Millionaire; Joe Maphis: Riding Down Old 99, Big Rig Guitar; The Homesteaders: Leavin' But Won't Be Long; Betty Amos: 18 Wheels; Jimmy Dean: Bummin' Around

Various: Overloaded Diesel; Starday/Gusto/Power Pak PO-222; 1973 (Gusto pressing); N/N- S $15 -- truck; later Starday artists, prod. Tommy Hill, seems not to overlap other records!; Benny Martin (Don't Let Your Deal Go Down), Pam Gilbert (I'm Movin' On), Calhoun Twins (Midnight Cowboy), Jimmy Griggs, Bobby Hodge, Tiny Harris, Earl Scott..; Endless Black Ribbon, Truck Driver's Blues, Double Clutchin' Truck Line, Truck Stop Cafe, Bus Drivin' Son of a One..

Various: Put the Hammer Down!; Capitol Special Products/Realistic SL-8017; 1976; N/N S $15 -- trucker; great jacket (5 rigs shown); 10 solid tracks, including Cledus Maggard: "White Knight," McCall: "Convoy," Red Simpson: "Nitro Express" as well as lesser-knowns (such as Merle Haggard's Movin' On, White Line Fever)

Various: Radar Blues; Starday/King KSD-1050; sealed S $50 (or N-/N- shrink S $40, specify) (or cutout E+/V+ shrink S $20, specify) -- trucker; similar to the classic King 866, and if you have that one, you know you need this one too!; when it strays from strict truck-driver songs, it's more bluegrass than the rockabilly of the earlier LP, but it's all the real thing (early and GREAT!); we suspect that stereo here is actually electronic (ES) but at least it's the first edition/parent label; the top songs and truck-driver narrations are absolutely priceless; Coleman Wilson: Radar Blues, Moore & Napier: Truck Driver's Queen, Reno & Smiley: Interstate 81, Stanley Bros.: Rollin' on Rubber Wheels, Grandpa Jones: Eight More Miles to Louisville, Hylo Brown: Truck Driving Man, Willis Brothers: Truck Stop Cutie, Red Sovine & Johnny Bond: The Gear Jammer & the Hobo, Cowboy Copas: Wreck on the Highway, Moon Mullican: Trucker's Rag, Hawkshaw Hawkins: Sunny Side of the Mountain, Moore & Napier: Guitar Pickin' Truck Driver

Various: Six Days on the Road, Six Trucker Stars; Pickwick/Hilltop JS-6134; 1976; E+/N- S $15 -- trucker; first-rate comp of some things you'll find nowhere else plus some classics in top sound; claims to have been previously released on Capitol (Hilltop reissues Capitol) but almost certainly not as this anthology (which has some really fine older Starday stuff anyway!); Dave Dudley (Six Days On the Road--ES--all others true stereo), Jim Nesbitt (Truck Driving Cat with Nine Wives, Tiger in My Tank, I Ain't Never Been Passed), Johnny Dollar (Big Wheels Sing for Me, Big Rig Rollin' Man, Truck Driver's Lament, No More Truck Stops), Charlie Wiggs (In the Middle), Johnny Exit (A Dedication to the ATA)

Various: Thunder on the Road!; Starday SLP-386; E/E- $25 -- trucker; "the excitement, danger, girls, and fun of the highways by Red Sovine, Johnny Bond, The Willis Brothers"; one of our favorite rare, early comps; worth it just for "Hell's Angels" (a great tune!) but you also get Minnie Pearl's "Giddyup Go Answer" & a whole lot more great ones not found elsewhere; great jacket too!; Thunder on the Road, Hitch Hiking Girl, Motorcycle Bill, Big Ben Dorsey the Third, Diesel Smoke on Danger Road, Giddyup Hobo, Hell's Angels, Soft Shoulders & Dangerous Curves, Wildcat Run, Taxicab Man, Highway Patrol, Giddyup Go Answer (the one cut by Minnie Pearl)

Various: Truck Driver Songs; King 866; 1st press (black/mono, 1st jacket) E+/E- $50 (or same but E/E- $40, specify) -- trucker/rockabilly; THE trucker LP to have--on pre-Starday King!: first, best, classic, definitive truck LP (very little redundancy with later comps and reissues) and one of the best things on the label; uniquely, several tunes really are trucker-themed rockabilly and they really do rock!; even the standards are rare, early covers by other artists; rare first jacket back has classic illustrations and liner notes!; Tommy Downs: Big Casey, Bob Newman: Haulin' Freight, Swanee Caldwell: Six Days on the Road, Jimmy Logsdon: Gear Jammer, Charlie Moore & Bill Napier: Truck Driver's Queen, Coleman Wilson: A Green Truck Driver's First Experience with Radar, Tommy Downs: Wild Catter, Swanee Caldwell: Radar Blues Part 1, Jimmy Logsdon: Truck Drivin' Daddy, Bob Newman: Lonesome Truck Drivers Blues, Cowboy Jack Derrick: Truck Driving Man, Coleman Wilson: Passing Zone Blues

Various: Truck Driver Songs (stereo); King 866; heavy vinyl, blue-label [electronic] stereo N/E- shrink [E?]S $30 (or E/E- [E?]S $30, specify) -- expect a little noise despite lack of wear (typical of the label's stereo pressings) but big bright sound and total excitement; this version has color thumbnails of other King LPs on the jacket back

Various: Truck Drivers Queen; Starday/Nashville NLP-2075; white-label promo cutout N/N shrink S $25 (or cutout--just 2 tiny staple holes N-/N- S $20, specify) (or white-label promo E/N- S $20, specify) -- trucker; great comp, top shape, groovy jacket; rare, early, fantastic classics by Jimmy Logsdon ("Gear Jammer" & "Truck Drivin' Daddy") w/the rest by Moore & Napier and Reno & Smiley; Truck Drivers Queen, Long White Line, Hot Rod Kids & Women Drivers, Truck Drivers Woman, Open Road, Cross Roads..

Various: Truck Stop; Starday/Nashville NLP-2052; white-label promo N-/E+ S $25 -- trucker; superior collection of relative rarities & top lesser-known material, including a couple of 1st-rate narrated weepers, full of the pathos that make this idiom so special (while other cuts rock!); mainly lesser-known artists not found much on other Starday/King LPs; Sleeper Cab Blues, Truck Driving Buddy, Big Rig Guitar, Big Footed Dan, Pinball Machine, Wheels a Turning, Gears, Hitch Hiking Girl, Long Haul Weekend, Man Behind the Wheel

Various: Truckin' On; Starday/Gusto GT-0054; 1979; N/N shrink S $15 -- trucker; nice compilation of Starday-King classics; Del Reeves-Girl on the Billboard, Sovine/Bond-Gear Jammer & the Hobo, Moore & Napier-Truck Driver's Queen, George Jones-One is a Lonely Number, Del Reeves-Looking at the World through a Windshield, Red Sovine-Giddyup Go, Grandpa Jones-8 More Miles to Louisville, Jimmy Martin-Truck Drivin' Man, Claude Gray-I'll Have Another Cup of Coffee, Red Sovine-Woman Behind the Man Behind the Wheel

Truck Driver: Original 45s

Kay Adams: Little Pink Mack/That'll Be the Day; Capitol/Tower 269; E+ $25 -- trucker/country; rare!; A-side answer to "Six Days on the Road" rocks, and the B-side is another highly sought-after trucker song; doesn't get much better than this!

Billy Braddock: Ruthless/Gear Bustin' Sort of a Feller; MGM K-13658; cutout E- $15 -- truck/whistling; good uptempo stuff with attitude

Dave Dudley: Cowboy, You're America/Driver; Sun 1158; 1980; white-label promo; translucent gold vinyl; N S $15 -- trucker; produced by Shelby Singleton

Red Simpson: Awful Lot to Learn About Truck Drivin'/You Still Got a Hold On Me; Capitol P-3616; 1973; white-label promo N- $15 -- truck; A-side a really mover, starting with engine sound

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