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Exotic: Hawaiian LPs

Hawaii, Polynesia, Hawaiian Steel Guitar

The Word: Hawaiian records have a bad reputation, as do aloha shirts. Why? Easy: super-saturation of inferior products, knock-offs, junk. There is one public-domain recording that's on literally 1,000 or more budget-label records (the tip-off is the tune "Drowsy Waters"). And Europe gave us "Eurowaiian" which is like "blue-eyed soul"--even if it's good, it rarely ranks with the authentic.

The real thing is another matter. Hawaiian singers take a back seat to no one, and the contributions of steel guitar and ukulele to the world's instruments are legend. You also have great variety, from ancient chants and hulas to hybrids with jazz and rock, plus sprinklings of music from other Polynesian islands and archipelagos. Kui Lee modernized Hawaiian tunesmithing and singing, and slack-key guitarists gave the world something new to appreciate in the good old acoustic guitar.

Worldwide love affairs with Hawaiian music go way back, and in records that means 78s, which may be represented here only in old 10" LPs. Genoa Keawe led the field in moving to hi-fi LPs, and from there you get to the golden age of magnificent sound in modern stereo.

For more info on many other Hawaiian records, please see the Hawaiian pages in our guide.

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Georgie Auld & his Hula-GansGeorgie Auld & his Hula-Gans: Hawaii on the Rocks; Jaro International JAS-8003; deep groove N-/E- S $40 -- exotic-rock/Hawaiian twist(!)/Hawaiian-Haole/rock-r&b-jazz/steel guitar; very happening, rare-label (comes w/Jaro inner sleeve), goofin' oddball from sax hero Auld, who graciously takes a back seat to two superb steel guitarists from NY's Hawaiian Room in one of the only full-length exotic rockers of the period; unique, upbeat arrangements w/enough rock-jazz-R&B (including Auld's sax, of course) to make it swing without smothering the essential Hawaiian/steel flavor; some people dare say contemporary tiki bands are doing something that never happened in the tiki [and rock] era, but this LP proves otherwise!; War Chant, Song of India, Lovely Hula Hands, Marie, Sheik of Araby ("Sheik of Waikiki"), Blue Hawaii, Romeo & Juliet, Little Grass Shack..

Kent Bowman: Pidgin English Children's Stories; Hula HS-502; E+/N- S $25 -- Hawaiian/kids/spoken; great cartoon jacket by Harry Lyons (also did "Waikiki Beachnik" jacket) & keiki stories told by the wonderful Kent Bowman; authentic Hawaiian label; Goldie, Rumple, Ke Aka, Little Lei, Cinderella, Ekolu Keiki Puaa

Charles K.L. Davis: Front Row Center; Everest LPBR-5050; 1959 AND Charles K.L. Davis: Songs of Hawaii; Everest LPBR-5060; 1959; both clean and cheap: $15 for one or BOTH

[Ray Kinney Presents:] Charles K.L. Davis at the Royal Hawaiian; Everest SDBR-1015; 1958 AND Charles K.L. Davis: Adventures in Paradise; Everest SDBR-1106; 1960; both stereo, clean, and cheap: $15 for one or BOTH

Webley Edwards: A Merry Hawaiian Christmas; Capitol SM-1781; N-/N S? $15 -- Hawaiian/Christmas; rare!; reissues the very rare and wonderful Hawaiian Christmas Songs (Capitol ST-1781) minus two; features the great Haunani, thus the fan of Hawaiian music should has more than enough reason to snap this up! (everyone else: it's a good LP and solid rarity in top shape, plus you don't want to mess around when it comes to building your Hawaiian Xmas collection--we didn't!)

Buddy Fo's New Hawaii; Capitol ST-2879; E+/N- S $30 -- Hawaiian/vocal; the great Buddy Fo started with the Martin Denny Group, then lead the Invitations (see below) before making records such as this which emphasize a new singing style or at least fresh attitude toward pop songs; Life Still Has a Lot to Give Me, That's Life, Goin' Out of My Mind, Crazy About You, Come Back to Me, Sadie the South Sea Lady, Such Pleasure, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever, And I Love Her (Beatles!), Can't Take My Eyes Off of You, Watch What Happens

Loyal Garner: Lady of Love; Hula HS-556; 1976; E-/E $15 -- Hawaiian/soul; rare; both a live Hawaiian LP & somewhat funky rare groove!; The Other Woman, Lean on Me (Bill Withers!), Let Your Love Flow, I Shall Sing (Van Morrison)

Hilo Hattie at the Hawaiian Village; Paradise HS-100 (or HH-100--both stereo!); black label N/N- S $75 (or black deep groove E/N- S $60, specify) (or black deep groove E/E- S $40, specify) -- Hawaiian/comedy/Tahitian/calypso; a true masterpiece/collectors item of Hawaiian entertainment; Hawaii's legendary, first-rate entertainer/former school teacher recorded live by Sounds of Hawaii at the Tapa Room, with the Hawaiian Village Serenaders; like her later Victor LP but even better and funnier; everything you could hope for and more, including lovely jacket photos and liner notes; tops our list of Hawaiian rarities--highly recommended; Any Time/Paolo, When Hile Hattie Does the Hilo Hop, Cockeyed Mayor, Red Opu, Princess Pupule, That's the Hawaiian in Me, Holoholo Kaa, Television, Hawaiian War Chant, Becky, China Nights (Shinano Yoru), Tahitian

Hilo Hattie with the Hawaiian Village Serenaders, Lani, & the Hilton Hula Maids: Hilo Hattie at the Tapa Room; RCA Victor LSP-3442; 1965; N-/N shrink S $40 -- Hawaiian; "It's Show Time in the Tapa Room--Your Table's Waiting"; terrific live set by the Hawaiian superstar (and a good major-label companion to the Hilo Hattie LP on Paradise); The Beauty Hula, O Kalena Kai, Hoe Hoe, Kalamaula, Sea & Sand, Good-Bye Honolulu, Medley: Dance the Hula in the Moonlight/Dancing Under the Stars, Tahitian Dance, Palolo, When Hilo Hattie Does the Hilo Hop, The Cockeyed Mayor of Kaunakakai, Holo Holo Kaa, Kilakila O Haleakala, Hawaiian War Chant

Hilo Hattie with the Hawaiian Village Serenaders, Lani, & the Hilton Hula Maids: Hilo Hattie at the Tapa Room; RCA Victor LPM-3442; N-/E+ $25 (or cutout E+/V+ $20, specify) -- Hawaiian; "It's Show Time in the Tapa Room--Your Table's Waiting"; terrific live set by the Hawaiian superstar (and a good major-label companion to the Hilo Hattie LP on Paradise); The Beauty Hula, O Kalena Kai, Hoe Hoe, Kalamaula, Sea & Sand, Good-Bye Honolulu, Medley: Dance the Hula in the Moonlight/Dancing Under the Stars, Tahitian Dance, Palolo, When Hilo Hattie Does the Hilo Hop, The Cockeyed Mayor of Kaunakakai, Holo Holo Kaa, Kilakila O Haleakala, Hawaiian War Chant

Haunani: Aloha from Haunani; Decca DL-4705; 1965; cutout N/N $20 -- one of the greatest voices ever (Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame honoree), well-known for Hawaii Calls appearances and for playback singing in the film "Pagan Love Song" among many other accomplishments throughout a long, venerated career; prized LP (as are all of Haunani's); The Beauty Hula, Maui Moon, Hawaiian Honeymoon, Kuu Leialoha, Kaneohe Hula, Aloha Until Tomorrow, E Maliu Mai (Hawaiian Love Call), My Little Grass Shack in Kealakekua Hawaii, Hawaii Nei, Tanga Tika, I'll Remember You; I Wish They Didn't Mean Goodbye

Haunani: Island Spotlight on Haunani; Decca DL-74895; E/E+ S $20 -- one of the greatest voices ever (Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame honoree), well-known for Hawaii Calls appearances and for playback singing in the film "Pagan Love Song" among many other accomplishments throughout a long, venerated career; here the production is first-rate (produced in Hawaii by Charles "Bud" Dant) with a forward-looking emphasis on the great songs of Kui Lee; Tiny Bubbles, Makalapua Lei o Kamakaeha, The Hasegawa General Store, Beautiful Kauai, I'll Remember You, Eleu Mikimiki, Lahaina Luna, Beautiful Kahana, One Paddle-Two Paddle, Old Plantation, Hawaiian Fiesta

The Hawaiian Surfers -- all items listed below as The Surfers

The Hawaiians: From the Famous Beach Hotel; London/Deram DES-18015; 1968; E-/E S promo/marker/tape V+/E S $25 -- mod/steel/exotic rock/fuzz guitar!; fantastic!!!; incredible version of "Caravan" (in wild-eyed odd pop the only one that rates as high is Roger Mozian's multi-dubbed speaker-stretcher, but this is steel guitar, not harp) and other standards/pop hits; has nothing to do with Hawaii or exotica apart from the title and jacket, instead it's a rare steel-guitar wonder apparently recorded in the UK (but not like the lesser Eurowaiian LPs of just Hawaiian steel--this has "umph" and fuzz guitar too!); essential for collectors of TOP pop; Wheels, Music to Watch Girls By, Spanish Flea, A Walk in the Black Forest, Telstar, The Faithful Hussar, Caravan, Cast Your Fate to the Wind, Tea for Two, A Taste of Honey, On the Carousel, Calcutta

Myrtle K. Hilo: The Singing Cab Driver; Makaha MS-2053; V+/E+ S $20 -- Hawaiian vocal; extraordinary singing from a hack who's definitely no hack in front of the mike (better than Hilo Hattie, the singing schoolmarm, and Sterling Mossman, the hula cop) and in the fantastic falsetto style of Genoa Keawe and others; and, all the "rascal" songs (party meles) --which include two terrific originals by Myrtle's uncle-- are great, too: Kaimuki Hula, Ko Ma'i Ho'eu'eu, Lover's Prayer, Hali'i Ka Moena, Ha'u Ha'u E, Sweet Someone, Manuela's Girl, I'll Remember You, Ma'ane'i Mai Oe, Keiki No Punalu'u, Waiahole E

Harry Hoomele & his Island Orchestra: Hawaii Calls (jacket: Come to Hawaii); Grand Award GA-33-405; deep groove N-/E- S $20 -- Hawaiian/exotic rock; fantastic rarity, well-rounded with both excellent tunes and several sharp edges (standout cuts); compare to the Georgie Auld & his Hula-gans LP, although this is guitar-led and the Hawaiian rock is really up there with any other; The Hawaiian Wedding Song, Na Ali'i, Hula Hula Rock (and it is!), Echoes of the South Pacific, Song of Old Hawaii, Beautiful Kahana, Wai O Minehaha, Mapuana, Beyond the Reef, Texas Has a Hula Sister Now!, Lokelani, Pagan Love Song

The Invitations w/Russ Garcia: R.S.V.P.; Liberty LST-7117; 1959; black label N/E- shrink(!!!) S $40 -- Hawaiian/exotic/vocal; first and better of two rare LPs for the label, and marking the debut of the great Buddy Fo (ex-Martin Denny Group), leader of the Invitations; classic 5-part harmony group (matching beach-boy outfits include tiki pendants) who, like the Surfers, do great versions of both Hawaiian and exotica standards, all with the ever-fantastic Russell Garcia's ablest backing (several songs with bongos); we're especially proud of the quality of this copy--perfect except just a couple of pops for which we've priced and graded it lower; Nani Waimea, Pretty Red Hibiscus, Ka Makani Kaili Aloha, Mr. Wonderful, Hawaiian Hospitality, Invitation, Sweet Someone, Princess Poo-Poo-Ly, Hawaii Calls, Susie Anna E, Mauna Loa, Hawaiian Wedding Song

The Invitations with Billy May & his Orchestra; Liberty LRP-3145; 1959; E/E- $20 (or V+/V+ S $15, specify) -- Hawaiian/exotica vocal; second and by far the scarcer of only two for the label; great 5-part harmony group (in matching beach-boy outfits); with Billy May's able backing including Latin percussion/bongos; Beyond the Reef, Lehuanani, Says My Heart, Leahi, Out in the Cold Again, Hilo Hattie Cha Cha, Hawaiian War Chant, Twilight in Hawaii, Bali Ha'i, Goodnight Leilani E, Love Letters in the Sand, Too Marvelous for Words

The Kahauanu Lake Trio: Hawaiian Style; Hula HS-508; N-/N S $20 (or N-/E+ S $15, specify) -- Hawaiian; classic group on authentic Hawaiian label; they entertained for years at Waikiki & definitely had the chops & good sensibilities when it came to balancing the real thing with hapa-haole tunes; this is their classic, best-selling first album

Wainani Kanealii: Songs of the Pacific; Sounds of Hawaii SHS-5021; AUTOGRAPHED N-/E+ S $25 -- Hawaiian/Tahitian/Fijian/Samoan/vocal/slack-key; this is a rare enough authentic Hawaiian-label record that landing any copy would be a good thing, but this is a fine stereo copy signed by Leland "Atta" Isaacs, the slack-key guitarist; the singing is absolutely terrific and we're hard-pressed to think of anyone else doing such a good job with songs of other Polynesian islands (one by Eddie Lund, for instance)--ok, there's Haunani, but she's of another order; Namolokama (Kani Uina), Buna, Puu O Hulu, Nuku O Nuuanu, Nani Kauai, E Valo Valo Mai, Hoeana, Koto Iwi, Ko Maka Palu Palu, Keanuenue, Kuhio Bay, Tautai

Genoa Keawe: Romantic Hawaii; 49th State Hawaii LP-3414; black vinyl/printed jacket back E+/E+ S $30 -- Side 1 vocal with Julia Nui's Kamaainas, George Naope, John K. Almeida, Genoa Keawe & her Hula Maids, and Agnes Malabey -- all with the great Benjamin Rogers backing instrumentally; Side 2 all instrumental with Ben Rogers on steel; Kiss Me Love, It's Just an Old Hawaiian Custom, I've Gone Native Now, My Tropical Baby, I Will Remember You, My Sweetheart My Kuu Ipo, My Waikiki Girl (O Kou Aloha Ia Oe), Mauna Kea (Ekolu Mea Nui), Dargie Hula (King's Serenade), Kuu Lei Awapuhi (Maui Moon Ua Kea O Hana Papalina Lahilahi), Ua Kea O Hana (Papalina Lahilahi), Kealoha O Kaua (Haunani)

Non-Hawaiian titles in this series .... see Japan & Tahiti

Ed Kenney's Hawaii; Decca DL-4877; cutout N-/N $15 -- Hawaiian; two great spoken cuts and a rocking version of One Paddle make it a standout for anyone, and of course everything Ed Kenney did was terrific; top LP in top shape; recorded by Charles "Bud" Dant in Hawaii; Hawaii (theme), Aloha No I Ko Maka, Lahaina Luna, Kuu Leiahoha, One Paddle-Two Paddle, Aloha Oe, Tiny Bubbles, Days of My Youth, Ka Makani Kailu Aloha, Let-a-go Your Heart, Paoakalani

Ed Kenney w/Benny Kalama & the Hawaiian Village Serenaders: Somewhere in Hawaii Ed Kenney Sings [from the Songbook of Todaro & Johnston]; Waikiki LP-126; E+/E+ $30 -- Hawaiian; terrific!; tho called "hapa haole" by the label, there are some unusual tunes among the hits, all by leading songwriting duo of the Islands; Ed Kenney & Benny Kalama fans alike will be delighted by what is likely the best & rarest LP by either; Hula Belle (nearly exotic rock), Ukulele Island, Keep Your Eyes on the Hands, Dance the Hula in the Moonlight, Pleeza No Peencha Da Hula Girls, Malia Lani, A Lei A Kiss & Aloha..

Ed Kenney: The Exotic Sounds of the Spice Islands; Columbia CS-8283; black 6-eye deep groove E/N S $30 -- exotica/vocal; rare!; arranged and conducted by Dick Hyman (spacy organ on the title track!), it's true exotica with birds, gong, etc., the whole bit, as well as one of the great singer's best; note that the songs are not Hawaiian chestnuts but romantic ballads and standards, so the Hawaiian aspect of Kenney's other records really is through exotica this time; I Love You, Speak Low, Love Walked In, In the Still of the Night, Long Ago (and Far Away), Happy Talk, The Way You Look Tonight, I Talk to the Trees, They Can't Take That Away from Me, You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To, Wish You Were Here, Spice Island

Kealoha Kona & his Orchestra: Vacation Sounds of Hawaii; Western World Music WL-504; N/E+ shrink S $40 -- Hawaiian instrumental with surf sounds; rare! product of the Pittsburgh, PA area and definitely hard to find (and many will snap it up for the surf photo); basic standards LP of good steel-guitar instros with surf dubbed in at the starts and ends; Tiny Bubbles, Song of the Islands, Harbor Lights, Pearly Shells, Blue Hawaii, Sweet Leilani, Beyond the Reef, Lovely Hula Hands, Hawaiian Wedding Song, Aloha Oe

Margot Loyola y Conjunto Pascuense: Isla de Pascua; RCA Victor Chile CML-2096; 1966; N-/E $100 -- Easter Island!!!; Loyola has serious cred (Google and you'll see) and your Rapanui music on vinyl is going to be a blend of old (Polynesian) and current (Chilean), at least while that relationship lasts; one of only four Rapanui/Easter Island/Isla de Pascua LPs we know about, have, and are thrilled to hatch; insanely rare idiom/title, striking jacket image, and far cheaper than a trip to the otherworldly island of giant heads; Hinano (Árbol de la Isla), Epite Poti (Dos jóvenes), Pipirima (Nombre de una estrella), Riu (Canto funerario), Sau Sau, Te Vahine Ana Mi, Kopa (Nombre propio), Hote Matua (Primer rey que habitó la isla), Katere Te Vaka (Salida de bote), Aue Mafatu (Ay, ay, corazón), Tiare Anani (Flor de naranjo), Tiare Iti Iti (Flor pequeñita), Erisa Peta (Nombre propio), Una Faa Riu Riu Ote Manu (Cuando el pájaro vuelve a su nido), Ko Maratiri (Nombre de un islote), Meriana

Jack de Mello Presents Keola & Kapono Beamer Volume III--Hawaii Then & Now; Music of Polynesia MOP-35000; E-/E S $15 -- slack key guitar/Hawaii; among the best of the Jack de Mello productions --which are always well done and well-documented in liner notes-- are the Beamer volumes, so here you go; The Sweetest Looking Hula Dancer in this Town, Ulili E, Pueo (Song of the Owl), Opihi Moi Moi, E Kolu Iole Maka Po (3 Blind Mice), Ia Oe E Ka La (Song for Kalakaua), We Don't Need Anything But You, Haleka'uwila, Woman, Hawaii Aloha

Charles Kaipo [Miller, Jr.] & his Happy Hawaiians: Easy Hulas; Mahalo M-4001; 1962; N/E $15 -- Hawaiian; rare, top-shape, very attractive, authentic Hawaiian-label treasure; "The golden dozen--Hawaii's most popular hula melodies, with vocals, performed by Charles Kaipo and his Happy Hawaiians"; Lovely Hula Hands, Hukilau, Little Brown Gal, Lehuanani, Hawaiian Hospitality, To You Sweetheart Aloha, Sea Breeze (Pua Mana), My Yellow Ginger Lei, Out on the Beach at Waikiki, Keep Your Eyes on the Hands, My Little Grass Shack, A Song of Old Hawaii

Jesse Nakooka: 54 Bridges to Hana, Maui, USA; Kihei KRS-1001; AUTOGRAPHED E+/N- S $20 -- Hawaiian; backed by the Namelekanis, it's a family affair from Maui circa 1972, we guesstimate; great stuff & totally authentic/Hawaiian-only (fans of modern Hawaiian music, slack key, singing, and uke will appreciate); nice jacket design too; 54 Bridges to Hana, Maile Lei, Waipio, Kuu Hoa, Akaka Falls, Sands of Waikiki, Beautiful Makena, Hele on to Kauai, Ke Kali Ne Au (Hawaiian Wedding Song), Ua Noho au a Kupa, My Kind of Life, Canadian Girl

Ohta San and his Ukulele: Soul Time in Hawaii; Decca DL-74894; white-label promo N-/N- S $40 (or mono DL-4894 white-label promo V+/N- $30, specify) -- ukulele/bossa/Hawaiian; fantastic rare one (at this point, all of his are hard to find) by jumping-flea god (see Ukulele Hall of Fame Museum) Herb Ohta (whose mentor was Eddie Kamae); probably his most exciting and hippest set until "Stringed-Out" where he covers funky rock and soul; disc is a clean first press (mono promo), which is even more important in a uke record; One Note Samba, Love Forever, Lahaina Luna, Shangri-la, Keep Your Eyes on the Hands, Pineapple Special, Manha De Carnaval, Beyond The Sea, Spring Spends the Winter in Hawaii, Free Again, Back Home to the Cane Fields, The Tears

Ohta-San: Cool Strings & Ohta San; Surfside SF-102; 1968; V+/E- S $20 -- ukulele/mod/Hawaiian/bossa; arranged and directed by Seiji Hiraoka; any LP by the great Herb Ohta is a breathtaking find, but the 1960s rarities on Surfside are the most elusive; good value on a great record!; The Girl from Ipanema, Try to Remember, Michelle, Laras' Theme, I Will Wait for You, People, Shadow of Your Smile, Yesterdays, Days of Wine & Roses, Hawaii, More, Born Free

Harry Owens & his Royal Hawaiians: Polynesian Holiday; Capitol T-804; 1957; D3-spectral E-/N $20 -- Hawaiian/Tahitian; old style but unique, surprisingly scarce, and hugely influential (Owens and his TV show ruled the roost before Hawaii Calls took over, and his association with Hilo Hattie is outdone only by his own major contributions to Hawaiian music); Tradewinds, Lovely Tahiti, Bora Bora, Cruel Relentless Sea, Moorea, Isla Lei, Come Back to Raratonga, Where East Meets West, Hawaii--My Island Polynesian Holiday, Iaorana (theme for "Polynesian Holiday" TV show), Samoan Farewell

[Gabby Pahinui &] The Sons of Hawaii: Music of Old Hawaii; Hula HS-506; N/N S $30 -- w/Gabby Pahinui (slack-key guitar master), Eddie Kamae (ukulele master)..; this LP has it all: great music, the best musicians, label, volcano-scene jacket, and liner notes, which do a fantastic job of describing the songs

Polynesian Cultural Center: Invitation to Paradise; private press sealed S $25 -- souvenir of the venerable PCC, Oahu's great tourist attraction that also funds scholarships for Pacific islanders (it's a wonderful place, far better than "Mormon theme park" might lead you to imagine); one of several such albums stretching over many years (we'll have more to say about it once we listen to our own open copy)

Poncie Ponce Sings; Warner Bros. W-1453; 1962; white-label promo E/N $50 -- Hawaiian/twist/novelty/golden throat/lounge act; third, last, and by far the rarest of the GREAT LPs from the Hawaiian Eye TV show; "TV's 'Hawaiian Eye' Star Sings the Greatest Hawaiian 'Pupule' Songs" (all the craziest, funniest Hawaiian tunes--one of the best HI'n LPs just for that reason); great jacket of Poncie as Kim, the uke-playing cab driver, with hula girls too!; liners have glossary of Hawaiian terms; very recommended; The Hukilau Song, Maui Girl, There's No Place Like Hawaii, When Hilo Hattie Does the Hilo Hop, No Huhu (I Don't Care), My Little Grass Shack in Kealakakua Hawaii, Little Brown Gal, Keep Your Eyes on the Hands, The Cockeyed Mayor of Kaunakakai, Princess Poo-Poo-Ly Has Plenty Papaya, The Pidgin English Hula, Hapa-Haole Hula Girl

Larry Rivera: Love & Aloha; Coco Palms LPS-1265; 1964; autographed N-/N- S $15 -- Hawaiian lounge act; his first LP; "songs recorded with simplicity and naturalness"; with Johnny Kaleiohi; The Whole World Looks to Hawaii (original!), Hawaii Waits for You, Kalua, Sweet Someone, Love & Aloha, Wedding Song, Kuu Ipo, Coco Palms Song..

Larry Rivera: For You a Lei; Coco Palms LPS-714; autographed N-/E S $15 -- Hawaiian lounge act; his second LP, rare; peculiar and with some great offbeat songs; with the Island-Aires; For You a Lei, My Tane, Blue Lei, My Yellow Ginger Lei, Crushed Flowers in My Lei, Lovely Hula Hands, Mahalo, Lei Aloha Lei Makamae..

Larry Rivera & the Kahili Boys: A Nite Cap with Larry--Featuring the voice of Larry Rivera at the Coco Palms Hotel; Coco Palms LPS-2867; autographed N/N S $15 -- Hawaiian lounge act; perfect, signed, and his best-selling LP (the only one most people would ever see, if any); I Searched for Love, Pineapple All Around, Derek Lee, Shells, Nani Waimea, Shadow of Your Smile, Tiny Bubbles, More, Top of the Palms..

Larry Rivera: Hawaii Belongs to Everyone; Coco Palms 55555; autographed E/N S $15 -- Hawaiian lounge act; rare!; arranged by the great Don Ralke!!!; I'll Remember You, Mom, God Bless My Daddy, Beautiful Kauai, Forever Aloha, Sweet Leilani, Let There Be Hawaii..

Emma Sharpe: Lahaina's Fabulous Emma Sharpe--Recorded Live at Discovery Room, Sheraton-Maui Hotel; Tradewinds TS-1120; E-/E S $15 -- Hawaiian; live w/drums, chants; copious liner notes about Sharpe & the selections; one of our favorite Hawaiian LPs (out of 1,000s), sold only in Hawaii; highly recommended

Society of Seven: Flashback; Silver Sword Audio; LP-7008; 1973; E/E S $25 -- lounge act/rock/Hawaiian icons -- one of Hawaii's longest-enduring acts (still going at this writing) at the Outrigger Hotel, Waikiki; groovy jacket has photos and short auto-bios by each band member; highlights are Splish Splash & I Got a Woman (waka guitar, funky); More, Volare, Blue Suede Shoes, Ebb Tide, 28 Miles, Smile, My Special Angel, Glory of Love

The Surfers: On the Rocks; HiFi R-408; deep groove N-/E+ $40 (or E-/E $20, specify) -- vocal/Hawaiian/Tahitian; classic debut LP by famous quartet (Clayton Naluai, Alan Naluai, Pat Sylva, Bernie Ching) famous as the house band [on Decca as "The Hawaiian Surfers"] at Duke Kahanamoku's in Waikiki (all their LPs are great and hard to get, as vocal-group collectors have priced them up, tho we're keeping it reasonable); similar to other Hawaiian harmony acts such as the Invitations; a generous 14 songs: Maki, Lemomi, Papio, Ke Kale Nei Au, I Got Hooked at a Hukilau (funny, original, GREAT), Blue Hawaii, Tamure Tamure, Leahi, O'Makala Pua, Nane Wale, Pidgin English Hula (funny, narrated, GREAT), I Will Remember You, Waikapu, Hawaiian War Chant

The Surfers: Hawaii A Go Go!; Stereo Sounds SA-10; E-/N S $35 -- early, rare reissue of On the Rocks (HiFi SR-408) in clean stereo (very rare in the original, so take this opportunity!) with new jacket art--a classic Waikiki scene with beautiful wooden longboards (LP probably dates from the late '60s or early '70s); clean, stereo, rare, and terrific; strongly recommended--don't miss it!

The Surfers: Christmas from Hawaii; HiFi R-410; stamped promo deep groove E-/E+ $60 (or N/E- shrink $50, specify) -- vocal/Hawaiian/Christmas; easily our favorite by the famous vocal quartet (Clayton Naluai, Alan Naluai, Pat Sylva, Bernie Ching), and one of our very favorite Hawaiian-Xmas LPs (there are many!); also one of their rarest (all their LPs are great and hard to get!); an exceptionally generous fourteen songs, including several great ones with bongos!; Here Comes Santa in a Red Canoe, White Christmas, Deck the Halls, Mary's Boy Child, Hawaiian Santa, Adeste Fidelis, Come Dance & Sing, Jingle Bells, Away in a Manger, Winter Wonderland, Silent Night, Mele Kalikimaka, Oh Holy Night, We Wish You a Merry Christmas

The Surfers at High Tide; HiFi R-411; stamped promo N-/N- $50 -- vocal/Hawaiian/exotica; rare third LP by famous quartet (Clayton Naluai, Alan Naluai, Pat Sylva, Bernie Ching) similar to other Hawaiian harmony acts such as the Invitations; famous as the house band [on Decca as "The Hawaiian Surfers"] at Duke Kahanamoku's in Waikiki (all their early LPs are hard to get, as vocal-group collectors have priced them up); here in a more exotic leaning (and with surf sounds) arranged and conducted by Hall Daniels; Canadian Sunset, Ebb Tide, Jungle Drums, Beyond the Reef, At High Tide, Poinciana, The Breeze & I, Red Sails in the Sunset, Perfidia, Return to Paradise, Moon of Manakoora, Legend of the Rain

The Surfers: Tahiti; HiFi R-417; E+/E+ $50 -- vocal/Hawaiian/Tahitian/Latin; featuring the arrangements and steel guitar of Eddie Bush!, it's one of their rarest; and what's this? a Hawaiian-Latin song? whee-hew!; snap it up!!!; Drums of Tahiti, My Sweet Sweet, Ulili E, My Wahine & Me, Song of Old Hawaii, Tiare, Kou Kino Mambo, South Sea Island Magic, Beauty Hula, Kuu Lei, Kalua, Nane Waimea

Hip Wax wants this title in STEREO -- trade to us!

The Surfers: The Islands Call; HiFi R-427; promo E-/N $50 -- vocal/Hawaiian/exotica/Tahitian; if you're a Surfers fan --as you should be if you're at all into either Hawaiian records or great harmony singing (like the Invitations or Beach Boys) or both-- you probably know already this is one of the rarest (perhaps THE rarest on the HIFI label, at least); all copies we've seen are promos, so that tells you a lot about the limited, small-label distribution, but it's also one of the very best, as a reading of the titles suggests: Keep Your Eyes on the Hands, Puamaiole, A Million Moons Over Hawaii, Tahiti Nui (hot bongo tune and the name of a great bar on Kuaui!), J'entendre, Blue Hawaii, Sophisticated Hula, Kawohikukapulani, Sand & the Sea, Kaulana Na Pua, Pu Pu Hinu Hinu, Far Away Places

The Surfers Sing Hit Movie Songs from the Exotic Islands; Warner Bros. WS-1493; 1963; E-/E- S $30 -- vocal/Hawaiian/exotica/Tahitian/twist; famous harmony quartet (all their LPs are great and hard to get, as vocal-group collectors have priced them up) does remarkable, upbeat, unique stuff with some real exotica (similar to the Invitations) on their only LP for the exotica-friendly Warner Bros. label; Follow Me, Canoe Song, Sweet Leilani, Island Angel, Pagan Love Song, Vahine Paumoto (Tahitian twist!), E Tupiti, Bali Ha'i, Pearly Shells (twist!), Diamond Head theme, The Fishing Chant ("Te Manu Pukarua" from Mutiny on the Bounty done Tahitian twist style!), Farewell

The Hawaiian Surfers at Duke Kahanamoku's; Decca DL-4562; white-label promo E-/E $25 -- Hawaiian/Tahitian/exotica/vocal; rare LP by top vocal group (previously on HI-FI label as "The Surfers") rec. live in Waikiki as the house band at Duke's; photo and lengthy liner-note endorsement by the great Duke Kahanamoku himself! (worth it just for that); great singing/playing/entertainment--uptempo exotica (three instrumentals here, btw) and harmony fans alike will be thrilled; Tangi Tahiti (Call of Tahiti), Tahitian Chant, Forevermore (Lei Aloha, Lei Makame), Little Brown Gal, Sweet Someone (HI'n vocal-group classic!), Cade au Lait, Waikiki, Shangri-La, My Isle of Golden Dreams, E MAliu Mai (Hawaiian Love Call), Ebb Tide, Vini Vini (Tamure Tahiti)

The Hawaiian Surfers: Coral Reef; DL-74700; sealed S $25 (or N/N- S $20, specify) (or reissed as MCA-171 N/E+ shrink S $15, specify) -- Hawaiian/exotica/vocal-harmony; classic LP by highly sought-after, top Hawaiian harmony group (previously on HI-FI label as "The Surfers"); classic Hawaiian tunes plus same from Tahiti, Japan, and the Philippines; Coral Reef, Sayonara, Minoi Minoi, A Maile Lei for Your Hair, Yellow Bird, Aloha Oe, I'll Remember You, Waipio, Dahil Sa You, Hawaiian Wedding Song, Somewhere in Hawaii, Hawaiian War Chant

The Hawaiian Surfers Today; DL-74843; 1967; cutout N/N S $20 -- Hawaiian/exotica/vocal-harmony; probably the last really good one by the group, and the singing's as strong as ever; One Paddle--Two Paddle, Yesterday, Hawaii, The Shadow of Your Smile, Lahina Luna, On a Clear Day (You Can See Forever), Jungle Rain, The Cotton Fields, Born Free, A Million Dreams Ago, Jailer Bring Me Water

Johnny Ukulele: Favorite Selections By; Capitol ST-1425; E+/E S $40 -- exotica/Hawaiian; "Jungle Song" is the bird-shriek killer (in the exotica one-off hall of fame) and is the chief reason for treasuring this rare LP; otherwise it's good as Hawaiian-exotica and a standout in the very small field (no pun intended) of ukulele-led LPs; Ua Like No a Like, Maui Chimes, Hawaiian Wedding Song, Jungle Song, Blue Hawaii, Tea for Two Cha Cha Cha, Hawaiian War Chant, Wailana (Drowsy Waters), Third Man Theme, Kohala March, Hawaiian Music Box, Black & White Rag

The Waikiki Beach Boys: Breeze of Hawaii; Fiesta FLPS-1629; sealed S $20 -- steel guitar/Hawaiian; essential for the terrific version of exotica classic "Poinciana (Song of the Tree)," which has a really dramatic/affecting/dynamic guitar & bongo or similar percussion--it's probably the best thing in this import series; nice jacket too; also Pidgin English Hula, War Chant, My Tane, Honolulu, Hilo Kiss, Ka-Lu-A, Menehune March..

Daphne Walker/George Tumahai/Bill Sevesi & his Islanders: Sea Breeze; Fiesta FLPS-1722 sealed S $45 -- US license of a New Zealand Viking LP; of a piece with others in this series (steel guitar, mix of standard chestnuts w/unusual songs and arrangements) but tough to find, no doubt because of the jacket (which is neither Daphne Walker nor famous American nudist Diane Walker); Tiger Shark, My Lovely Hula Queen, Beyond Desire, Hilo Hattie, Meama Chimes, Polynesian Love Song, Lani Jo..

Ernie Warren & the Hula Rhythm Boys: A Latin from Manhattan in Hawaii; Fiesta FLP-1248; deep groove N-/N $75 -- Hawaiian/Latin/exotica; we're not offering this beauty as proof that exotica is a branch of Latin, which it is nonetheless, but you will find this rare treat has "got it all": unique niche/hybrid concept, fantastic jacket, top names (Sam Makia, Hal Aloma, Mona Joy, Kalani Kamaii), rare odd title on a great label (Fiesta is one of the coveted, small, 1950s NYC Latin labels), and music (songs aren't all Hawaiian chestnuts and those that are are different here); it's also a slice of NYC nitery history: both pianist Warren and Makia (at least) played at the Hawaiian Room: Wiki Wiki Mai, It's Time to Say Aloha, Little Brown Gal, Hawaiian Kisses, Ainahau, Aloha Oe, Hula Cha, Over the Sea, Pretty Maui Girl, Hala Niu Tree, Malia, Malihini Mele

Various: Keep Your Eyes on the Hands; Waikiki 105; red vinyl deep groove V/E- $15 -- Hawaiian; "hilarious and naughty hulas" and indeed they are, mixed with some very unusual songs by top artists the great, authentic Hawaiian label Waikiki; with Sonny Nicholas, Honey Kalima, Kalani Bright (does Hawaiian Cowboy--always terrific!), Simeon Bright, Pauline Kekahuna, Charles Miller, Emily de los Santos; great record on thick vinyl, priced low only for wear on the jacket; Princess Pupule, Tutu E, Ala Moana Annie, Kaleponi Hula, Hawaiian Scotsman, Ha'u Ha'u E, Red Opu, Ana Pau, Hawaiian Cowboy, Keep Your Eyes on the Hands, Hilo Hattie Does the Hilo Hop, O'Brien Has Gone Hawaiian

Mele Kalikimaka--A Hawaiian Christmas Party; Hula HS-522; E-/N S $40 -- Hawaiian/Christmas/comedy/spoken; it's mostly music and one of the top assets of any serious Hawaiian Christmas collection (and it's only serious when you need more space for the Hawaiian Christmas Kids record subsecion) with the highlight being the hilarious narrations/comedy of Kent Bowman (all his own records are great) and just barely down from there it's Hilo Hattie (gasp) and more straightforward fare; someone put tape on the jacket long ago --no doubt in wrapping it as a gift-- but otherwise it's unspoiled; Kamehameha Alumni Glee Club: Mele Kalikimaka, Christmas in Hawaii, Nani Ke 'Li'I Ki'Eki'E; Nina Kealiiwahamana: Po La;I E (Silent Night), White Christmas, Mary's Boy Child, Spring Spends the Winter in Hawaii (with Boyce Kaihiihikapuokalani); Kent Bowman: Kanaka Christmas, Christmas Humbug?; Hilo Hattie: Santa's Hula; Maile Serenaders: Holiday Hula

Hawaii: Original 45s/EPs

Ohta-San: Sushi/Little Tree; Warner Bros. 5412; E- $15 -- ukulele; a masterpiece, as you'd expect from Ohta-San, and possibly his only recording for Warner Bros. (we know of no other, and we have oodles of Ohta-San after many years pursuing his many rarities)

Elvis Presley: Rock-a-Hula Baby/Can't Help Falling in Love; RCA Victor 47-7968; E+/E $15 picture sleeve -- we've steered this one your way (instead with other Elvis stuff) because the A-side really is a classic of exotic rock (or Hawaiian rock), and you may as well have it w/picture sleeve

LPs Wanted in Trade:

49th State Hawaii 10" LPs: 3304 & up (inquire)

49th State Hawaii 12" LPs:
It's Always Springtime in Hawaii; 49th State Hawaii LP-3411
Rhythm of the Islands; 49th State Hawaii LP-3413
Polynesian Love Song; 49th State Hawaii LP-3417
Evening in Paradise; 49th State Hawaii LP-3429
Japan Goes Latin; 49th State Hawaii LP-3457
Japan Calling; 49th State Hawaii LP-3458
Modern Japan Dances; 49th State Hawaii LP-3459
Priscilla Lee & the Filipino Rockets: The Far East Today; 49th State Hawaii LP-3460
Singapore; 49th State Hawaii LP-3461
Uncle Tom Alexander: [title unknown]; Maple MA-1005 (Canada; "Sweet Sweet Steel Guitar Series No. 5")
Pua Almeida: [title unknown]; Maple MA-1008 (Canada; "Sweet Sweet Steel Guitar Series No. 8")
Kent Bowman: Ka'umanua--Hawaii's Greatest Politician; Hula HS-516
Kent Bowman: O Oe Ke Kanaka (You Da Man); Hula
Jerry Byrd w/Danny Kuaana & his Islanders: Nani Hawaii--Beautiful Hawaii 10"; Mercury MG-25077; 1950
Sonny Chillingworth: Los Hawaiianos
Myrtle K. Hilo: Will You Love Me When My Carburetor is Busted
The Island-Aires in a Hawaiian Interlude; Romance IA-711
Duke Kahanamoku: Beachboy Party; Duke 101
Eddie Kamae: This is Eddie Kamae; Hula HS-513 (& any others)
Eddie Kamae: Heart of the Ukulele; Mahalo 3002 (& any others)
Pale K. Lua & Ben Hokea: [title unknown]; Maple MA-1010; 1981 (Canada; "Sweet Sweet Steel Guitar Series No. 10")
Jack de Mello & his East-West Connection; JDM-103
Marlene Sai: Song for Honolulu; Music of Polynesia MOP-44000
Ohta-San: The Look of Love; Surfside SF-104
Ohta-San: Love Story; Surfside SF-108
Ohta-San: Contemporary Hawaiian Mood; Poki SP-9036
Paul Page (any/most; inquire)
Rene Paulo: Here is Happiness; Mahalo
Mike "Malihini" Scott: [title unknown]; Maple MA-1006 (Canada; "Sweet Sweet Steel Guitar Series No. 6")
Johnny Spencer & the Kona Koasters: S'Pacifica; Imperial (stereo/clean)
Danny Kalauawa Stewart & his Islanders: Hawaiian Favorites by; Imperial LP-9005
The Surfers: Tahiti (stereo only)
Various: Authentic Music of Kauai, Maui, Hawaii; Waikiki 312/112
Various: On the Beach at Waikiki; Fiesta FLPS-1648
Various: On the Beach at Waikiki; Waikiki 316/116 (Pua Almeida, Nina, Lani..)

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