Latin Soul & Latin Funk

Latin soul, including boogaloo (bugalu), shing-a-ling, jala jala, and pata pata (after the Miriam Makeba song), is one of New York's best-kept cultural secrets. A music-and-dance phenomenon that swept New York City and beyond in the mid-1960s, it was also the sound of half of Harlem through the mid-1970s. Unlike Afro-Cuban music, which combined centuries of African and Spanish musical tradition, Latin soul reflected the disparate ingredients of the decade, including social turmoil. Latin percussion, soul melody, and often ruinous lyrics along the lines of "C'mon baby, dance the boogaloo" slowly gave way to hipper developments and occasionally inspiration. The use of conga with bluesy bass lines became ubiquitous in funk and soul jazz, however.

Many people believed a little boogaloo went a long way, and as with any fad there was much repetition, redundancy, and ripping off of others' riffs. It was the last Latin craze before salsa (which was developing simultaneously), yet the first not to require learning new steps! That was the conventional wisdom, anyway. In fact, the boogaloo had been around since at least the late 1950s, when it was called guajira. Most boogaloo is simply a modernized guajira with English lyrics. By 1975 Latin had embraced disco.

As a fad, New York Latin soul came straight from the kids in El Barrio (Spanish Harlem), who for years had assembled on corners and sung popular doo-wop and soul hits for their own amusement. Much "Latin soul" is just popular soul and sweet-soul ballads sung by Puerto Ricans. Some groups even emulated the most popular Motown acts. But boogaloo was a recording revolution of its own in the mid-1960s, at least in New York City. The old guard (the previous generation) dismissed it as brash, simplistic, "American" music (although so was their cherished jazz); conversely the kids could no longer identify with the stagnating mambo and charanga styles. When boogaloo faded, some took it as proof that it had been merely a passing fad, while others blamed tragic business errors.

After the first boogaloo records hit in the dance clubs, some of the old dogs on the reluctant spinster labels Fania and Alegre got into the act and made a handful of the better records. But George Goldner's Cotique label set the high marks for the style with the most progressive and risk-taking albums. His patent trombone sound defined Latin soul, and he developed most of the best, original bands. Over a few critical years, these "kids" buried the awkward pop of "boogaloo" and ushered in the hip funk of true Latin soul. The struggle between commercial pop impulses and more artful, progressive Latin and Latin jazz continued, however.

For a time Cotique was the only Latin label taking chances on new, younger acts. These kids sang about pot, LSD, hippies, and whatever else it took to get across "the message." Chollo Rivera sang about his love for the blues as expressed in soul. Cotique served as the Blue Note of Latin soul but failed to survive the bad business deals that ruined the top Latin labels. Fleshing out the top tier were a few micro labels such as Fonseca, Swinger (Fania's token pitch to youth), and the tiny but fantastic Speed (which picked up where Cotique left off), but their output failed to surpass even the paltry offerings (under-pressed tax write-offs, some claim) on mainstream, non-Latin labels such as Decca and Columbia. Fania had Monguito Santamaria, Bobby Valentin, Larry Harlow, Ralph Robles, Joe Bataan, Ralfi Pagan, and a few others in addition to the mostly half-hearted efforts by the old masters.

Few albums are entirely boogaloo (or Latin soul), the rest being usually primordial salsa, guaguanco, or Latin jazz. The trend met with fierce resistance in its heyday, but periodic revivals do occur. The old-guard defenders of "roots" Spanish music are making their peace with it, and general collectors appreciate Latin soul as hip, early, cross-cultural pop -- not to be shunned as either bogus Latin or bogus soul. A proud product of New York City, Latin soul reflects "the place to be" in the 1960s and early 1970s.

Latin soul gave rise to heavier Latin funk and funky Latin rock. After giving up on the U.S.A., Perez Prado returned to Mexico City to record some deep funk under looser expectations than with RCA. El Chicano and War emerged from the Los Angeles "chicano" scene to dominate FM radio stations. In New York, Harvey Averne came up with an original sound combining Latin soul, funk, and rock. As with fellow New Yorkers Pucho and the Latin Soul Brothers, Averne was rediscovered during the "acid jazz" movement of the 1990s.

Buying: Very little Latin soul or Latin funk sold well enough to be considered common. Records on Latin labels rarely sold beyond New York City, and the more obscure records had a tough time even there. None should be taken for granted. Joe Cuba, El Chicano, and Tito Puente all made classic best-sellers that anyone can find, however. Advanced collectors should look beyond Fania/Tico/Alegre to Cotique (ideal for European tastes), which remains undervalued.

[Partly] Boogaloo/Latin Soul/Latin Funk LPs

6Joe Acosta: The Power of Love; Ghetto; 1971
7Leo Acosta y su orquesta: Boogaloo No. 1; Torre SN-19056 (Mexico; like Perez Prado)
6Leo Acosta y su orquesta: Mas Boogaloo con Leo Acosta; Capitol/Cap Latino ST-19024 (Mexico; mainly mod mambo like Prado)
8Los Adolescentes: Instrumentales par los Adolescentes--Los Sonidos de FM Mexico '68; RCA Victor MKS-1757; 1967 (mod/Latin soul/bossa/Mexicali/Latin rock)
Afro Blues Quintet [Plus 1] -- see Soul Patch/Vibes
Afro-Latin Soultet -- Latin Jazz
7Francisco Aguabella: Hitting Hard!!; Musimex/Epsilon E-8001; 1977
5Johnny Albino: Yo Soy tu Santa Claus; Starbright SLP-988 ("Merry Christmas Boogaloo")
9Xiomara Alfaro: Lo Mejor de Xiomara Alfaro; Audio Latino ALS-4025; (remakes include a funky update of "Siboney"; several with harp)
7Alfredito: Guajira con Boogaloo; Cotique CS-1003; 1966
7The Aquarians: Jungle Grass; MCA/Uni 73053; 1969 (Vladimir Vassilieff w/Francisco Aguabella, Bobby Hutcherson, Joe Pass, Al MacKibbon..)
7Chocolate Armenteros: Chocolate en Sexteto; Caiman 9001; 1983 (Latin/Latin soul "Chocolate en Guajira")
7Chocolate Armenteros: Chocolate y su Sexteto: Rompiendo Hielo; Caiman (vol. 2; lic. Philips 832-3841; 1987; Latin/Latin soul "Linda Guajira")
Mulatu Astatke -- see soul jazz (particularly 1966's "The Panther")
5Los Autenticos: Unicos, Dinamicos, Freneticos; RCA Victor MKS-3005 (Mexico)
8The Harvey Averne Dozen: Viva Soul; Atlantic SD-8168; 1968 (partly released on Fania 7" as Harvey Averne & Group Therapy, also on Atlantic single 2505)
9The Harvey Averne Dozen; Fania SLP-367
9The Harvey Averne Band: Brotherhood; Fania SLP-379
7The Harvey Averne Barrio Band; Heavy Duty 101; 1971 (Coco; Acid Jazz JAZID LP-93; 1994)
8Azuquita: Pura Salsa Melao; Vaya XVS-34; 1975
7Los Barbarians: El Mamito; 4 Points FP-1234
5Justi Barretto: Boogaloo--Shingaling; Starbright S-0990
Ray Barretto
6Eddie Bastian: Hippies Boogaloo; Hopes 885
Joe Bataan
6Pepe Bayard et Son Orchestre: On Tour in Haiti; Ansonia ALP-1442 ("Bang Bang")
8The Bennito Sextet Plus One; Mardi Gras SLP-5037
8Roberto [Berrios] y su Nuevo Montuno: El Nuevo Montuno Llego; Uniart ULP-501 (P.R.)
7Black Sugar; PMI, Peru (Latin funk; Lazarus Audio Products LAZ-100)
7Hugo Blanco: Bailables No. 4; Palacio LPS-66198 ("Guajira con Arpa")
7Hugo Blanco: Bailables No. 5; Palacio LPS-66217 ("Mister Boogaloo"--really "Bang Bang"; also licensed/reissued by All-Art or as Falcon FLP-3004)
7Blues Magoos: Never Goin' Back to Georgia; ABC ABCS-697; 1969 (rock; "El Pito--I'll Never Go Back to Georgia")
8Willie Bobo: Bobo! Do That Thing; Roulette/Tico LP-1108; 1963
8Willie Bobo: Let's Go Bobo!; Roulette SR-25272 (mod Latin twist/Latin rock/Latin soul/caribeat)
4Willie Bobo: Uno, Dos, Tres/1-2-3; Verve V6-8648; 1966
6Willie Bobo: Juicy; Verve V6-8685; 1967
6Willie Bobo: A New Dimension; Verve V6-8772; 1969/1968 (Latin soul/Latin jazz)
8Willie Bobo & the Bo-Gents: Do What You Want to Do; Sussex SXBS-7003 (soul jazz)
8Willie Bobo & the Bo-Gents: Willie Bobo Lost & Found; Concord CCD-3086-1 (2-LP; outtakes & alternates from the Sussex session)
8Manny Bolone & his Latin Boys: Boogaloo; Boogaloo 9001 (good covers of Alegre/Fania/Cotique hits)
8Pete Bonet: The Odds Are On; Swinger SS-155 (Barretto's vocalist)
7Pete Bonet & Louie Ramirez: The Beautiful People; Fania SLP-390
8Combo Boogaloo/Chacon y su Conjunto: Exitos del Boogaloo; Preciosa PR-1 (Latin soul covers & uptempo jazzy salsa)
7[Nico Gomez &] Brasil Tropical Sound: Brasil; EMI/MFP 2M046-13276; 1975 (mainly Brasilian/partly Latin funk; "Malaria Febre" updates "Jungle Fever")
8Sonny Bravo (The New York Latin Scene With): You Gotta Turn Me On; Columbia ES-1921 (vocals by Bobby Marin & the Latin Chords)
4Mario Busco(?): Aqui Estoy Yo!/Here I Is!; Alegre SLPA-8680
8Bwana; CBS/Caytronics CYS-1312; 1972 (Latin funk)
8Joe Cain: Latin Explosion; Time S-2123 (mod Latin jazz/Latin soul; w/Cachao, Clark Terry, Jerome Richardson, Jose Mangual, [drummer] Chocolate, Chino Valdes..; also as Joe Cain: Latin Au Go Go Discotheque; Mainstream S-6051/56051)
8Los Calvos: Estos Son; RCA Victor International FSP-197; 1967 (Venezuelan madness)
6Carlos Campos: Danzon y Boogaloo; Muzart DM-1320 (Mexico; mod boogaloo/Latin-rock like Prado)
7Angel Canales & Sabor; TR TR-125X; 1976 (Puerto Rico)
6Candido y su Movimento: Palos de Fuego; Gheto SG-0016 (Jose "Candido" Rodriguez, not Candido Camero)
7Candido: Soy Mezclao; Solo SLP-502; 1973 ("Who's Gonna Take the Weight"; Jose "Candido" Rodriguez, not Candido Camero)
6Papa Candito en New York; Montilla FM-224 ("Rico Boogaloo" & "Papa Candito Boogaloo")
7Papa Candito: Alegrias Navidenas Vol. 2; Montilla FM-235 ("Christmas Boogaloo")
7Eddie Cano & his Quintet: Brought Back Live from P.J.'s; ABC/Dunhill DS-50018 (Latin jazz w/Latin soul & rock covers)
7Felix Caraballo, la Preferida de: Que Vacilon con; MGM Latino LAT-10,004 (w/Louis Aviles)
8Jimmy Castor: Hey Leroy, Your Mama's Calling You/Tu mama te llama; Mercury/Smash SRS-67091; 1967 (prod. Luchi de Jesus)
8Nilton Castro: Rhythm & Soul; Vedette Phase 6 VPAS-904; 1972 (Italy; Latin funk/Latin
7Juan Cavero y su Conjunto: Atardecer Ye Ye; Orion LP-12-25135 (cumbia/Latin soul "Colombia's Boogaloo")
4Chacon: Su Orquesta y su Sabor!; Alegre SLPA-8710
8Chakachas: Jungle Fever; Polydor PD-5504 ("Jungle Fever")
7Chakachas; Avco AV-11005-598; 1972 (partly Latin funk)
7Chaparro; Rico RLP-703
8El Chicano: Viva Tirado; MCA/Kapp KS-3632; 1970
7El Chicano: Revolucion; MCA/Kapp KS-3640; 1971
8El Chicano: Celebration; MCA/Kapp KS-3663; 1972
9El Chicano; MCA 312; 1973
6El Chicano: Cinco; MCA 401; 1974
5El Chicano: The Best of Everything; MCA-437; 1975
6El Chicano: Pyramid of Love & Friends; MCA 2150
5El Chicano: This is...El Chicano; Shadybrook SB33-005; 1976
8El Chicles: La La La (Wah Wah WBSLP-007; 2001)
8Chuito & the Latin Uniques: From the Street; Speed SS-106 (Jesus Santiago w/"Spanish Maiden" sung by Tony Middleton)
8La Clave; MGM/Verve V6-8819; 1973 (likely promo-only; covers Lonnie Smith's "Move Your Hand")
9The Coasters: On Broadway; King 1146; 1972/1967-72 (partly Latin-soul w/Marty Sheller & Larry Harlow Orchestra)
8Earl Coleman & the Latin Love-In; Worthy W-1016; 1967
8Johnny Colon: Boogaloo Blues; Cotique CS-1004; 1966
9Johnny Colon: Boogaloo '67; Cotique CS-1007; 1967
7Johnny Colon: Move Over; Cotique CS-1014
7Johnny Colon: Portrait of Johnny; Cotique CS-1020
7Johnny Colon: Hot Hot Hot/Caliente de Vicio; Cotique CS-1067 (label may be red/orange (jacket "stereo compatible") or blue/orange (jacket "compatible stereo"))
7Johnny Colon: Tierra va a temblar; Cotique CS-1082; 1975
8Johnny Colon: Disco Hits "Soul & Latin"; Cotique CS-1087 (compilation)
6Santos Colon: Santitos; Fania SLP-387; 1969 ("Tu Me Haces Muy Feliz/You've Made Me So Very Happy")
9Willie Colon: El Malo; Fania SLP-337; 1967
8Willie Colon: The Hustler; Fania SLP-347
8Willie Colon: Guisando/Doing a Job; Fania SLP-370
7Willie Colon: Cosa Nuestra; Fania SLP-384; 1972 (w/some 1970 material)
6Willie Colon: The Big Break/La Gran Fuga; Fania SLP-394
6Willie Colon: Crime Pays; Fania SLP-406
7Willie Colon: El Juicio; Fania SLP-424; 1972
7Willie Colon: Lo Mato; Fania SLP-444; 1973
7Willie Colon: Willie; Fania SLP-464; 1974
8Willie Colon: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly; Fania SLP-484; 1975
7Comparsa Universitaria de la Laguna: On la Onda de la Comparsa Universitaria de la Laguna; RCA Victor Mexicana MKS-3004/MKL-3004 (Latin/Latin rock/Latin soul/mod)
9Manny Corchado & his Orchestra Featuring Tito Jimenez: Approvecha el Tiempo--Swing While You Can; Decca DL-74829
7[Orquesta] La Corporacion Latina; Music Gem 2001
7Dave Cortez & the Moon People/Los Astronautas: Land of Love; Speed SS-103; 1968 (mod Latin soul, breakbeats)
Serafin Cortez; Fonseca
5Rafael Cortijo & Ismael Rivera: Con Todos Los Hierros (Everything But the Kitchen Sink); Tico SLP-1158 ("Curazao Bon Vini Boogaloo")
8Cortijo & his Time Machine (y su Maquina del Tiempo); Coco CLP-108; 1974/1973 (quintessential avant/progressive)
Jack Costanzo w/Gerrie Woo
7La Crema: El Party Con Le Crema; United Artists UA Latino LT-LA138-D; 1973 (Bobby Marin, Louie Ramirez)
Bobby Cruz -- see Ricardo Ray
Joe Cuba
7Eduardo Davidson: Le Frisson; United Artists UAS-6581; 1967 (Latin twist/Latin soul)
7Eduardo Davidson: Le Chien--El Perro/The Dog; UA Latino LS-61027; 1968
7Orquesta Dee Jay: Pa 'alante; MGM Latino LAT-10,002 (salsa/Latin soul)
9Dianne & Carole with the Latin Whatchamacallits: Feeling the Pain; Speed SS-102 (w/Louie Ramirez; like the Supremes)
8The Duke of Burlington: Flash!; Wah Wah WLP-003; 2000 (reissue comp of their 2 LPs; Latin & psyche elements; "Viva Tirado")
7East Harlem Bus Stop: Get Down People!; D&M Sound DML-4 (Latin disco-funk with Pete Terrace & Marty Wilson!)
Mike Ensenat Orchestra; Cotique (if released)
7Al Escobar: El Sonido Moderno de Al Escobar; Tico SLP-1184
7Fajardo y Sus Estrellas: Fajardo in his New Sound Plays Boogaloo (jacket: Fajardo's Boogaloo); Kubaney MT-335 (Cuban/flute/Latin soul/Latin jazz; w/Eddie Palmieri's La Perfecta)
6Fajardo '76: La Raiz de la Charanga (Charanga Roots); Coco CLP-124 (prod. Harvey Averne)
7Fania All Stars: Live at the Red Garter Vol. 1; Fania SLP-355; 1972
Fania All Stars: Live at the Red Garter Vol. 2; Fania SLP-364; 1972
7Fania All Stars: Latin-Soul-Rock/Live at Yankee Stadium Vol. 1; Fania SLP-470 (w/Manu DiBango; NY & PR live & studio; beware of reissues under other titles)
7The Fania All Stars: Salsa ST; Fania JM-481; 1976 (2-LP set w/Manu DiBango & others from the Yankee Stadium set; also compiles old Latin & adds original interviews/speech & music covering history of Latin music)
7Chico O'Farrill: Married Well; Verve V6-5035 (mod Latin soul/mod Latin)
7Federico y su Combo Latino: Federico Boogaloo; Palacio LP-6228 (Federico Betancourt; Venezuelan)
Papo Felix with Ray Rodriguez; Ghetto
9Ray Fernandez & his Court; Sound Triangle ST-7778; 1973 (jacket: Ray & his Court; Latin soul/funk/Latin/organ)
7Orchestra Flamboyan: Los Coquetones; Cotique CS-1043
6Orchestra Flamboyan: Different Directions; Cotique CS-1052
9Orchestra Flamboyan: Se Viste de Gala; Cotique CS-1065
8[Frankie Dante &] Orchestra Flamboyan con Larry Harlow; Cotique CS-1071
7Markolino Dimond y Frankie Dante: Beethoven's V (Beethoven's Fifth); Cotique CS-1075; 1975 (guest Chivirico; backed by Larry Harlow Orchestra)
[Frankie Dante &] Orchestra Flamboyan: Los Salseros de Acero; Cotique CS-1086; 1976
6[Frankie Dante &] the Flamboyan All-Star Band; Cotique CS-1090; 1977 (not Latin soul)
Orchestra Flamboyan: Best Foot Forward; Cotique CS-1094
Orchestra Flamboyan: Los Rebeldes; Cotique CS-1102
8Flash & the Dynamics; Tico SLP-1233
Chaguin Garcia: Su Voz, Su Organo, y Ritmo; Hopes 873
Rulie Garcia & the East L.A. Congregation: [4 LPs on Billionaire]
7Gilberto Sextet: The Groovy Sounds of the Gilberto Sextet; Cotique CS-1001; 1966 (Gilberto Cruz)
7Gilberto Sextet: Yes, I Will; Tico SLP-1204 (better for Latin jazz than soul; P-Vine/Blues Interactions PLP-6587; 1993, Japan)
8Gilberto Cruz: Chanchullo/Dirty Business; Tico SLP-1235; 1971 (prod. Joe Cain; covers JB's "Hot Pants")
Kent Gomez: ?; Fonseca (on 3-artist comp if not his own LP)
7Kent Gomez & his Orchestra: My Ghetto; Mio International MCS-1002 (Pete Terrace's label)
Nico Gomez & his Orchestra: Fiesta Brasiliana; Omega 333.044 (Netherlands; Latin/Brasil)
Nico Gomez & his Orchestra: Fiesta Brasiliana 2; Omega 333.078 (Netherlands; Latin/Brasil)
Nico Gomez & his Orchestra: Viva Merengue; Omega 333.080 (Netherlands; Latin)
8Nico Gomez & his Afro Percussion, Inc.: Ritual; Omega 444.222 (Netherlands; Afro-Latin funk)
7[Nico Gomez &] Brasil Tropical Sound: Brasil; EMI/MFP 2M046-13276; 1975 (Brasil/Latin; "Malaria Febre" updates "Jungle Fever")
7Gonzalez; Gema/EMI 1-C-056-05686; 1974 (Germany; Latin funk)
6Gonzalez: Our Only Weapon is Our Music; EMI/Capitol ST-6443; 1975 (Latin funk/rock/jazz from Ontario)
4El Gran Combo: Ojos Chinos--Jala Jala; Gema LPG-1195
7El Gran Combo: Boogaloos con El Gran Combo; Gema LPG-3044
7El Gran Combo: Tu Querias Boogaloo? Toma Boogaloo!; Gema LPG-3052
6El Gran Combo: Pata-Pata Jala Jala Boogaloo; Gema LPG-3057
6El Gran Combo: Latin Power; Gema LPG-3074
7Bunky Green: The Latinization of Bunky Green; Cadet LPS-780; 1966 (w/the Dells)
7Grupo Oz (Latin funk; Lazarus Audio Products LP-955)
7Julio Gutierrez & Los Guajiros; Gema LPG-3040 (mod Latin soul)
8George Guzman: Introducing; Fania SLP-348
8George Guzman: In Line/En Linia; Fania SLP-373
7Orchestra Harlow: Heavy Smokin'; Fania SLP-331 (Larry Harlow)
8Orchestra Harlow: Gettin' Off/Bajandote; Fania SLP-334
8Orchestra Harlow: El Exigente; Fania SLP-342
7Orchestra Harlow Presenta a Ismael Miranda; Fania SLP-360; 1972
7Orchestra Harlow: Yo y mi Mono/Me & My Monkey; Fania LP-374
6Orchestra Harlow: Electric Harlow; Fania SLP-385; 1972
6Ambergris; Paramount PAS-5014 (funky rock--not Latin; Larry Harlow, Jerry Weiss, Charles Camilleri, Lewis Kahn..; prod. Steve Cropper)
6Ismael Miranda con Orchestra Harlow: Abran Paso!; Fania SLP-396
Orchestra Harlow: Harlow's Harem; Fania SLP-408 (compilation)
7Orchestra Harlow: Hommy, A Latin Opera; Fania SLP-425; 1973 (not Latin soul; w/Celia Cruz, Justo, Cheo, Pete "Conde" Rodriguez, Adalberto Santiago..)
7Orchestra Harlow: El Judio Maravilloso/The Marvelous Jew; Fania SLP-490; 1975/1974
8Eddie Hernandez & his Orchestra: All We Need is Love; Mio International MCS-1000 (Pete Terrace's label)
8Frank Hernandez y su Gran Orquesta: Ritmico!; RCA Victor Venezuala (Latin/Latin jazz/Latin soul; DejaVu 2,000,020)
The Hi-Latins: Meet the Hi-Latins; Josie (Montilla JGF JGM-1003)
The Hi-Latins: El Tramposo; Premio 915
7[Gil Suarez y sus] Hi-Latins; Starbright SLP-991; 1967
7Los Internacionales en Washington/The International in Washington; SM-501; 1971 ("With Soul Cha-Cha")
6Ray Jay & the Eastsiders; Cotique CS-1040; 1970 (w/Elliot Chiprut)
6The Jives; Tear Drop TD-2027 (Texas; covers James Brown's "Ain't it Funky")
7Kako & his After Hours Orchestra: Tribute to Noro: Alegre LPA-833 (Latin soul/Latin jazz; w/Charlie Palmieri, Cachao, Louis Ramirez, Joe Quijano, Rene Hernandez, Chivirico Davila, Chihuahua Martinez, Hector Rivera..)
7Kako & his Orchestra: Live it Up: Musicor MS-6036/MM-4036; 1968 (w/Azuquita)
9Kako & his Orchestra: Sock it to Me Latino; Musicor MS-6049/MM-4049; 1968 (w/Menique)
8Orquesta Kool: Kool Heat; Fonseca LP-1114
Lafayette Afro-Rock Band -- see Soul Patch/Afro-beat or funk
5Rolando Laserie: Yo Bailo Boogalo; Musart 1293 ("Yo Bailo Boogalo")
8The Lat-Teens; Cotique CS-1013 (w/Merino & the Toro Brothers)
7The Lat-Teens: Buena Gente/Good People; Cotique CS-1032; 1968
6The Lat-Teens: "Fuego" a la lata; Cotique CS-1044
6The Latin All Stars: Cha Cha Cha; Roper RRLP1009 (Latin/Latin soul "Mi Carretta"; with Pete Terrace)
9The Latin Blues Band Featuring Luis Aviles: Take a Trip Pussycat; Speed SS-101; 1968 (Louis Ramirez arr., Bobby Marin comp., Frankie Delgado vcl)
The Latin Dimension: It's a Turned-On World; Columbia EX-5226 (w/Roberto Torres)
7Latin Dimensions & the voice of Roberto Torres; Mericana MYS-109; 1972
7Latin Dimensions Vol. 2; Mericana XMS-126; 1974
7The Latin Souls: Boo-Ga-Loo & Shing-a-ling with the Latin Souls; Kapp KS-3524/KL-1524 (backed by Pete Rodriguez)
7The Latin Souls: Tiger Boo-Ga-Loo; Kapp KS-3553/KL-1553
7The Latinaires: Like it Is; Cotique CS-1047
9The Latinaires: Camel Walk; Fania SLP-349
Sir Lazarus: El Watusi; Colon-United LP-6305
6Raphy Leavitt y la Selecta: Mi Barrio; Borinquen DG-1221; 1972 (canta Sammy Marrero)
Eddie Lebron; Ghetto
8The Lebron Brothers Orchestra: Psychedelic Goes Latin; Cotique CS-1008; 1967
8The Lebron Brothers: The Brooklyn Bums; Cotique CS-1015
7The Lebron Brothers: I Believe; Cotique CS-1022
7The Lebron Brothers: Brother; Cotique CS-1039
6The Lebron Brothers: Llegamos/We're Here; Cotique CS-1042
6The Lebron Brothers: Salsa y Control; Cotique CS-1049
6The Lebron Brothers: Pablo; Cotique CS-1054
8The Lebron Brothers: Picadillo a la Criolla; Cotique CS-1055
8The Lebron Brothers: En La Union Esta La Fuerza; Cotique CS-1068
7The Lebron Brothers: Asunto de Familia; Cotique CS-1074; 1973
6The Lebron Brothers: The New Horizon; Cotique CS-1098; 1978
6The Lebron Brothers: Hot; Cotique JMCS-1105; 1981 (mostly salsa)
The Lebron Brothers [various?]: Discos Bailables; Cotique DBS-005
9Alfredo Linares y su Sonora: Boogaloo en Ambiente; Puchito/Adria MAP-91 (uptempo salsa/Latin soul/Latin jazz)
Joe Loco (Puerto Rico '68)
6Johnny "El Bravo" Lopez & his Super Combo [at the Bronx Casino in New York]; Maseda LP-511-M ("Pata Pata" & an original shing-a-ling)
5Mike Lugo y Su Combo Sonoro: El Bailador; Marfax LP-4000 (Puerto Rico; "Mulata")
5La Lupe: Dos Lados de/Two Sides of; Tico SLP-1162 ("Que Bueno Boogaloo")
5La Lupe: Reina de la Cancion Latina/Queen of Latin Soul; Alegre SLP-1167
7La Lupe: The Queen Does her Own Thing; Roulette SR-42024 (prod. Harvey Averne; rock covers)
5La Lupe: Stop! I'm Free Again; Tico CLP-1306; 1972 (prod. Joe Cain; some soulful songs)
6Lupo (Hiram Velasquez): Lupo El Fantastico; Cotique CS-1028 ("Boogaloopo"; w/Tito Puente)
8Macondo; Atlantic SD-7234; 1972 (Latin rock/soul/funk)
7Macondo: [title unknown]; Atlantic SD-7272; 1973 (possibly unreleased after test pressing; Latin rock/soul/funk)
7Carlos Malcolm: Don't Walk, Dance!; Roulette SR-25359; c.1964 (mod Latin/Latin soul/calypso-jazz)
9Malon--Juan Carlos Caceres: "El Camino" "Dale Negro"; London/Fontana 6444-505; 1972
8José Mangual: Buyu; Turnstyle 1433; 1977 ("Black & Brown Boogie")
6Orlando Marin: Out of My Mind; Coral/Brunswick BL-754159
8Orlando Marin y la Saxofonica: Orlando Marin's Saxofobia; Manana LP-503
Chano Martinez [LP on Hollywood] (probably Latin/Latin jazz)
9Chano Martinez: A Bailar Senores; Decca DL-74900 (Latin/Latin jazz/Latin soul; Chano Martinez Sextet featuring Rudy Calzado; Palladium PLP-149)
7Raphie Martinez & his National Combo: Cool Man! Boogaloo; Mary Lou MLLP-1002
Sabu Martínez (Afro Temple--Latin funk)
6Bobby Matos & the Combo Conquistadores: My Latin Soul; Philips
7Les McCann Ltd.: Bucket o' Grease; Limelight LS-86043 (Latin soul; w/Aki Aleong, Booker T. Robinson, Jose Torres..; at least some listed as monaural LM-82043 are stereo)
7Monchito & his Latin Swingers; Hopes 880
5El Combo Nacional: Esto Si, Es Boogaloo; Seeco LP-9296
8King Nando: Shing-A-Ling with King Nando; Swinger SLP-153 (Alegre SLP-890)
8King Nando: El Solinario/The Loner; Swinger SS-154
8King Nando: Unpredictable Sounds; Swinger SS-157
6Nelson y sus Estrellas: Jumpy Jumpy & Chingaly; Discolando 8030 (Columbian; Discomoda DCM-629)
7Nelson y sus Estrellas: Mucho Nelson; Discomoda DCM-118 (Columbian)
8The New Swing Sextet: The Explosive New Swing Sextet; Cotique CS- 1009
7The New Swing Sextet: A Taste of Latin Harlem; Cotique CS-1026
6The New Swing Sextet: Swinging Along with; Cotique CS-1041
6The New Swing Sextet: Revolucionando; Cotique CS-1050; 1970
7New York All Stars & Orquesta Novel: Fonseca en N.Y.; FOnseca SLP-1112 (more charanga/Latin jazz than Latin soul)
7La New Yorkers (Russell Cohen): Es Mejor Tarde que Nunca; Cotique CS-1035; 1968
9Frankie Nieves: The Terrible Frankie Nieves; Speed SS-105 (stereo versions LPs from this one on have new label in blue print)
8La Nueva Explosion; Cotique CS-1056
Ocho -- see Latin Jazz
8Ray Olan y su Sason: Sugar on Sunday; Alegre SLPA-8770/LPA-877 (piano-led but Cotique trombone sound)
8Orquesta Oliveri: A Swingin' Combination; Speed SS-104; 1968
5La Orquesta Novel; Hopes 874
6Orquesta Novel: Do the Boogaloo with; Fonseca 1112 ("Do the Boogaloo")
6Claus Ogerman & his Orchestra: Latin Rock; RCA Victor LSP-3813; 1967
Tommy Olivencia: Jala Jala & Boogaloo; Tioly?
7Chico Orefiche: Latin Underground with Chico Orefiche; Gema LPG-3062
Mario Ortiz All Star Band (Swinging with); Remo LPR-1510 (featuring Paquito Alvarez)
6Mario Ortiz & his All Star Band: The Best of; Remo LPR-1513; 1964 (featuring Paquito Alvarez & Chico Rivera)
6Paul Ortiz y la Orquesta Son; Ghetto GS-0012 (with vocals by Papo Felix & Machito on maracas)
7Goody Oswaldo [Swings]; Willow WS-1001 (w/Mark Weinstein, Pete Bonet..; liners by Ray Barretto)
7Tony Pabon & his All-Stars; Tico SLP-7681 (w/"Candido" Rodriguez, Kent Gomez, Fred Weinberg..; see also La Protesta)
7Johnny Pacheco: Latin Piper; Fania SLP-358 (mod Latin soul/soul-jazz flute/bossa)
8Ralfi Pagan; Fania SLP-377
7Ralfi Pagan: With Love/Con Amor (Original); Fania SLP-397; 1971 (begins with "Mi Camacho"; reissued by Marketing West)
8Ralfi Pagan: With Love/Con Amor (Revised); Fania SLP-397; 1971 (begins with "Make It With You"; English cuts from SLP-377 replace 4 Spanish titles)
6Ralfi Pagan: With Love/Con Amor (Revised/Flawed); Fania SLP-397; 1971 (revised version but flawed: same tunes both sides, though different order)
8Ralfi Pagan: Ralfi; Fania SLP-417
8Ralfi Pagan: I Can See; Fania SLP-488; 1975
Wiso Pagan: Wiso Boogaloo; La Flor
Charlie Palmieri
Eddie Palmieri
7Joe Panama: The Explosive Side of Joe Panama; Decca DL-74890; 1968 (some sweet soul)
7Joe Pappy: Boogaloos a la Joe Pappy & his Combo; Topstar LP-1208; 1967 (Latin soul/Latin/Latin jazz--descarga)
8Joey Pastrana & his Orchestra: Let's Ball; Cotique CS-1006; 1967 (jacket says "Pastrano"; solo after timbales for Bobby Valentin on Fonseca)
8Joey Pastrana & his Orchestra: Joey; Cotique CS-1012
7Joey Pastrana & his Orchestra: Hot Pastrana; Cotique CS-1025
7Joey Pastrana & his Orchestra: Joey in P.R.; Cotique CS-1036; 1968
7Joey Pastrana & his Orchestra: Joey en Carnavale; Cotique CS-1048
7Joey Pastrana & his Orchestra: The Real Thing/El Verdadero; Cotique CS-1053
7Joey Pastrana & his Orchestra: Discos Bailables/Music to Dance By; Cotique DBS-004 (compilation from 1st 4 LPs; jacket lists all LPs through 1055)
7Joey Pastrana & his New Orchestra: A Comer; Parnaso P-LPS-1092; 1972/1971 (w/Roy Roman..)
8Joey Pastrana: Don Pastrana; Parnaso P-LPS-1106; 1972 (not Latin soul but great salsa; "Godfather" theme & more; arr. Jack Hitchcock)
6Joey Pastrana & his Orchestra: Salsa Inferno; Salsa LP-719; 1978 (prod. Larry Harlow; w/Sonny Bravo, Marty Sheller, Victor Paz, Mauricio Smith, Jimmy Sabater, Willie Torrez, Larry Harlow..)
8Bobby Pauneto: El Sonido Moderno/The Modern Sound of; Mardi Gras SLP-5030 (mod Latin soul/jazz)
7Armando Peraza: Wild Thing; Skye SK-5D; 1968 (w/Cal Tjader, Pacheco..; Gryphon G-923)
Pijuan y su Sexteto; Borinquen (possibly Latin soul)
7Pijuan y su Sexteto: Shing-a-Ling & Boogaloo; Borinquen DG-1056 (w/Hector Rivera)
Pijuan y su Sexteto: Ahora Si!; Kubaney SMT-383
6Pijuan Sextet: Estamos en Todas/Groovy; Hit Parade HLP-019; 1968
7Pijuan & Sextet: Sabor a Pueblo; Hit Parade HLP-030; 1969
8Pipo y La Superior; Cotique CS-1059 (Nestor "Pipo" Colon's 1st LP is one of the last on Cotique; great salsa--borderline Latin-soul)
La Playa Sextet
Perez Prado
5Primitivo y su Combo: De Todo un Poco/A Little Bit of Everything ("Mi Nuevo Boogaloo")
7La Protesta; Rico LP-701; 1970 ("California My Way"; Jose Mangual Jr., Kent Gomez)
9La Protesta with Tony Pabon; Rico LP-706; 1971 (Tony Pabon, Kent Gomez, Manny Duran, "Candido" Rodriguez..)
7La Protesta with Tony Pabon: On the Right Track; Rico LP-710 (Tony Pabon, Kent Gomez, Manny Duran, Nestor Sanchez..)
6Tony Pabon y La Protesta featuring Nestor Sanchez; Rico LP-720; 1974 (salsa, not Latin soul; w/Hector Rivera, Vitin Aviles, Sonny Bravo)
8Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers: Tough; Fantasy/Prestige PR-7471; 1966
8Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers: Saffron & Soul; Fantasy/Prestige PRST-7502; 1967
7Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers: Shuckin' & Jivin'; Fantasy/Prestige PRST-7528; 1967 (w/Jackie Soul)
7Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers: Big Stick; Fantasy/Prestige PRST-7555; 1968 (w/Jackie Soul)
8Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers: Heat; Fantasy/Prestige PRST-7572 (w/Jackie Soul)
7Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers: Dateline; Fantasy/Prestige PRST-7616; 1969
8Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers: Jungle Fire; Fantasy/Prestige PRST-7765; 1969 (super rare)
7Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers: The Best of Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers with Jackie "Soul" Thompson; Fantasy/Prestige PRST-7679; 1969 (compilation)
6Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers: Super Freak; Zanzee SZLP-2603 (Lexington LLP-2002)
7Pucho & his Latin Soul Brothers: Yaina; Right-On Records RRO-5000 (Groove Time GTR 10001; 1993)
9Pucho & his Latin Soul Brothers: Rip a Dip; Fantasy/Milestone MCD-9247-2; 1995 (may be CD only)
8Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers: Caliente con Soul; Cubop CBLP-021; 1999
Tito Puente (at least 4 LPs)
6Pupi y su Charanga: Ritmo Jala Jala; Remo LPR-1530 (one good borderline Latin-soul track)
7Bobby Quesada: Boogaloo en el Barrio; Fania SLP-350
7Bobby Quesada: El Duro/The Strong One; Mary Lou MLS-1022 (w/Joe Panama arr.)
7Joe Quijano (Mr. Pachanga n' Changa) y el Conjunto "Cachana" featuring Paquito Guzman; Tee-Jay 1000; 1962
7Joe Quijano & his Orchestra: Everything Latin--Yeah, Yeah; Columbia CS-8870/CL-2070; 1963 (last of 3 LPs for CBS; partly proto-Latin soul--"watusi" era; w/arrangers Charles Fox & Marty Manning)
Joe Quijano & his Fantastic Conjunto Cachana: The World's Most Exciting Latin American Orchestra & Revue; Cesta CE-1000 (not Latin soul; group features Manny Corchado)
8Joe Quijano Swings...[Uptown & Downtown]; Cesta CE-2000 (missing the mambo-jazz title track!)
8Joe Quijano Shing-A-Lings; Cesta CE-3000
8Joe Quijano: My Joe Quijano Party Album; Cesta CE-4000 (jacket: The Joe Quijano Party Album; w/Manny Corchado, Willie Pastrana, Bobby Nelson..)
7Joe Quijano with Strings; Cesta SLP-5000 (not Latin soul)
7Joe Quijano: El Nuevo Joe Quijano; Cesta CE-10+
7Joe Quijano en Puerto Rico; Cesta CE-11+ (live; covers Carly Simon's "It's Too Late")
6Joe Quijano: The World's Most Exciting Latin Orchestra & Review; Cesta CESLP-20 Plus
7Joe Quijano: Ahora; Coco CLP-114; 1975 (prod. Harvey Averne, musical director Charlie Palmieri)
7Quique y la Sabrosa Orchestra; Hope LP-872 (w/"Papo" Felix Gonzalez)
7Toño Quirazco y su Show Cartier: A Ritmo de Boogaloo; Orfeon LP-12-550 (Prado-esque Mexican organ covering "I Like it Like That," "Uptight," more)
8Toño Quirazco y su conjunto: Mama Gorda; Orfeon LP-12-597 (Prado-esque Mexican organ covering "Shot Gun," "Fat Mama," more)
6Augustine Ramirez: El Cautivador; El Zarape ZLP-1023
7Louie Ramirez: En el Corazon de Harlem Espanol/In the Heart of Spanish Harlem: Mercury SR-61121
9Louie Ramirez: Ali Baba; Fania SLP-357
5Louie Ramirez: A Different Shade of Black; Fania/Cotique JMCS-1085 (Compatible Series 0698); 1976 (disco)
8Bobby Cruz & Ricardo Ray: For Lovers & Swingers; Mirabel 101 (reissues Fonseca singles; reissued as Seeco SCLP-9339 in bad ES)
7Ricardo Ray Introduces Bobby Cruz (A Go-Go-Go); Fonseca SLP- 1103
8Ricardo Ray Arrives/Comejen; Fonseca SLP-1106 (w/Bobby Cruz; "Brother Ray" is mod Latin; yellow or black vinyl)
7Ricardo Ray: On the Scene with Ricardo Ray (Vol. 2); Fonseca SLP-1107 (w/Bobby Cruz; black mono & white stereo versions share same number/jacket)
8[A Goza with] Ricardo Ray Orquesta: 3 Dimensions; Fonseca SLP-1109 (blue or black vinyl)
8[Ricardo Ray &] Bobby Cruz: En Navidad; Fonseca SLP-1116 (jacket: En Fiesta Navidena/Merry Christmas; in Venezuela as Performance 8520)
Ricardo Ray/Kent Gomez/Willie Rodriguez: Duelo Musical; Fonseca SLP-1119 (compilation)
9[Ricardo Ray/Bobby Cruz:] The Best Sound of Johnny Sedes (Mama Calunga); Fonseca LPF-1123
8Ricardo Ray/Bobby Cruz: Los Differentes en Puerto Rico; Fonseca LPF-1124 (compilation)
8Ricardo Ray [& Bobby Cruz]: Se Solto/On the Loose; Alegre SLPA-8500
8Ricardo Ray [& Bobby Cruz]: Jala Jala Y Boogaloo; Alegre SLPA-8570
8Ricardo Ray [& Bobby Cruz]: Jala, Jala Boogaloo Volume II; Alegre SLPA-8630
8Ricardo Ray & Bobby Cruz: Los Durisimos/The Strong Ones--Salsa y Control; Alegre SLPA-8700
6Ricardo Ray Orchestra: Let's Get Down to the Real Nitty Gritty: Alegre SLPA-8730 (rock & soul oldies; w/Bobby Cruz)
7Ricardo Ray: Aguzate; Alegre SLPA-8800
8Ricardo Ray & Bobby Cruz in Orbit; Branston/Alegre SLPA-8860; 1971/1970
6Ricardo Ray & Bobby Cruz: El Bestial Sonido; Vaya VS-1
7Ricardo Ray & Bobby Cruz: Felices Pascuas; Vaya VS-6 (Christmas; at least some mono copies really are stereo)
6Ricardo Ray & Bobby Cruz: Jammin' Live; Vaya VS-13; 1972 (live; includes Spanish cover of "Let it Be")
6Bobby Cruz con Ricardo Ray: Amor en La Escuela; Vaya VS-25; 1974 (2 funky Latin-rock songs, rest ballads)
8Ricardo Ray & Bobby Cruz 1975; Vaya VS-33; 1974
8Ricardo Ray, Bobby Cruz, Nydia Caro: Los Durisimos y yo!/The Hard Ones & Me!; Tico SLP-1182 (unusual stuff, breakbeats)
7Angel Rene & Johnny Rodriguez Orchestra: A Word of Advice/Un Consejo; Mardi Gras SLP-5040; 1969
El Rey Caney [2 LPs w/Hector Rivera]
7Louie Rey & his Orchestra: Here We Go!!/Aqui Vamos!!; Mio International MCS-1001 (Pete Terrace's label)
6Riot: Welcome to the World of Riot; Motown M6-806S1; 1974 (Latin funk/Latin rock)
8Chollo Rivera & the Latin Soul Drives: By Chollo; Cotique CS-1037
8Hector Rivera: At the Party; Barry BAR-101; 1967/1966 (5 outtakes include "I Wanna Chance for Romance"; canta John Fernandez; at least 1 pressing does not indicate stereo but is; "Calypso #10" is calypso-jazz)
9Hector Rivera: Hecto-Mania; 4 Points FP-1236; 1970
6Johnny Rivera & the Tequila Brass [La Tequila Llego]; Cotique CS-1010
6Johnny Rivera & the Tequila Brass: Up, Up & Away; Cotique CS-1024
8Ray Rivera: Latin Workout; Mercury SR-61182 (mod Latin soul/Latin jazz instrumentals; arr. & prod. by Claus Ogerman!)
8Ray Rivera: The Now Sound of the Ray Rivera Orchestra; MGM LAT-10001; 1970 (Latin soul/Latin jazz instrumentals)
7Ray Rivera: From Puerto Rico to Soulsville; Zanzee SLPZ-2602; 1972 (w/Pucho)
Orchestra Riverside: Boleros y Boogaloo; Antilla ANT-608 (Cuban, probably not Latin soul)
8Orquesta Riverside; Egrem LD-3647 (Cuban/partly Latin funk)
8Marco Rizo: Su Piano y Su Sonido Internacional del '70; Musart 1480 (Mexican LP, Cuban artist; "Afro Jazz")
7The Ralph Robles Octet: Caliente Brass; Audio Fidelity AFSD-6156; 1966 (also part of a 3-LP "Mexican Madness" box; w/George Guzman, Roy Roman..)
7Ralph Robles Was Here; Fania SLP-347
8Ralph Robles: Taking Over/Conquistando; Fania SLP-353
8Ralph Robles: Main Man/El Bravissimo; Fania SLP-372
7Freddie Rodriguez: La Versatilidad de Freddie Rodriguez; UA Latino LS-61001; 1967
9Johnny Rodriguez & Angel Rene Orchestra: Cookin' with A&J; Mardi Gras SLP-5036
7Pete Rodriguez: Latin Boogaloo; Alegre SLPA-8520
9Pete Rodriguez: I Like it Like That/A Mi Me Gusta Asi; Alegre SLPA-8550; 1966
7Pete Rodriguez: Oh That's Nice!/Ay, Que Bueno!; Alegre SLPA-8600
7Pete Rodriguez: Christmas Boogaloo/Boogaloo Navideño; Alegre SLPA-8610
8Pete Rodriguez: Hot & Wild--Yo Vengo Soltando Chispas; Alegre SLPA-8650
7Pete Rodriguez: Latin Soul Man; Alegre SLPA-8750
7Pete Rodriguez Now; Alegre SLPA-8810
Pete Rodriguez: At Last!; Remo LPR-1511 (probably not Latin soul)
6Pete Rodriguez: King of the Boogaloo; Remo LPR-1517 (not much boogaloo/Latin soul)
5Pete Rodriguez: Boogaloo; Remo LPR-1525 (not boogaloo/Latin soul!)
8Ray Rodriguez: Introducing Ray Rodriguez; Alegre SLPA-867
8Ray Rodriguez: Delusion; Alegre SLPA-869
7Willie Rodriguez: Jala Jala con Boogaloo (At the Happenin'); Fonseca LP-1115 (trumpeter, not the same-named percussionist)
8Mr. Willie Rodriguez with Leo Casino Orchestra: Pussycat; Fonseca LP-1117 (jacket: Heat Wave--Salsa)
7Willie Rodriguez Orchestra; Fonseca LP-1120 (cant. Adalberto Santiago w/Ricardo Ray's orchestra)
7Roberto Roena y sus Megatones: Se Pone Bueno/It Gets Better; Alegre SLPA-8510 (w/Mario Ortiz; prod. Pancho Cristal; rec. Puerto Rico)
7Roberto Roena y su Apollo Sound; Fania International SLP-383
7Roberto Roena y su Apollo Sound 2; Fania International SLP-393
6Roberto Roena y su Apollo Sound 3; Fania International SLP-413
6Roberto Roena y su Apollo Sound 4; Fania International SLP-423
7Roberto Roena y su Apollo Sound 5; [Fania] International SLP-443; 1973
6Roberto Roena y su Apollo Sound 6; [Fania] International SLP-473; 1974
6Roberto Roena y su Apollo Sound: Lucky 7; [Fania] International INT-907; 1976
7Roberto Roena y su Apollo Sound [8]: La 8va Maravilla (The Eighth Wonder); [Fania] International
8Roberto Roena y su Apollo Sound 9; [Fania] International INT-924; 1977
7Manny Roman: Eras; Decca DL-74879 ("Shing-A-Ling en Cuarto 403" & ballads; arr. Tito Puente)
7Roy Roman: The Youthful Mind; Cotique CS-1051 (salsa; ex-Ralph Robles Octet trumpeter w/Ray Maldonado, Pete Bonet, Bobby Cruz..)
7Felix del Rosario y su Magos del Ritmo [Quieres Gozar?]; Virgie DV-LP-1006 (Vol. 6) (Santo Domingo/Dominican Republic)
8Felix Rosario y sus Magos del Ritmo: El Locrio; Kubaney MT-341 (Latin/Latin jazz "Lisboa Antigua"/bossa mod Latin soul "Dafne")
6Willie Rosario & his Orchestra: Boogaloo & Guaguanco; Atlantic/Atco SD-33-236; 1968 (partly Latin jazz)
8Willie Rosario: Two Too Much; Musicor MS-6039/MM-4039 (Artol ACS-6039; w/Frankie Figueroa)
7Jimmy Sabater: Solo; Tico SLP-1190
8Jimmy Sabater: El Hijo de Teresa/Teresa's Son; Tico SLP-1211 ("Kool It")
7Jimmy Sabater: Gusto; Fania JM-565; 1980 (Louie Ramirez, Jose Madera, Sonny Bravo..)
8Jimmy Salcedo y su Onda Tres; Famos ELDF-1054 (mod Latin soul; Columbian rare groove)
9Pancho Sanchez: "Papa Gato"; Concord Jazz Picante CJP-310; 1987/1986 (Latin jazz/Latin soul "Baila Baila")
8Pharoah Sanders with [Juan Amalbert's] Latin Jazz Quintet: Oh! Pharoah Speak (Latin jazz/Latin soul; Spotlight on Pharoah Sanders with the Latin Jazz Quintet; Up Front UPF-150)
Mongo Santamaria
9Monguito Santamaria: On Top; Fania SLP-338
8Monguito Santamaria: Hey Sister; Fania SLP-361
7Monguito Santamaria: Black Out; Fania SLP-382
8Monguito Santamaria: En Una Nota!; Inca SLP-1040; 1974
9Johnny Sedes: The Best Sound of (Mama Calunga); Fonseca LPF-1123 (w/Chivirico Davila & Leo Gonzalez; really, it's a Ricardo Ray LP)
7Johnny Sedes: Acabundo!; King KS-60; 1986 (not Latin soul, nor the old King label)
7La Orquesta Sensacion de Rolando Valdes: Sabrosa Que Esta; Gema LPGS-3079 (charanga; "Lost Hippies," "Lo Ultimo en Boogaloo")
7Lenni Sesar; Fania SLP-368 (mod/big band/Latin jazz)
8Chano Scotty: The New Sound of Chano Scotty & his Combo Latino; Musicor MS-3120; 1967
8Chano Scotty y su Combo Latino: Favoritos Bailables; Musicor MS-3139; 1967
7Senor Soul Plays Funky Favorites; Double Shot DSS-5004; 1968 ("Sunshine Superman")
8Kenny Smith Quartet/Mauricio Smith Quintet/Mike Abeni Trio: Drum Star; Music Minus One MMO-4074; 1972/1971 (deluxe box w/book; features Dee Dee Bridgewater)
8Kenny Smith Quartet/Mauricio Smith Quintet/Mike Abeni Trio: Drumpadstickskin; Music Minus One MMO-4075; 1972/1971 (deluxe box w/book; features Dee Dee Bridgewater)
4Orquesta Soul: Bugalu; Dot
7Orquesta Soul: Los Boogaloos; Mercury Wing WC-16338 (arr. Felipe Yanez, prod. Luchi de Jesus)
8Soul Bossa Trio; Ubiquity/Cubop CBLP-003; 1995 (Latin soul/Latin jazz/bossa)
7[Mighty] Sparrow's Troubadors: Jump-Up Time with Sparrow's Troubadors; RA-2126 (instrumental calypso; covers Willie Bobo's "Juicy")
7Clark Terry: Mumbles; Mainstream S-6066 (arr. Joe Cain)
7TnT Band: TnT=Dynamite; Cotique CS-1011 (Tito Ramos & Tony Rojas)
7TnT Band: Mission Accomplished; Cotique CS-1023
7TnT Band: The Meditation; Cotique CS-1034; 1968 (compilation: 4 cuts from CS-1011; 6 from CS-1023)
8TnT Boys: Sex Symbols/Symbolos Sexuales; Cotique CS-1038; 1969 (called Hide Out on C-160 7" promo w/That's Life/I'm Gonna Get to You Yet)
7[ex-TnT Boys] Tito Ramos: Where My Head is At; Cotique CS-1069
8[ex-TnT Boys] Tony Rojas: Introducing Tony Rojas; Rico MLP-702 (heavy Cotique/George Golnder trombone sound)
Pete Terrace
8Ray Terrace: Baila, Baila (Dance, Dance); J/G-Jubilee JGM-7000 (w/Manny Roman;
8Ray Terrace: Baila, Baila (Dance, Dance); J/G-Jubilee JGM-7000 (w/Manny Roman; Pete Terrace arrangements)
Ray Terrace: Cuchi Frito Man; J/G-Jubilee (wanted)
9Ray Terrace: Home of Boogaloo; Capitol/Tower ST-5105
6Rey Texidor & his Boogaloo Orchestra: Let's Do It; Rey Tex RTLP-100
7Tico All-Stars: Descargas at the Village Gate Vol. 1: Tico SLP-1135 ("Guajira Controversial"; Chocolate Armenteros, Ray Barretto, Cachao, Candido, Joe Cuba, Johnny Pacheco, Charlie Palmieri, Eddie Palmieri, Victor Paz, Chino Pozo, Tito Puente, Barry Rogers, Jimmy Sabater..)
5Tico All-Stars: Descargas at the Village Gate Vol. 2: Tico SLP-1145 (Chocolate Armenteros, Ray Barretto, Cachao, Candido, Joe Cuba, Johnny Pacheco, Charlie Palmieri, Eddie Palmieri, Victor Paz, Chino Pozo, Tito Puente, Barry Rogers, Jimmy Sabater..)
7Tico All-Stars: Descargas at the Village Gate Vol. 3: Tico SLP-1155 ("Descarga Bugaloo"; Chocolate Armenteros, Ray Barretto, Cachao, Candido, Joe Cuba, Johnny Pacheco, Charlie Palmieri, Eddie Palmieri, Victor Paz, Chino Pozo, Tito Puente, Barry Rogers, Jimmy Sabater..)
Cal Tjader
8Toro; Coco CLP-106; 1975 (prod. Harvey Averne; w/Larry Harlow; Latin rock/Latin funk)
8Ozzie Torrens & his Exciting Orchestra: Boogaloo in Apartment 41; Decca DL-74830 (w/Louie Ramirez, Manny Duran, Charlie Palmieri, Manny Corchado..)
8Joe Torres: Get Out of My Way (jacket: Latino Con Soul); Liberty/World Pacific WPS-21857/WP-1857 (Latin soul/Latin jazz; mostly instrumental)
Rene Touzet (2 or 3 guajiras as proto-boogaloo)
7Teddy Trinidad: Siempre Conmigo; Teca LIS-715 (w/Julio Gutierrez; 3 mod groovers)
7El Typical Trinidad Conjunto: Cha-Cha y Slow; Fontana 826.537-QY (France; mod Latin/Latin mod soul)
9Bobby Valentin y su Orquesta: El Mensajero/The Messenger; Fonseca 1108 (jacket: Ritmo Pa Goza--El Mensajero; with Joey Pastrana)
9Bobby Valentin & Joey Pastrana: Los Reyes de la Candela/Kings of Fire; Fonseca 1126 (reissues Fonseca 1108 & adds 2 tunes)
8Bobby Valentin: Young Man With a Horn; Fania SLP-332
8Bobby Valentin: Bad Breath; Fania SLP-335
8Bobby Valentin: Let's Turn On/Arrebatarnos; Fania SLP-343
7Bobby Valentin: Se la Comio; Fania SLP-366
6Bobby Valentin: Algo Nueva/Something New; Fania SLP-401
6Bobby Valentin: Rompecabezas; Fania SLP-418
8Bobby Valentin: Soy Boricua; Fania SLP-439; 1972
7Bobby Valentin: Rey del Bajo; Fania SLP-457
6Bobby Valentin: In Motion; Fania SLP-469; 1974
Bobby Valentin: Bobby's Best; Fania SLP-507 (compilation)
6[Bobby Valentin as] Roberto y su Nuevo Montuno: Aqui Esta; [Fania] International SLP-414; 1972
6[Bobby Valentin as] Roberto y su Nuevo Montuno: El Yerbero del Barrio; Fania/International SLP-446; 1976 (covers "Cafe")
7Dioris Valladares en Vete Pa'l Colegio; Alegre LPA-809; 1961 ("Mi Guajira es Oriental"; leading Dominican singer, appears also on the 1st Ansonia LPs)
6Dioris Valladares: Con Pimiento; Musicor MS-6040/MM-4040; 1968
6Luis Varona, his Piano & Orchestra: The Moods of Miami '68; CBS/Epic BN-26379; 1968 (Latin soul/Latin rock; Varona formerly w/Machito & Tito Puente)
6Vladimir Vassilieff & his Orchestra: New Sound in Latin Jazz; Alegre SLP-854 ("Baby Boo Boogaloo")
7Chuito Velez: Hojas Muertas/Autumn Leaves; Decca DL-74926 (prod. Richard Marin)
6Johnny Ventura y su Combo: El Boogaloo Esta en Algo; Kubaney MT-340
6Vida E Inspiracion (Life & Inspiration); MCA/Decca DL-75183 (strong Spanish cover of "Sunshine Superman")
7Johnny Zamot: Boogaloo Frog; Grande 077 (canta John Fernandez)
7Johnny Zamot: The Latin Soul of Johnny Zamot & his Latinos; Decca DL-74838; 1969
9Johnny Zamot: Tell It Like It Is; Decca DL-74945 (canta Manny Roman)
8Johnny Zamot; Gema LPG-3076 (canta John "Pee Wee" Fernandez)
8Johnny Zamot; 7-11 SE-1 (w/John Fernandez, Manny Corchado, Ray Maldonado, Bobby Marin, Tito Jay..)
Johnny Zamot: La Guerra; 7-11 SE-2; 1970 (not Latin soul)
7Johnny Zamot: "Zamot"; Mericana XMS-122; 1974 (canta Manny Roman, who died during the session; only funky tune is "Soul Makoosa"-sic)
7Milton Zapata: Viva Zapata; Speed SS-107
8Various: 12 Top Tunes 1967; Tico TRLP-1163; 1967 (compilation of Tico/Alegre prod. Pancho Cristal; 1/2 Latin soul; Pete Rodriguez, La Lupe, Tito Puente, Joe Cuba, Eddie Palmieri, Celio Gonzalez, Ismael Rivera/Cortijo, Ricardo Ray, Charlie Palmieri, Celia Cruz, Hugo Leonel Vacarro, Los Chavales de Espana)
5Various: 20 Heavy Hits; Crystal S-600 (compilation; Ricardo Ray: "Nitty Gritty")
7Various: Acme Funk--A Collection of Hard Instrumentals; Funk002 (compilation; Joe Bravo: "Cissy Strut" & Ozzie Torrens: "Boogaloo in Apartment 41")
8Various: Afrodeclic; KS KSLP-02; 2002 (2-LP compilation; Kalle & l'Africa Team de Paris: "Africa Boogaloo"--French 45 written by Manu Dibango)
6Various: Bailables Nro. 1; Discos Fuentes 337069 (compilation; Orq. Novel: "Do the Bugaloo")
Various: Big Ol' Bag o' Boogaloo Vol. 1; Tuff City/Andale! (compilation)
Various: Big Ol' Bag o' Boogaloo Vol. 2; Tuff City/Andale! (compilation)
8Various: Big Ol' Bag o' Boogaloo Vol. 3; Tuff City/Andale! AND-LP-5903; 2006 (compilation; 7 Speed cuts, 4 Ghetto cuts)
7Various: Cotique All-Time Smashes Vol. 1; Cotique CS-1017 (compilation)
7Various: Cotique All-Time Smashes Vol. 2; Cotique CS-1031 (compilation)
7Various: Cotique All-Time Smashes Vol. 3; Cotique CS-1046 (compilation)
8Various: Cotique Golden Goodies [Vol. 1]; Cotique CS-1016 (compilation)
7Various: Cotique Golden Goodies Vol. 2; Cotique CS-1045 (compilation)
Various: Cotique Golden Goodies Vol. 3; Cotique (compilation)
9Various: Cuban Rare Groove; World Music Network/Rough Guides RGNET1348LP; 2016 (compilation)
8Various: Essential Funk Vol. 1; RMM; 1994 (compilation; Dave Cortez' "Happy Soul with a Hook")
Various: La Familia Cotique Les Desea Felices Pascunas; Cotique CS-1064 (Christmas; not Latin soul)
7Various: Gozalo! Bugalu Tropical Vol. 1; Vampi-Soul VAMPI-080; 2007/1965-9 (Latin soul/Latin jazz/descarga/cumbia; 2-LP compilation of Peruvian tracks)
7Various: Gozalo! Bugalu Tropical Vol. 2; Vampi-Soul VAMPI-092; 2007/1965-9 (Latin soul/Latin jazz/descarga/cumbia; 2-LP compilation of Peruvian tracks)
8Various: Gozalo! Bugalu Tropical Vol. 3; Vampi-Soul VAMPI-113; 2009/1966-70 (Latin soul/Latin jazz/descarga/cumbia; 2-LP compilation of Peruvian tracks)
7Various: Heavy Hits; Adam VIII A-8010; 1974 (for El Chicano's "Tell Her She's Lovely")
8Various: Hi-C Presents the Cotique All Stars Associated Artists; Cotique Hi-C 1 (jacket: "The Makers of Hi-C Fruit Drinks Present 'In the Latin Flavor/Sabor Latino'"; compilation)
8Various: Latin Rare Groove Vol. 1; World Music Network/Rough Guides RGNET1309LP; 2014 (compilation)
8Various: Think Smart...(stupid title); Kent 064 (compilation/reissue of Old Town/Barry singles; notable only for Hector Rivera)

Select Latin-Soul & -Funk 45s & EPs

8Un Dos Tres y...Fuera: Nathalie Oh!/Machu Picchu; Discolando 3820; 1976 (Venezualan)
7Mario Allison y su Combo: Bamba Cure/Louie Louie; J&G 8063 (guaracha/boogaloo; leading star from Peru)
9Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra featuring Mayra Vega: Che Che Cole; Daptone Dap-12001 (Afro-Beat/Afro-Latin; 4-cut 12" 33rpm mislabelled as 45rpm; Che Che Cole/Che Che Cole instrumental/Che Che Cole Makossa/Makossa #3)
8The Harvey Averne Band: Let's Get it Together this Christmas (Averne)/Christmas Song (Mel Torme); Fania 551 (A-side funky vocal, B-side vibes w/barking dogs!)
Joe Bataan
8Willie Bobo: Dansez "le Bobo"; Disques Vogue VREZ-65-019 (lic. Roulette/Tico; Bobo! Do That Thing/Be's That Way/Rigor Mortis/Chickadee)
9Willie Bobo: Let's Go Bobo compact-33; Roulette SBG-272 (Let's Go Bobo/Wild Rice/Twist the Monkey's Tail/The Hip Monkey/Get Crackin'/Be's the Other Way)
5Caceres: Contigo mi Vida/Rompe con Todo; Philips 60.09.319; 1973 (B-side funky Latin rock from Spain)
7Eddie Cano & his Quintet: El Pito (I'll Never Go Back to Georgia)/The Shadow of Your Smile; ABC/Dunhill 45-D-4045 (Latin-soul A-side on the Brought Back Live from P.J.'s LP but 5-min. Latin-jazz B-side not!)
2El Chicano: I'm in Love With.../same; Columbia 38-04551; 1984
8The Coasters: Love Potion Number Nine/D.W. Washburn; King 6385; 1972 (Latin-soul A-side w/Larry Harlow Orchestra; on LP 1146)
9The Coasters: Cool Jerk/Talkin' 'Bout a Woman; King 6389; 1972 (Latin-soul A-side arr. Marty Sheller w/Larry Harlow Orchestra; on LP 1146)
7David Coleman w/the Hector Rivera Orchestra: My Foolish Heart/?; Barry 1013; 1966 (reissued on compilation LPs by Ace/Kent)
6Dickie Goodman: On Campus/Johnny Colon: Mombo Suzie; Cotique C-158
8Bobby Cruz y su Combo: El Maton (The Killer)/Negra Bombon; Fonseca
8East L.A. Car Pool: Like They Say in L.A. ("Have a real nice day")/Linda Chicana; GRC 2065; 1975 (funky Latin soul/Latin jazz)
8Pepe Fernandez: C-Rations & Corn Bread/Havin' Fun; 20th Century Fox 45-6685
8Hollis Floyd: Black Poncho is Coming/Everything is Everything; Silloh S-31775 (funky Latin-esque ska)
9[Rulie Garcia & the] Brown Brothers of Soul: Cholo/Poquito Soul; Specialty 698
8Rulie Garcia & the East L.A. Congregation: Be My Girl Blues/Sabrosito; Billionaire 1027 (Sabrosito/[same]; United Artists 51104; 1972)
9Rulie Garcia & the East L.A. Congregation: Que Pasa Part 1/mono; United Artists UA-XW263-W; 1973 (promo)
6Gilberto Sextet: Come a Little Closer/So Groovy; Cotique 107 (not on LP 1001)
8Group Guerra - 78: Soul Makossa/La Muerte de Lola; Discolando D-3774 (Venezualan)
9The Sound of Julio Gutierrez: Fun-K-City/Revival; Vico 1003
8The Latin Quarters: Mira Mira/Mambito; Red Bird 10-000
6Lebron Bros.: Proud Mary/Don't Be Afraid; Cotique C-219 (A-side non-LP; B-side on LP 1039)
9Ricardo Marrero & the Group: Babalonia/My Friend; Yu Qui Yu 101 (Latin funk; from Tecate (Jesus Saves) ST)
7King Nando: Orchard Beach Shing-a-Ling Parts 1 & 2; Swinger SS-101
Frankie Nieves: True Love/Amor Sincero; Speed SP-1015
6Claus Ogerman: Yambo/Lotar's Theme; RCA Victor 47-9064; 1967 (from "Latin Rock" sessions; B-side w/ondioline not on LP)
9One G Plus Three (Mas Chicano + One Gringo): Summertime/Poquito Soul; Gordo 705 (funky Latin jazz; Paramount PAA-0054)
7Pete & Louie: De'se Mismo Trago/Joe Gaines Express; Fania 564 (Pete Bonet & Louie Ramirez; B-side the only Latin-soul cut on Fania SLP-390)
9Hector Rivera: I Wanna Chance for Romance/?; Barry 1020 (reissued on compilation LPs by Ace/Kent)
7Lalo [Schifrin]: Latin Soul/mono; Verve VK-10705 (Latin funky rock)
8Arthur Sterling with the Pucho Band: Ain't That Right/Darin's Mambo; Verve VK-10490; 1967

Latin-Soul 78 (just 1!)

8Bobby Cruz y su Combo: El Maton (The Killer)/Negra Bombon; Fonseca 1115

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