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Sabu & Art Blakey, from Orgy in Rhythm, Vol. 2

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Below, titles of LPs crediting Sabu as leader are linked to pages which include track and other session information, comments, and in many cases reproductions of the LP jacket fronts. Further information is very welcome.

Buying: Original LPs with Sabu as leader range from very difficult to all-but-impossible to find. Some of the sideman LPs are commonly available, however. Pass up nothing. If resorting to CDs, beware of "Sabu" listings which are not Luis (or Louis) "Sabu" Martinez.

Sabu Martínez LPs

8Sabu: Palo Congo; Blue Note BLP-1516; 1957 (w/Arsenio Rodriguez)
7Louis "Sabu" Martinez: Safari with Sabu; RCA Vik LX-1122; 1958/1957
8Sabu & his Percussion Ensemble: Sorcery!; Columbia Adventures in Sound WL-101; 1958/1957 ("Sorcery" also on Various: Adventures in Sound; Columbia 2-LP promo 42396; 1958/1957)
9Sabu Martinez & his Jazz-Espagnole; Alegre LPA-802; 1960
6Sabu y sus Satelites: In Orbit; SMC Pro-Arte SMC-1083; 1960 (Sabu in Orbit; Lazarus Audio Products LP-1083/1084; 1997)
6Sabu & his Afro-Cuban Jazz Sextet: Astronautas de la Pachanga; SMC Pro-Arte SMC-1084; 1960 (Sabu in Orbit; Lazarus Audio Products LP-1083/1084; 1997)
7Groovin' with Sabu Martinez; Metronome MLP-15316; 1968
8Afro Temple; Grammofonverket EFG-7341; 1973 (Pure PR-101; 1993)

Sabu 45s

7Sabu Martinez Trio: Jag Vill Tro/[Sittin' On] the Dock of the Bay; Malwax MAL-5003; 1968 (also on Groovin' with Sabu)
Sabu in Tunisia, from <I>Afro Temple</I>

U.S. LPs, Sabu as Guest or Sideman

6[Dizzy Gillespie] RCA Victor; 1948 (Dizzier & Dizzier; 16 Rare Performances; When Be-Bop Met the Big Band; "Diz"; Dizzy Gillespie Vols. 1 & 2)
8Horace Silver Trio Vol. 2 10"; Blue Note BLP-5034; 1953 ("Message from Kenya" -- duet w/Art Blakey, also on Horace Silver Quintet & Spotlight on Drums & Various: Blue Note Gems of Jazz)
7Buddy de Franco Quartet: Buddy de Franco Takes You to the Stars 10"; GNP 2; 1954 (also U.K. Vogue LDE-077; "Star of Africa"--Sabu duet w/Art Blakey)
5J.J. Johnson: The Emminent J.J. Johnson Vols. 1 & 2; Blue Note BLP-1505 & BBLP-1506; 1960/1954
6Louis Bellson: The Driving Louis Bellson; Norgran MGN-1020; 1955
9Art Blakey: Orgy in Rhythm Vols. 1 & 2; Blue Note BLP-1554 & BLP-1555; 1957 (France issued e-stereo LP in 1983; CD 1st release in true stereo except 1 mono track)
7Art Blakey: Holiday for Skins Vols. 1 & 2; Blue Note BLP-4004 & BLP-4005; 1960/1957
7The Jazz Messengers with Sabu: Cu-Bop!; Jubilee JLP-1049; 1957 (Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers Plus Sabu; reissued as Springboard/Trip TLP-5019; 1974 though not stereo as jacket indicates and as 1/2 of 2-LP reissue Messages; Roulette RE-131; 1976)
7The Art Blakey Percussion Ensemble: Drum Suite; Columbia CL-1002; 1958 ("The Sacrifice" also on Jazz Party sampler)
6Tony Bennett: The Beat of My Heart; Columbia CL-1079; 1958
8Various: Afro-Drum Carnival; GNP-25 ("Star of Africa") (1st press white-label w/red-print jacket back)
4Various: Jazz Confidential; Crown [CST?-] CLP-5056 ("Wash Out")
Note that Sabu is on neither GNP's Be My Guest LP (which does have a track from GNP-2 but not the one with Sabu) nor Jungle Percussion (named after the actor Sabu, just as was Louis Martinez).

Scandinavian & European LPs with Sabu

7Juhani Aaltonen & Otto Donner: Strings; Love LRLP-160; 1976 (5 Sabu tracks; Finland)
Björn Arahb Jag Är En Bekymrad Socialist; YTF 5086063; 1974 (further info wanted)
7Björbobandet: Aurora Borealis; COOP LP-71-01; 1971
Botkyrka Big Band; A Disc BS-790516; 1979 (not Sabu but Johnny plays on "The Third Street Swinger (Sabu Martinez in memory)")
Debbie Cameron & Richard Boone: Brief Encounter; Metronome MLP-15627; 1978
6Cecilia & Pursey: La Salsa; Aksent LP-149; 1976/1975
6Kenny Clarke-Francis Boland Band: Latin Kaleidoscope; MPS-15213; 1970
Eero Koivistoinen Music Society: Wahoo!; Fin RCA YFPL-1-806; 1973/1972 (Sabu on "Suite 19")
4Art Farmer: A Sleeping Bee; Europafilm EFG-5015084; 1976/1974
Jerker Hallden: Spelvisor, 12 visor utan ord/Play-songs, 12 Without Words; YTF-50470; 1980/1978 (1 Sabu track)
5Gugge Hedrenius' Big Blues Band: Blues of Stockholm; Polar POLS-257; 1974
4Gugge Hedrenius' Big Blues Band: Blues of Europe; Polar POLS-268; 1976/1975
4Merit Hemmingson Plays; RCA Camden YSJL-1-547; 1968
6Merit Hemmingson: Trollskog/Troll Forest--mer svensk folkmusik på beat; Columbia E-062-34604; 1972
7Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass: Waitaminute; MPS MB-21751; 1973
Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass: Wide Open; MPS 15.391; 1974/1973
6[Peter Herbolzheimer] Rhythm Combination & Brass: Live at Ronnie Scott's; MPS BAP-5058; 1975/1974
7Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass: Live Im Onkel Pö; Polydor 2371-564; 1975 (also known as "The Catfish")
Jan Johansson: Blues; HECD-018 (1 Sabu track, "Blowing in the Wind"--live)
6Greetje Kauffeld: And Let the Music Play; Polydor/Medium 2441-044; 1974
5Kornet: Fritt Fall (Free Fall); Manifest MAN-11; 1977 (2 Sabu tracks)
Ivan Oscarsson: Ivan the Terrible; Dragon LP-7; 1976 (1 Sabu track)
5Charlie Mariano: Reflections; RCA YFPL-1-828; 1974
6Charlie Norman: Charlie...; Polar POLS-223; 1970
Radiojazzgruppen: Vårdkasar/Beacons; SR; 1968
Radiojazzgruppen: Höstspelor; SR RELP-1058; 1968 (Sabu on "Zero" & "Canteloupe Island")
Radiojazzgruppen: Blåsländor/Blue Dragonflies; SR RELP-1111; 1970 (Sabu on "Sabu" & "Svit Cosmopolit")
Radiojazzgruppen: George Russell & Radiojazzgruppen
Dieter Reith: Knock Out; MPS/Saba 15.456; 1975/1974-5
Bernt Rosengren Big Band: First Moves; EMI 7C-062-35428; 1977 (Sabu, Johnny, and René)
George Russell: Vertical Form VI; Soul Note SN-1019; 1977
7George Russell: Our Delight (or New York Big Band); Soul Note SN-1039; 1982/1977-78 (1 Sabu track: "Cubano Be Cubano Bop" rec. live in Sweden, Narch 10, 1977--his last recording)
8Tony Scott: Manteca; Sonet SLP-2548; 1973 (Sabu on all 6 tracks)
Sveriges radios jazzgrupp:: Bengt-Arne Wallin: Seimisk komposition/Daniel Bell: Monday's Child; RELP-1194; 1971 (Sabu on "Monday's Child")
Terry (female vocalist): Talofa; EMI E062-34916; 1973 (Sabu & Johnny Martinez)
7Ed Thigpen: Action re action; Sonet SNTF-689; 1975 (in US as GNP/Crescendo GNPS-2098; 1976)
6Cornelis Vreeswijk: Tio vackra visor och personliga person/Ten Beautiful Tunes & Personal Person; Metronome MLP-15313; 1968 ("Groovin'" trio + vocalist; reissued 1972)
6Mads Vinding: Danish Design; Sonet Grammofon AB SLP-2560; 1977 (7 Sabu tracks; Peters International/Cosmos Collector CCLPS-9018)
7Bengt-Arne Wallin: Varmluft; Sonet SLP-2528; 1972
5Lasse Werner: Därför dricker jag (That's Why I Drink): Dragon DRLP-20; 1979/1967 & 1978
8Various: Between or Beyond the Black Forest; Crippled Dick CDHW-056; 1999 (2-LP; MPS/Saba recordings)
7Various: Between or Beyond the Black Forest 2; Crippled Dick CDHW-064; 2000 (2-LP; MPS/Saba recordings)

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