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Latin subpage: Perez Prado LPs & 45s

Perez Prado

The Word: There are several Damaso Perez Prados. First is the popularizer of the mambo, the best-selling hit maker of 1950s Latin (beginning in Mexico City before RCA Victor in the U.S.). Second is the Latin-rock hybrid he worked on in the 1960s. Third is the return to Mexico City and world stages with a band that played Latin funk as easily as the older hits. All three are fascinating, exciting, and always rewarding. The only Prado LPs to avoid are the ubiquitous budget-label, public-domain things with only one or two pre-RCA tracks by Prado. Imports are the best!

As always, in Latin only originals give you the sound of the original masters.

Further below: Perez Prado 45s

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Perez Prado Plays Mucho Mambo for Dancing 10"; RCA Victor LPM-21; E/as is $20 -- mambo; the classic, first, six-cut mambo LP by the master; decent jacket tho worn disc (has pops and noise but plays amazingly well, especially by 10" standards); recommended as a jacket upgrade, placeholder, or in conjunction with clean versions of these tunes (where reissued on 12" LPs); Mambo #8, Pachito E-Che, Oh Caballo, Babarabatiri, Mambo #5, Pianolo

Perez Prado: Mambo Mania; RCA Victor LPM-1075; 1955; N-/E+ $25 -- his first 12" LP features Cherry Pink but the rest are some of his now lesser-known early hits, including mambifications of standards, tributes to Marilyn Monroe, Stan Kenton, Billy May, etc.; awesome jacket of his face in lurid purple closeup; Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White (Cerezo Rosa), Ballin' the Jack, Tomcat Mambo, April in Portugal (The Whispering Serenade), Mambo a la Kenton, The High and the Mighty, Marilyn Monroe Mambo, St. Louis Blues Mambo, Skokiaan, A la Billy May, Mambo de Chattanooga (Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy), Mambo en Sax

Perez Prado w/Shorty Rogers: Voodoo Suite Plus Six All-Time Greats; RCA Victor LPM-1101; (c)1955; E/E- $15 -- great early one with stellar, dramatic, intense Afro-Cuban Suite (all of Side 1) and a sensational voodoo-dancer jacket; rare pairing of RCA's top Latin and jazz greats in their prime, to good effect; Voodoo Suite (Afro Cuban Jazz Suite), St. James Infirmary, In the Mood, I Can't Get Started, Jumping at the Woodside, Stompin' at the Savoy, Music Makers

Perez Prado: Havana, 3 a.m.; RCA Victor LPM-1257; 1956; E/E- $15 -- THE smokin' classic that kicked down the doors for authentic Latin music in North America (finally, white folks outside of Manhattan could hear the real thing) and set his career ablaze...again!; if you're only going to have one or two of the early Perez Prado LPs (or if you just want his best Cuban/mambo work that is not on the greatest-hits collections), make sure you have it; La Comparsa, Desconfianza, La Faraona, Besame Mucho, The Freeway Mambo, Granada, Almendra, Bacoa, Peanut Vendor, Baia, Historia de un Amor, Mosaico Cubano

Perez Prado: Havana, 3 a.m.; Caytronics/Arcano DKL1-3173; 1978/1956 (import/reissue of RCA Victor) E/N- ES $25 -- rare electronic-stereo version (worthwhile even if you have the mono original); essential not just for the hot jacket, it's THE smokin' classic that kicked down the doors for authentic Latin music in North America (finally, white folks outside of Manhattan could hear the real thing) and set his career ablaze...again!; if you're only going to have one or two of the early Perez Prado LPs (or if you just want his best Cuban/mambo work that is not usually comped on greatest-hits collections), make sure you have it; La Comparsa, Desconfianza, La Faraona, Besame Mucho, The Freeway Mambo, Granada, Almendra, Bacoa, Peanut Vendor, Baia, Historia de un Amor, Mosaico Cubano

Perez Prado: Latin Satin; RCA Victor LPM-1459; 1957; N-/N- $30 -- Latin; of the early, classic, 1950s, Victor LPs by Prado, this is one of the rarest--the last one most collectors will find, at least in top shape; great for both the soft-focus jacket and a set that's typical of him in the period (it's not a purely mushy ballad set as the title might imply) including some tawdry mambifications of such major hits as "Sway" and "Tabu"; Perfidia, Lamento Gitano, Perhaps,Perhaps,Perhaps, Green Eyes, Sway, Come Closer to Me, Frenesi, You Belong to My Heart, Estrellita, Tabu, Always in My Heart, Adios

Perez Prado: Dilo (Ugh!); RCA Victor LPM-1883 (mono only!); 1958; 1st press E/E+ $20 -- Latin/Latin rock/whistling; despite the year and number there is no stereo for this title (why, we don't know, but probably someone screwed up the stereo recording, if any, and that was the end of it) so don't even think of making the mistake that some have of holding out for a non-existent two-channel copy; instead, snap up one of his greatest albums in all its superb hi-fi sound, with lots of tasty surprises (not just the smash hit "Patricia"--you also get some electric guitar, whistling, and pretty zippy tunes); also invaluable for explaining what his signature "grunt" is all about, plus a nice profile sketch/caricature on the back; Patricia, Why Wait, A Lo Loco, Cuban Rock, Lonely, Leyenda Mexicana, Pampa, Bandido, Cose Cose Cose, Monitor Mambo, Pretty Doll, Back Bay

Perez Prado: Rockambo; RCA Victor LPM-2308; 1961; E-/N- S $25 -- mambo rock/Latin rock; "The orchestra with the beat"; one of Prado's most desired Victor titles, although it's just one of several of his underrated efforts to blend rock with Latin; kicks off the Latin-rock/Latin-twist hybrid a year before the twist hit big!; Rockambo a la Prado, Julie is her Name, San Remo, El Rikitiki, Envidias, Guadalajara, Rockambo Baby, Rockambo #4, Oh Oh Rosie, Maria, Rockambo Bop, Samia

Perez Prado Features the New Dance "La Chunga" by the Arthur Murrays; RCA Victor LSP-2379; 1961; "2S" press V+/N shrink S $25 -- Latin dance rock; don't let the dance-studio tie-in and clumsy title fool you, this is a smoker from his experimental Latin-rock/Latin-twist period; along with "Rockambo," "Twist Goes Latin," and "Our Man" it's one of his essential, uptempo, late, great RCA LPs (and for some reason very scarce in stereo); you will love it!!!; Ritmo de Chunga, El Escrupuloso, La Chunga, Chunga-La Chunga-La, Rica Chunga, La Toalla, Teresita la Chunga, El Saco y la Camisa, Chunga Es, Bailando la Chunga, La Viuda de Saragoza, El Burro

Perez Prado: Twist Goes Latin; RCA Victor LSP-2524; 1962; N-/N- S $60 (or mono LPM-2524 1st press N-/N $50, specify) (or mono 1st E/N $40, specify) -- Latin dance rock/Latin twist; 1 of his rarest, most fun, and sought-after LPs (some have called it the holy grail of his US Victor LPs but we manage to find it); completely revved-up, as if all of his fastest 33rpm tunes are played at 45!; WILD & CRAZY CHICKS DIG IT!!!; thrill-stuffed, madcap, zany, Latin-twist versions of Sway, Patricia, Cherry Pink, Hava Nagilah and more--GO NUTS!!!; Ti-Pi-Tin, The Twist of Hava Nageela, Sway, Saigon Twist, La Raspa, Venezuela Twist, Patricia, St. Louis Blues Mambo, Sabra, Cachita, Anna, Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White

Perez Prado: Our Man in Latin America; RCA Victor LSP-2610; 1963; E+/N- S $25 (or V+/E- S $15, specify) -- Latin rock/Latin twist; "the Twist...the Bossa Nova..and now--the 'Bongoson'!"; yep, this is his most exciting '60s LP, and it rocks like Twist Goes Latin (think of it as a second volume) but is even better and more sophisticated (and the tunes are not as brief); "Alma Llanera" and "Tico Tico No Fuba" rank among his most exciting work ever; uptempo standards (such as Peanut Vendor) and others are rearranged in unexpected ways: sambas become bongo-sons, etc.; do not fail to own this!!!; Canto Siboney, Estrellita del Sur, Campanitas de Cristal, Guadalajara, Ay Ay Ay, Guarare, The Peanut Vendor, Tico Tico No Fuba, Pachito E-Che, Uno, Alma Llanera, Compadre Pedro Juan

Perez Prado: Dance Latino; [RCA Victor LSP-3330; 1965;] Australian import RCA Camden CAMS-134; N-/N- S $40 (or German Gema import E-/N- S $30, specify) -- his final US Victor LP (before returning to Mexico and getting funkier) is the hardest-to-find of all, at least for most people, so snap it up while you can; Adios Pampa Mia, One Night, Fast Goodnight (calypso!), Romana, Peg o' My Heart, Cricket Serenade, La Rubia, Cucara Cha-Cha-Cha, Be True to Me (Sabor a Mi), Surfside 6, Abulaby Laby (exotic), Keep Dancing

Perez Prado: Lights! Action! Prado!; United Artists UAL-3394; 1965; 1st press N-/N $15 -- Latin/themes; breaking away from RCA at long last, Prado's first outing for the UA label is all covers of movie themes, including two of Bond (James Bond with bongos!) and a Beatles; Woman Of Straw, A Hard Day's Night, Goodbye Charlie, Love Goddess, Zelda's Theme, Topkapi, Girl with Green Eyes, The James Bond Theme, No Love--No Nothin', Goldfinger, Emily, Lilith Melody

Perez Prado: Concierto Para Bongo; United Artists/UA Latino LS-61005; 1967 (reissues United Artists UAS-6489); N-/E+ shrink S $50 -- scarce, funky, mod tour de force rec. in Mexico City; "Cayitano" is one of his first funk tunes plus several more very happening mod things (Claudia, Mamma A Go Go, A Go Go, Estoy Acabando), the original "Fantasia," & the side-long title monster

Perez Prado: Estas Si Viven (The Living End); United Artists/UA Latino LS-61032; 1968; N-/N S $40 -- "El Temp de Los Monkees" (the Monkees TV-show theme) gets all the attention but the rest of the LP is good too; most of the other 11 cuts are by Deodato and other Brasilian stars (but done mod Prado style here ); as with Concierto Para Bongo, recorded in Mexico City and quite hard to find, especially in top shape; San Remo Sunset, On My Mind, Quem Vem Depois, The Gentle Rain (from the film), Cabo Frio, Ate Parece, O Ganso, Tamara, Sobre el Arco Iris, Los Ojos de Texas, El Temp de los Monkees, Lievame a la Luna

Perez Prado: El Senor Ritmo; LA-Orfeon LP-12-685; 1970; Mexico E-/E- S $40 -- Latin/Latin rock; Mambo Barroco, Casatchok, Norma de la Guadalajara, Rio Don, Tema de la Zorra (Lalo Schifrin!), Yellow Rose, Black Magnolia (hip guitar!), Mambo del Taconazo, Las Golondrinas, Negro es Negro (Black is Black), La Banda de Sinaloa; disc looks perfect but there is some noise

Perez Prado: Dimension; LA-Orfeon LP/E-12-766; 1970; Mexico E-/E- S $75 -- mambo/Latin funk/Latin rock; oddly, the Mexican version is dated 1971 but this licensed Los Angeles version has a 1970 date; anyway, it's a major find; Historia de Amor (Love Story), La Bikina, Mi Camacha, Gloria, Si Estuvieras tu Conmigo, Afrodita, El Mas Grande Amor (The Greatest Love), Sexomania, Tecolote, A La Camita, Cerezo, Esperancita

Perez Prado Now; Contour 2870-385; 1974/1972 [brown jacket] N-/N S $90 -- Latin/funk; import version of the masterpiece Escandalo, rec. in Italy w/Don Alfio singing; Chicago Banana, Brazil, Tommy, El Campesino, Il Venditore di Noccioline (Peanut Vendor), Escandolo No. 1, Escandolo No. 2, Cangrejo, Que es lo que pasa?, Smack, Nadie, Tequila

Perez Prado y su Mambo Cuadrafonico; Discos Raff RF-3026; 1975; Mexican import E/N- S $125 -- Latin/Latin rock/Latin funk; super rarity in top shape covers The Doors' "The Mosquito" and Nino Rota's "Godfather" theme, has a cut with steel-guitar, one we can only call "la chunga funk," and the camp "Elizabeth Tailor"; Hay Que Feliz, Elizabeth Tailor, Salsa, Carmen Salinas, Ojos Espaņoles, Te Traigo Estas Flores, Mambo Veracruz, Mambo de la Mercado de la Merced, Mambo De Raul, El Mosquito, El Padrino

Perez Prado, Henry Mancini, Al Hirt: 3 Great Bands; Gema/RCA Victor LSP-2722; 1963; German import, deep groove E+/N S $25 -- even the US issue is very scarce; essential for the 4 great Prado cuts (not on his own LPs!): Caravan (WILD version!!!), I Only Have Eyes for You, Para Mi, L'Hippopotame (another unbelievably wild one!!!)

Perez Prado: Original 45s/EPs

Perez Prado Plays Mucho Mambo for Dancing 45 Box; RCA Victor WP-302 (equals the 10" LP LPM-21); w/booklet E+/E $50 -- mambo; the classic, first, 6-cut mambo LP by the master; goes the 10" LP one better by having larger photos in the liners (here in booklet form) and undoubtedly superior sound --otherwise, it's identical; thrillsville, dad!; Mambo #8, Pachito E-Che, Oh Caballo, Babarabatiri, Mambo #5, Pianolo

Perez Prado: C'est Si Bon/In a Little Spanish Town; RCA Victor 447-0216; E+ $15 -- good rare early cuts

Perez "Prez" Prado & his Orchestra: The King of the Mambo EP; sides 2 & 3; RCA Victor 547-0446; E+ $15 -- top early stuff; Tomcat Mambo, The High & the Mighty, Marilyn Monroe Mambo, St. Louis Blues Mambo

Perez Prado: Beautiful Margaret/Leyenda Mexicana (Legend of Mexico); RCA Victor 47-6990; N- S $15 -- the top-notch A-side, featuring Tony Facciuto on trumpet, is unique to this release other than a crummy Camden comp; B-side is on the Dilo! LP

Perez Prado: Our Man in Latin America--Compact 33; RCA Victor LSP-2610; 1963; N-/N- S $25 -- super-rare 6-cut 7" version of the LP; loud/great sound, stereo, includes the swinging "Alma Llanera" bossa nova (the best cut on the full LP)

Eartha Kitt with Perez Prado: Fredy/Sweet & Gentle; RCA Victor 47-6138; 1958; E+ $20 -- torch/Latin; a classic, unexpected collaboration, and rather good, despite Kitt's claim in one of her many autobiographies that she had a cold and didn't do so well!

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